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At Zazz, we offer a wide range of AI mobile app development services for solving business problems with predictive analysis, robust applications, and deep learning. Our team of highly skilled engineers builds world-class AI solutions for global clients catering to different industries, like healthcare, e-commerce, construction, and manufacturing. Our scalable algorithm and services help businesses streamline their operations, improve user experience, and boost their revenue.

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Machine Learning

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) that allows machines to learn how to make decisions with the help of data without being programmed. This technique enables machines to process, execute, and investigate information to solve real-world problems. Self-driving cars, useful web searches, and face recognition are all examples of machine learning.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables the communication between computers and humans by natural language. The machine receives human sound and converts it to text format to easily read and understand it. It is used in AI mobile app development and helps improve the accuracy and efficiency of documents, analyze sentiments, and make automated readable summary texts.

Machine Vision

Machine vision is the technology that allows a computer to perceive the environment. It involves a combination of hardware and software to provide operational guidance to devices. It helps in various functions that involve the processing of images. Machine vision comes in handy in the automation of production lines and can ease the pain of complex assembly and manufacturing.

Optimized Algorithm

Optimized algorithm involves setting decision variable values so that the objective in question is optimized. It is the process of minimizing or maximizing any mathematical expression. At Zazz, we have a team of talented developers who know the ins and outs of optimized algorithms to offer top-notch AI mobile app development services to our customers.

Our AI Mobile App Development Services

We are an experienced artificial intelligence mobile app development agency in the USA offering a variety of services to startups, small and medium-sized businesses, and industry giants. We employ our knowledge and experience to build AI embedded applications for Android and iOS devices.

Machine Learning

Speech & Audio

We have been working on active noise cancellation and digital assistants since inception. At our AI mobile app development company in the USA, we create speech searching and voice-activated devices that work with AI integrated voice assistance.

Natural Language Processing

Machine Learning

We have an efficient and skilled team of machine learning developers. Our expertise in Machine Learning & Data Science has got us a good name in the market, and we have reached new heights with our extended portfolio of successful projects.

Neural Networks

Chatbot Development

A well-designed chatbot can be incredibly important to promote the company's client interaction. Therefore, we build flexible and adaptable chatbots offering fresh horizons for enterprises while strengthening customer service and boosting engagement.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

With the help of our computer vision service, you can train your computer to analyze and understand an image and extract real-time actionable insights. It is used in many areas, like safety, medicine, automatic inspection, or automatic navigation.

Expert Systems

Image Analysis

At our artificial intelligence mobile app development agency in the USA, we offer image analysis services designed to process large volumes of images easily. It helps optimize production environments, boost business operations and deploy data to the cloud.

Voice Assistant

Deep Learning

Deep learning, also known as deep neural networks, is an aspect of AI that emulates the learning that humans use to obtain certain knowledge. By choosing our deep learning services, you can ensure that your system has less and less margin for error.

Zazz’s AI Mobile App Development Expertise

We are the most trusted AI mobile app development company. We develop AI integrated apps that offer a personalized experience, automate internal processes, and enable smart decision-making while changing how customers interact with your product. If you want AI embedded in mobile applications, Zazz can help you.

Analytical Ability

At Zazz, we specialize in offering dynamic and scalable AI mobile app development services while approaching things with analytical ability. Our AI solutions are designed to solve business problems and help our clients achieve operational efficiency.

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Analytical Ability
Predictive Intelligence

Predictive Analytics

Identify future possibilities and potential risks with our predictive analytics services. It helps businesses make smart decisions and offers end-to-end solutions, including forecasting and budgeting. It helps identify patterns and behaviors to predict capabilities and prevent future losses or create significant business value.

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Personalized User Experience

By leveraging the power of AI, we create robust applications that offer a personalized user experience. For example, with AI, you can analyze your customers' clicks, search queries, and purchasing history to offer suitable suggestions based on their likes and dislikes, thus personalizing their online experience.

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Personalized User Experience

Our AI Mobile App Development Process

Analyzing business requirements


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Identifying proper development technologies

Identifying proper

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Create an app data flow architecture design

Create an app
data flow
architecture design

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Coding and Project management

Coding and

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Automated and manual testing

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Deployment and support


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Why Choose Our Artificial Intelligence Mobile App Development Company

Personalized User Experience

A Highly Motivated Team

Our AI mobile app development team leaves no stone unturned in delivering impressive results to our clients. We have talented designers and developers on board who focus on creating digital solutions that add value to our client's business.

Analytical Ability

Innovative Thinking

Our top creative minds offer the perfect combination of innovation and technology when building AI-integrated mobile applications. We take an out-of-the-box approach to create and deliver unconventional solutions that help businesses grow.

Predictive Intelligence

Transparent Process

We have a transparent process to enable effective product delivery and seamless communication. We keep our clients updated with every step of the development and take their feedback to ensure our team and our clients are on the same page.

Voice Interface

Tailor-Made Solutions

We identify and understand our clients’ needs and create custom solutions that aid them in their specific processes and help their business reach its full potential. We built customized apps that aid in maximizing your productivity and efficiency.

Improved Capability

Top-Notch AI Applications

At our artificial intelligence mobile app development agency in the USA, we use the latest technologies to help our clients with top-quality AI solutions that overcome business challenges and create a new level of convenience in the app experience.


Domain Expertise

With the experience of working with a global clientele, we have gained domain expertise and become a reliable AI mobile app development company. We know the complexities of machine learning and build apps that make the most of this technology.

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Zazz is a leading mobile app development company in the USA. We offer a wide range of software development services, including Android app development and iOS app development.

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At Zazz, you get all types of AI mobile app development services under one roof. We build intelligent, scalable, robust, and interactive mobile applications leveraging the power of deep learning. So whether you need chatbots to offer a better customer experience or need a custom AI mobile app to improve the supply chain management of your manufacturing unit, we can fulfill all your AI-related requirements. Get in touch with us for end-to-end AI app development services.

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It has been a delightful experience to work with Zazz. They offered quality AI-based solutions that were within my budget. I am glad that I hired them for my AI mobile app development project. Thank you!

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Flexible to Changes

Zazz has an excellent team. They are flexible to changes and always willing to incorporate new features according to our feedback. They created a robust mobile application for us.

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Remarkable Company

Zazz is a remarkable AI mobile app development company. They have a great team of problem solvers that deliver exceptional results. I would highly recommend their services.

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Artificial Intelligence Development

The main objective of this discipline is to try to recreate technically the human brain and its functions through computer science, neurology, psychology and linguistics. Zazz is very proud that we started working on this technology as soon as companies intercepted the strong benefits of AI Development. Zazz is providing mobile apps having integrated AI. Moreover, we are providing every sort of solutions like web apps, web development, even IoT development by engaging AI technology.

Why Business needs Artificial Intelligence

There is a huge potential of AI in improving everyday comforts. From the autonomous car to automated translation software: both events can be a great relief for consumers. Artificial intelligence can also have a positive impact in areas of public utility, after all machines have a lower error rate than people and their performance is huge. Thanks to the great versatility of intelligent machines, AI is especially promising in sectors such as health and public service.

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Breaks barriers of locations and distances
  • Free workers to perform operational tasks that do not add value
  • It generates more jobs that it eliminates
  • Advances in healthcare
  • Extend and expand creativity
  • Work 24 x 7
  • It favors the preventive detection of fraud
  • Analyze a large amount of data
  • It improves people’s lifestyle

Why Business needs Artificial Intelligence

Speech and Audio

Processing of speech and audio has vast effects in the areas of music, health and education. We have been working on active noise cancellation and digital assistants since inception. We also create technologies to assist therapists in speech treatments.

Machine Learning

Zazz is very fortunate to have an efficient team of machine learning developers. Our expertise in the field has got us a good name in the market and we managed to bring huge achievements’ for our platform, Zazz.


A well-designed chatbot can be incredibly important to promote the company's client interaction. Our built chatbots are flexible and adaptable, offering fresh horizons for enterprises while strengthening customer service.

Deep Learning

Deep learning, known as deep neural networks, is an aspect of AI that emulates the learning that humans use to obtain certain knowledge. What is achieved with deep learning is that the system has less and less margin for error. You can check out our contributions in this sector.

Image Analysis

Generally, in the field of subject matter, automated image analysis refers to a quantitative digital evaluation of the image of a microstructure. It’s the evaluation of metallographic characteristics such as grain size, inclusions, layers and phases and other constituents.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision is the discipline that studies how to process, analyze and interpret images automatically. These techniques have applications in many areas, such as safety, medicine, automatic inspection, or automatic navigation.

Technology Stack for AI Development

IBM Watson

Called after Thomas J. Watson, the first CEO of IBM, the firm is driven by the recent AI innovations. Watson is the open, multi-cloud phase that provides you the opportunity to robotize the lifecycle of AI.


TensorFlow has made machine learning simpler. Having an ecosystem that supports both developers and clients. With highlights like the Keras Functional APIs, TensorFlow provides you adaptability and control.


MLlib is set up as an Apache Spark venture function. Talking about the big data ecosystem, there is no such program as Spark that provides you with the usefulness as well as the velocity and efficiency needed.


Our era offers countless profound learning platforms. There is no comparison, however, with Keras that excels in offering open source neural library to developers.


Mahout is an open source venture that is utilized for making versatile AI calculations. The calculations of Mahout are composed over Hadoop, so it functions admirably in circulated condition. It utilizes the Hadoop library to scale adequately in the cloud.


Deeplearning4j is a profound picking up programming library composed for Java and the Java virtual machine. It provides a figuring system with wide help for profound learning calculations. No doubt, it’s a modern and one of the swift tool for ML.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a distributed computing administration made by Microsoft for structure, testing, conveying, and overseeing applications and administrations through Microsoft-oversaw servers.


PyTorch is a logical registration package based on Python that utilizes the intensity of units handling models. It is also one of the favorite phases of deep learning studies worked to offer maximum adaptability and velocity.

H2O is located in California's Mountain View and provides a suite of Machine Learning phases. The core quality of H2O is its high-performance ML components, strongly integrated with speed and usability.


DMTK is a parameter server scheme with a lot of data about a group of computers to prepare AI models. It deals with the storage and activity of data, between the operation and the correspondence between strings.

Artificial Intelligence Development

Artificial Intelligence optimizes production

The industrial companies of all sizes have already integrated the AI in their process of production. It is now found in particular in machines and in planning software. AI is one of those elements that shape the industry of tomorrow, Industry 4.0.

The benefits are colossal since, according to a study, the productivity of these companies could well increase by 40% by 2035. Production is optimized thanks to machine learning, which allows robots to perform all kinds of calculations in real time to adapt the rate, increase the machine occupancy rate, support an operator on the production line, and manage stocks. Optimally… AI accelerates production, increases productivity, cuts costs and delays.

Better commercial performance

By integrating AI into CRMs, service and product sales companies benefit from better commercial and financial performance. Future versions of CRM such as Salesforce will allow salespeople, marketing and digital managers or managers to achieve and exceed their objectives. Keith Block, one of Salesforce executives, believes that “AI should deeply affect the CRM market by providing employees with unprecedented productivity, and by giving organizations the opportunity to deliver better experiences to their customers." For companies adopting these technologies, it is therefore essential to create new programs aimed at developing the skills of their workforce so that they are ready for the innovations of tomorrow. "

The research firm IDC is even working on an increase in business revenues of more than 1 trillion dollars by 2021 thanks to the use of AI in these software. Employees will be more productive, convert prospects more effectively into customers, retain them more efficiently, sales cycles will be shortened ... Such an increase in business revenues would, according to IDC, create jobs with more than 800,000 additional jobs.

An improved customer relationship

One of the most well-known facets of AI today is chatbots. These conversational robots are already present in many websites, merchant or non-merchant. Their interest is multiple: it guides the customer in its navigation, its search for information or products, it replaces the customer service 24/24 and 7/7… Chatbots are able to bring a tailor-made and immediate response to a wide range of requests. The bottom line is greater customer satisfaction. And therefore an improved customer relationship for the company with the advantage of being able to strengthen its positions on its market or even to take the lead.

A better quality of life at work

The phenomenon of turnover and that of burnout have become two major issues for companies. Employees who give up too much stress or face too much workload give up. AI generates an ideal response in this context.

The voice assistants embedded in solutions such as Microsoft's Cortana, Apple's Siri and Google Assistant to name a few, are positioned as real personal assistants for the employee. These bots facilitate, speed up and automate many tasks. They can help him find the right content, translate a text, find information of all kinds, write faultless emails and more quickly, launch different operations simultaneously. As many actions which relieve the employee, relieve him of time-consuming tasks, improve his efficiency. And participate in making him feel good at work.

But AI also aims to significantly improve collaboration and workflows in the company. Collaborative platforms abound: Slack, Trello, Google Hangouts Chat, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Spark, and Jive…. These applications with AI are specially designed so that everyone can exchange work effectively remotely and as a team via their PC, mobile or tablet. These tools improve exchanges and relationships, making everyone's work smarter. These collaborative applications thus allow better communication within the company, a better level of professional and human relationships.

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