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Communication via the Internet is evolving at a colossal speed as technological progress progresses. A few years ago, the smartphone market was still stammering. Now, almost the entire globe is equipped, and almost 80% of internet connections are now made through a Smartphone. If your customers install your mobile application, they will be able to access its content immediately thanks to a logo on the menu of their phone. It is important to remember here that these notions can be quite additional. Even if internet browsing through a smartphone is more and more widespread, it is still inevitable to have a classic website. It will suffice to make a choice to create a responsive site or a mobile version for navigation on a smartphone. Having a mobile version of this same website will not prevent you from launching a mobile application.

App Development


iOS App Development

It is one of our premium software tools including Swift coding, simple UI design principles, iOS content integration and prototyping. There is no question that Apple offers uniqueness, and we are also making sure that our products based on iOS offer the same.

Android App Development

Android is an operating system utilized by most manufacturers. From the wealthy to a common man, all have access to the internet thanks to budget phones. We're making sure our Android apps are available, making them fully usable.

Mobile Backend Engineering

The back-end developer works on the server-side, behind the scenes, allowing the user to enjoy his work experience. We apply ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby, Python, and Java and so on effortlessly and keep in mind the main consumer idea.

QA and testing

At Zazz we also consider the needs and goals of our customers. When releasing the app, we not only do QA sessions but also build mid-sessions from scratch to prototype with clients. We check the app many times, since prevention is better than cure.

Native App Development

We know that all kinds of system functionality, sensors, and 100 per cent quality are achieved by going to the native app.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid apps are increasingly being used in the mobile world today, because of their cost-effectiveness and streamlined interface. We have designers at Zazz who are able to create hybrid applications based on incorporating all the focal points of the customers.

iOS App Development

While Android has an open-source code, iOS has closed source code. This means that iOS works on Apple devices only. The development team might use Swift or Objective-C. Also, iOS developing tools include: iOS SDK, or Software Development Kit, is integrated with the Cocoa Touch UI framework. The framework provides graphical elements, user interface controls, and others. XCode is the official integrated development environment (IDE) for iOS app development. Swift Playgrounds is a development environment for Swift. TestFlight is an online service for over-the-air installation and testing. This online service allows to test your apps and collect valuable feedback before the app release.

Amy Macedo

Based in Canada, Amy’s channel Macedo Beauty has over 800K subscribers who come to her for makeup tips, reviews on the latest products and basically anything to do with beauty

iPhone / iPad DevelopmentSwift
React NativeXcode
Apple WatchObjective-C
Apple TV/tvOSSiri Intents

Android App Development

We, Zazz, are a digital agency with a focus on programming Android apps. We offer our services to customers who are looking for a reliable and competent partner for the development of native Android apps in the North American region, but are also available to companies from all over Europe including Germany, Austria and Switzerland as a professional agency for Android development. Our Android developers are very familiar with the technologies required for native Android development such as Android Software Development Kit (SDK), Java, Android Security Architecture, etc. and can thus guarantee a successful project process.


The IdealSmart App is a personalized Lifestyle Building assistant designed to help dieters achieve their weight loss goals while on the Ideal Protein Protocol

Android StudioMaterial Design
Android TVCustom-embedded Android ROM
Android WearChromecast

Mobile Backend Engineering

Developers, whose main task should be to implement outstanding app frontends and a smooth user experience, invest the majority of their time in implementing the integration with the backend. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that the same solution should often run on different platforms such as iOS, Android and maybe even Windows. The same integration issues are solved several times, partly by different developers. There is a risk that issues such as safety, quality and functional aspects will suffer. Thankfully, Zazz invested in Mobile Backend Engineering and got what it takes to program an app to perfection.

Amazon Web ServicesCloud Computing
CouchDBMicrosoft Azure
OracleSAP Data Services

QA and Testing

When a user runs a software, no matter what type, it only sees a small part of it. The outside, the design, and how it behaves while it is being used are the visible elements. However, in the shade there is a work that is not perceived, but that is essential for a correct start-up of that product and to maintain its quality during its operation. An important part of that work that is not seen is in quality control. Once the software has been developed and the design adjusted, it is necessary to test the operation of the final product. This process is somewhat more complex than simply using the program and waiting for failures to arise. Structural quality is measured with applications specifically created for this purpose.

TestrailCharles proxy
XCTest UI Espresso
CalabashAWS Device Farm
Xamarin Test CloudFirebase Test Lab

Our Android App
Development Approaches

Applications developed on the native programming language (Java, Swift, Objetive-C…) of the device. These applications are 100% platform dependent. Therefore, we must develop and maintain a complete application for each target platform (iOS, Android or others).

A hybrid app cannot be described as a pure native app, nor as a pure web app. It is a fusion of the advantages of both worlds - somehow like a marble cake. Hybrid apps are written with native code and HTML5 elements are added at any point. This creates an ideal mix of native and web-based elements.

Your Idea’s
into Products

  • Strategy

  • UX Design

  • Development

  • Testing/QA

  • Launch

  • Maintenance


Mobile apps demand a specific type of strategy and agile development. We strategize the whole process for our clients and offer them a roadmap.

Mobile App Development

An ideal tool for internal communication

Instant messaging is a very practical means of communication, less intrusive than the telephone, and more accessible than email. But why integrate messaging into a business application when you have access to WhatsApp, Hangouts or Slack? Quite simply because a dedicated application makes it possible to gather everyone on the same platform, and offers better security and confidentiality than the general public.

The business app: the best friend of salespeople

The enterprise application facilitates the work of salespeople and teams working in the field. The sales representatives can present the offers and products with their tablet or smartphone, the app replacing the paper catalogs. They can organize their meetings in a few clicks and view them on a map, and access their entire database at any time. Application developers also ensure that it is possible to transmit information in real time to the company, with photos, reports, diagnostics, reports and digital signatures.

Better administrative management

Between bills, sheets pay and contracts, you get lost sometimes. With a dedicated application, all documents are kept in one place and are accessible at any time via a smartphone. Sending an invoice to a customer or tracking letters and parcels becomes a much more intuitive task. The management appointment is also simpler, and the problems of double entry are eliminated.

Build customer loyalty

A mobile application is an extension of your business. No matter what your domain, you can benefit from a presence on the App Store of this world. What does it give in concrete terms? This allows you in particular to establish a privileged link with your customers. Your product or service being found on the mobile device of these, just press a button to reach you. Not negligible all the same

Facilitate access to information

Successful iPhone and Android apps all share one thing in common: flawless ease of use. A few seconds should be all that is needed to access the desired information. Indeed, who says mobility very often says need for ASAP info. Respond brilliantly to this expectation and you can be sure that your customers will be happy and come back. Word of mouth 2.0 will certainly follow.

Increase your income

There are several ways to increase your income through a mobile application. For example, if you market your products on your website, it would be a good idea to allow mobile devices to use your website. In this case, your current website "adapted" to smartphones could very well do the trick.

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Amy Macedo

Based in Canada, Amy’s channel Macedo Beauty has over 800K subscribers who come to her for makeup tips, reviews on the latest products and basically anything to do with beauty


RecoSpot is a social media platform that provides a simple way to recommend and discover local food & drink spots in Toronto through photos. See where people are going around the Greater Toronto Area and plan your visits to spots that interest you


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