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Bangladesh Developers
Bangladesh Developers

Mobile Applications Development

The world has more mobile devices than the total number of computers and television units combined, which means your business needs a mobile presence to connect directly to its customers. Mobile apps improve the brand by increasing its exposure. The app gives a company more phone presence than a web bookmark does, because it's always available on the screen of the user. This helps build customer loyalty, because your business is always in front of them. Zazz is creating some sophisticated mobile apps here in Bangladesh.

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Bangladesh developers


The success of Zazz lies in the usage of contemporary technologies timely. We are always ahead in the game and utilize every new technology in the market and thus create products that are exceptional at all levels. Zazz is working with the state of the art technologies like AI, AR, VR, IoT and blockchain and incorporate them to create innovative and sleek mobile apps.

iOS App Development

In iOS, we will only create applications for one type of device, the iPhone. Developers should not adapt each application to different Android mobile devices or any platform. Also, they can always program with the latest software update available without worrying about whether the application will be supported with that version. Perhaps this is the most relevant difference or benefit of iOS programming compared to other platforms.

Android App Development

The Android applications run in a Java application framework object-oriented on the core Java libraries in a Dalvik virtual machine with just-in-time compilation. The libraries written in C language include an administrator GUI (surface manager), a framework OpenCore a relational database SQLite a programming interface API graphical OpenGL ES 2.0 3D rendering engine WebKit, an engine SGL, SSL, and a standard C Bionic library.

Native App Development

It means that the device's native programming language, Objective C or Swift for iOS, Java for Android and .Net for Windows Phone was used for its development. It is a hundred percent model dependent on the platform and the Apps are not portable, you have to develop one per platform. You can achieve a unique look & feel according to the operating system while all device capabilities can be accessed.

Hybrid App Development

These are applications developed using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, deployed within a hybrid container that provides access to the device's capabilities in a completely neutral way concerning the operating system. It is a neutral model for the platform and with maximum portability.

Mobile Backend Engineering

The backend in a mobile application system is that centerpiece, which we also call the webserver engine, which centralizes all requests made from mobile devices that need to write, collect data from a database, records, shipments, etc. The backend can be developed in several very diverse and different technologies. There are large mobile application development systems that are developed in different languages.

Making our clients successful

We’re a strategic design and innovation partner for leading brands.

Adaptive Growth

The biggest advantage of having a mobile app for your company is that there is no disadvantage. Yes, the smartphone usage and technology has evolved much that now it provides guaranteed adaptive growth and scalability. It is no more a risky business and with Zazz you will surely secure your goals and manage your future endeavors.

Versatile Engagement

Zazz ensures that with our developed mobile app companies get extremely versatile engagement. They engage users in multiple ways and that results in better growth for them.

Scalable Resources

Scalability is your App's ability to handle a growing number of customers, customers and/or users. It also applies to your current or future developer's ability to maintain the app.

Controlled Processes

Zazz has brought methods and processes to the mobile app development that translates professionalism to a next level.

Our Key Features

Zazz has incorporated talented developers and modern technologies. We have hired the best designers and provide our customers with ultra-modern and new solutions.

Your Idea’s into Products

This decade belongs to new ideas and startups that could turn themselves into big enterprises with the help of contemporary technologies. Zazz love to work with the brilliant minds, if you got an idea and want to work to realize your dream, do contact us.

Industries We Serve

We have dedicated teams for every type of industry. This not only help us achieve refined experience but also help our clients with organized approach and strategy.

Our Capabilities

Zazz prioritizes its customers. We advise our customers and tell them all the nitty-gritties, but we always work according to the demands of the customer as we believe it is you who always come first.


We are just as excited about your idea.