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Big Data Development

Big Data can be evaluated to extract insights leading to better decisions and strategic business steps. Hence, sales, productivity, and benefit increases. Zazz provides business development and resource deployment solutions to define key data, how frameworks, tools, and processes for proper management and visualization are used to protect and handle it. The Big Data Services platform includes the exploration of business-relevant analytical tools and technologies to create a culture powered by the data.


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Discover Business Potential with Big Data Solutions

Big Data can bring wonders to your business. It’s like a magic how big data transform companies and bring growth and prosperity to them. Zazz has been providing companies with big data related solutions since our inception and we are well aware of its strategies and integration methods.

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Technology Stack for Big Data Development

Most programmers use the Java platform while dealing with Big Data. Java is cross-platform, reliable and delivers a wealth of monitoring capabilities. Such features are missing in compiled languages, such as C++. Choosing a suitable database is important in Big Data projects. These are mostly NoSQL databases because they're flexible, highly available, high-performance and not expensive. Cassandra DB fulfills there properties to the fullest. Multiple streaming engines can be used to manage Big Data. To name a few: Apache Stormand Apache Spark systems, TIBCO StreamBase, IBM InfoSphere Streams. Finally, adding data visualization techniques is a great idea for making the data presented more concise.

Big Data Development

The concept of Big Data has been around for a long time, but, in the last decade, it has become one of the most popular phrases in the business world. Companies have always collected a large amount of data because information is essential for entrepreneurs to know and understand the performance of their companies, the behavior of their consumers and current market conditions. The Big Data tries to make sense of all that information and all data collected to infer conclusions that will make smarter business decisions and successful.

What is the big data?

Big Data is a collection of data from traditional and digital sources inside and outside a company. The concept of Big Data refers to all that information that can be processed or analyzed.

Advances in technology, the Internet and the cloud, have allowed the amount of data we can store and evaluate to be increasing. The amount of information that is being originated and stored globally is almost inconceivable, and continues to grow.

Why is Big Data so important?

The Big Data to analyze huge amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns, new correlations and various types of information and interpretations. Current technology allows analyzing the information obtained and obtaining results and conclusions almost immediately. With traditional methods it would be almost impossible to obtain and manage a large amount of information, but the latest technological developments have allowed us to investigate and discover everything you need to know about your business and your customers. To efficiently take advantage of all the information extracted, you must be able to process and evaluate it. This is where data analysis acquires notoriety. This concept refers to the process of analyzing large volumes of information or Big Data to discover patterns, links and perspectives that might otherwise be invisible.

The Big Data can also help entrepreneurs develop the next generation of products and services because they can better understand the needs and expectations of its customers.

How can your business benefit from Big Data?

The Big Data allows entrepreneurs make decisions more accurately and allowed to ask and answer more questions about their products, business operations, customers and more.

Other advantages of using Big Data are:


A better and earlier understanding of your customers' needs will allow you to optimize their experience and develop lasting business relationships.

Faster and more efficient decisions.

By having an efficient data analysis tool it is possible to evaluate huge amounts of information immediately and make decisions based on the results obtained.

Creation of new products and services.

The ability to measure customer needs and satisfaction through data analysis will allow your company to deliver to their customers what they expect and want. Thanks to Big Data, more companies are creating new products to meet the needs of their customers.

Improve risk analysis.

The Big Data can improve the risk management provide new ways to manage, measure and mitigate risks commercial and financial. Effective data management along with transparent reports and an alert system can also improve fraud control and prevention.

Optimization of internal efficiency.

The Big Data can improve internal efficiency and production operations of a company. Organizations that have implemented sensors to track shipments and machine performance can use that same technology to measure the performance of their employees. The monitoring of production processes can help improve working conditions, increase performance and improve hiring processes.

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