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Augmented Reality(AR) is often termed as an entertainment technology, however, that’s not true. It has vast benefits and is continuously being used by different type of industries. Zazz is playing a key role in the success of companies by creating mobile apps integrated with AR and other AR solutions. From eCommerce to aviation industries, we have provided contemporary solutions to almost every kind of business.

Benefits of Android AR Application Development

Augmented Reality is high in demand and more and more companies are engaging developing agencies to create sophisticated solutions. As a leading AR development agency in the world, Zazz is creating wonders.

Our AR Development Services

Zazz’s portfolio is evident that we have created smooth, reliable and future proof AR related solutions. Our mobile and web based apps have been featured and recognized by different technological media houses. Our AR development based services include:

Get Full Cycle AR/VR Development

At Zazz, work dedication and enthusiasm are our strengths. We even present design ideas and make sure that the final product matches your needs.

Effective Engagement

  • Understanding the brand
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Unique ideas and thorough discussions
  • Direct conference with developers
  • Periodic project assessment reports
  • Thorough Testing and Publishing


  • Application Performance Tuning
  • CRM & CMS Integration
  • Monitoring & Maintenance

AR programing

  • Machine Learning
  • Third-party solutions integration
  • Drivers, SDK/API integration

AR Development

Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality

We must not confuse Augmented Reality with Virtual Reality. They are two concepts that refer to different technologies, but sometimes they are confused by the general public. Augmented Reality, as we mentioned before, refers to the superposition of virtual elements on real images that we visualize through the camera of our mobile device. Instead, virtual reality creates a completely virtual space (although they can be recorded images of real life) in a range of 180 or 360 degrees, completely immersive.

Advantages in Digital Marketing

Through augmented reality, a unique 3D experience can be generated using elements of everyday life such as magazines, promotional flyers or bus shelters. Any static object can become an unforgettable experience. What advantages does augmented reality have in digital Marketing?

Offer a physical experience

The advertising action will require the user to participate actively, so that they will live a unique experience and have a greater memory of the campaign and the brand.

Improve brand image

Linked to the previous one, by generating a special and novel experience, users will see with better eyes the brand that has offered it and will feel more linked to it. It is not only that the brand is more visible (these experiences are easily shared by mouth), but that users will relate the brand to the experience and position it as a new and surprising brand.

Generate more sales

One of the applications that this technology has is to offer information about a company's products, so that customers have an easier time making purchases. Thanks to this additional information that users obtain through Augmented Reality, they will have more facility to make their purchase decision in less time.

It makes your brand unique

The Augmented Reality experiences in Digital Marketing seek to be different and creative. These marketing campaigns will make your brand differentiated from the competition, making users link your product or service to the experience they have lived and position it above the brands of your competitors.

Provide value to customers

Whether through additional information, gameplay, multimedia interaction or relevant content visually, a good digital marketing campaign using Augmented Reality should bring value to customers. Users will keep the memory of the experience they have had while enjoying the campaign and it is easier for them to end up buying the advertised product or service if the Augmented Reality experience has offered them a different value than what they would have perceived through a traditional campaign.

Applications in Digital Marketing

Augmented reality can be used in various ways in different digital marketing campaigns. Let's look at some examples and possibilities.

Information superimposed

This technology can offer information about a product that you are targeting with the camera of your mobile, superimposing a text or an image. In this way, you can have an Augmented Reality catalog with which users obtain information or even buy the product online with a single click.

Virtual objects

It may be the most interesting application for the decoration or fashion sector. Through virtual objects that you can see through the camera of your smartphone, you can, for example, see how that sofa you want to buy would look in your living room, or try on makeup only using the front camera of your mobile. Other examples that are already being used are to be able to see how your house will look after the works you are doing or how your new car will look according to the characteristics you decide to add, among many others. The possibilities are endless.


Let's not forget the packaging, it is an important part of many products, and by Augmented Reality you can give it a special value. The simple fact of having a concrete image in your packaging and an application for it can turn the user experience into something unique.


We cannot forget either one of the most important characteristics of Augmented Reality: geolocation. Through the GPS of our smartphone, we can connect thanks to the physical location real places and objects with virtual objects. In this way, you can create a campaign adapted to a specific scenario through Augmented Reality applications.

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