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Ireland Developers
Ireland Developers

Mobile Applications Development

Mobile app development is proving to be the new oil for the world. The mobile apps have seen tremendous growth in the previous decade and now it’s much more stable and refined. There are plenty of benefits that are offered to companies by the mobile app development. Zazz is one of the few companies in the market that has all the resources needed to build unmatched and flawless mobile app. You can really trust Zazz when it comes to productive and cost effective mobile digital solutions including mobile app development.

We Design Applications for

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Ireland Developers

Smart Watch

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Personal Computer

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Intelligent and contemporary technologies are providing huge benefits and opportunities to businesses. This age belongs to startups and we are seeing different kinds of businesses flourishing and surfacing every now and then. Technologies like blockchain, IoT and Artificial Intelligence is proving to be game changing and with their integration with mobile apps they are creating wonders for the consumers and companies executives.

Ireland developers
Ireland Developers

iOS App Development

We are experts in the design and delivery of applications for Apple's mobile platform. We produce applications for all iOS devices, including iPads, iPhone and the recently launched Apple Watch. Our team of developers creates iPhone applications by getting into the mind of your target audience and providing a user experience that makes them come back for more. Apple is by far the most premium platform in the market and has many advantages over Android. Zazz has placed a separate experienced team for iOS mobile app development.

Android App Development

It seems obvious, but in the world of new technologies everything changes very quickly. So you have to be aware of the possible developments that may appear. From updates in the operating system, new features in mobile devices, trends in mobile marketing, app designs that will take place this year, etc. We here at Zazz make sure that you get contemporary and up-to-date Android app development. Android is the most used platform and is the perfect choice for budget and midrange smartphones. We develop android apps keeping in mind the devices in the market that is the reason our android apps run smoothly on every device out there.

Ireland Developers
Ireland Developers
Native App Development

It means that for its development the native programming language of the device, Objective C or Swift for iOS, Java for Android and .Net for Windows Phone was used. It is a hundred percent model dependent on the platform and the Apps are not portable, you have to develop one per platform.

Hybrid App Development

These are applications developed using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript , deployed within a native container such as Phonegap / Cordova which provides access to the device's capabilities in a completely neutral way with respect to the operating system. It is a neutral model with respect to the platform and with maximum portability.

Ireland Developers
Ireland Developers

Ireland Developers Mobile Backend Engineering

The backend is the Product's heart. It's your responsibility never to let that miss a beat. Our backend engineers are responsible for the APIs of a rapidly increasing number of retail apps with users worldwide, from the United States to Japan. The back end of applications will look very different from application to application, whether it is using cloud-based servers and data warehouses, containerizing with a service such as Docker, Backend-as - a-Service (BaaS) providers, or replacing more complex functionality with APIs.

Making our clients successful

We’re a strategic design and innovation partner for leading brands.

Adaptive Growth

The mobile app built on this platform will run on various devices and operating system, so developers need not worry about portability. As a consequence, a mobile app based on this platform will take advantage of "write once, run anywhere, and access any service."

Ireland Developers
Versatile Engagement

Zazz ensures that with our developed mobile app companies get extremely versatile engagement. They engage users in multiple ways and that results in better growth for them.

Ireland Developers
Ireland Developers
Scalable Resources

Scalability is your App's ability to handle a growing number of customers, customers and/or users. It also applies to your current or future developer's ability to maintain the app.

Controlled Processes

Zazz has brought methods and processes to the mobile app development that translates professionalism to a next level.

Ireland Developers

Our Key Features

Zazz has incorporated talented developers and modern technologies. We have hired the best designers and provide our customers with ultra-modern and new solutions.

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Your Idea’s into Products

Zazz is one of the few companies out there that listen to the idea and then provide a roadmap to the final launch. We believe in agile development and always prioritize clients’. Our manager explain you the whole journey while our primary focus remains with cost effectiveness and quality assurance.

Industries We Serve

Zazz works with industry giants and this is the main reason that we have created specialist teams to handle specific industries. We have experience of handling different type of industries where our core focus remains that we provide companies with remarkable mobile apps and digital solutions. Our mobile apps help businesses to compete well in the market.

Our Capabilities

Zazz is never short of talent and resources, thanks to our efficient recruitment process and collaborations with universities and tech institutes. We always rely on the best available tech stacks and developers so that our clients enjoy future proof and unmatched digital solutions. When it comes to developing mobile apps, we are the only company in the market that ensures success, peace of mind, and supreme UI and UX designs.


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