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Enterprise Application Development

The development of mobile apps in the business field will enhance labor flexibility and enable access to corporate data from anywhere, which will result in greater acceleration in decision making. One of the most important factors in the operation of a company is communication between employees, something that has improved thanks to the development of mobile applications. Zazz offers some of the latest and state of the art enterprise mobile solutions including Enterprise Application Development.

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  • Make the investment successful within a few months of using the service and reap benefits such as increased efficiency, increased internal equipment productivity, and increased people's willingness to work on value-added tasks.
  • Use the talent hired by others without any obligation.
  • It costs more and it’s hectic as you have to deal with all the worries.
  • Logistics, bills and offer benefits to employees. Who want to do that?


The managers and developers get in touch with the customers and understand every detail. Zazz incorporates a mobile app into your project that helps create new business opportunities. For every available device, we build applications and systems, including desktop, web, wearables, TV, tablets, and Auto.


IP Protection

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Such type of confidentiality agreement is typically used on some occasions in a business relationship to ensure the security of certain types of information. You experience complete peace of mind while working with Zazz, because what you share with us will remain with us.

Complete Git Hub Access

For each enterprise GitHub provides access control and numerous collaboration features such as bug tracking, job inquiries, project management, and wikis. Zazz provides full access to the website for organizations to receive real-time information and alerts.

Transfer of Ownership

After all the work is done and our customers get happy with every aspect of the enterprise apps, we start the process of ownership transfer that gives them all the rights. That doesn't mean we're fading though. If you need any tips or repair jobs, we're always there.

Dedicated Support & Maintenance

With the enterprise app development, you are assuring that your project is assigned a dedicated team and they work only for you. If you want us to provide long-term tenure support and maintenance, we can also arrange that for you so you'll have complete peace of mind.

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Zazz has experience of handling almost every type of industry, we have dedicated special teams for every life segment.

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Enterprise Application Development

In recent times, mobile apps have been spreading rapidly, making them much more suitable for user needs than websites. We already see it with messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp, but also with other services that we use daily also for work such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail. We much prefer to go to the Play Store and download the application in question rather than go to the website: the advantages are real, especially in terms of immediacy. The experience offered by a mobile app is therefore higher than that of a website.

Mobile enterprise apps, their importance

Apps are becoming an increasingly important web marketing trend also for the corporate sector. The purchasing processes and the many changes in the market are pushing companies to equip themselves with tools that can guarantee momentum in terms of growth and increase in sales, so as to achieve very high quality standards and to be at the "top" of their sector of reference.

Given that people who use devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs have definitely increased in the last decade, it goes without saying that companies need processes with greater automation, favoring aspects such as simplicity and speed.

Mobile apps succeed precisely in this, that is, they represent an authentic strength that generates decisive advantages for the brand that decides to use them fully. Of course, depending on the objectives that the company wants to achieve, we will focus on the most congenial application model and above all the one that best meets the needs of users, who need to find everything they need in the shortest possible time.

Precisely because of the ease with which it is possible to reach customers, most companies are now oriented towards mobile apps, which are able to make the brand known and spread to the public, accompanying it in its experience step by step. With a market in continuous and rapid growth, dominated by increasingly frenetic movements, having a mobile app as the vehicle means that the company can feel at the cutting edge from a technological point of view, increasing not only the value, but also the brand visibility.

Mobile App vs. Website

According to some recent studies, it has emerged that customers increasingly prefer to turn to a mobile app rather than a website. This does not mean that the company must abandon the reference portal, which must instead always be taken care of in the smallest detail: however, at the moment, it is the mobile apps that "convince" the public more, also for the remarkable ability to interact with the clientele based on sending photos and videos that make the user feel highly regarded.

Mobile app, a decisive tool

Furthermore, other aspects that are not secondary at all must be considered. An example is faster browsing than a website, given that mobile apps guarantee speed and immediacy almost always without slowing down: it is no coincidence that applications manage to work very well even when the internet signal is not excellent.

In addition, it must be taken into account that the audience of users now prefers to surf the internet much more via smartphone than with the computer: in short, if you want to reach as many customers as possible you must focus on mobile apps, also through assistance custom that increases the level of loyalty.

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Zazz has developed ideal smart app to help common people and the middle class to afford a custom lifestyle trainer.


We created an app that has all the control for Dynaglo fireplaces, heaters, and smokers.

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