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Machine Learning Development

Machine learning - the branch of artificial intelligence - is changing not only the way we interact with machines but also how we interact with the environment around us. In the last decade, machine learning has given us cars that drive by themselves, voice recognition, effective web searches, personalized recommendations, and a vast understanding of the human genome. Now the prospects of machine learning are vast enough to handle almost all type of industries and provide them with benefits, they never dreamt of. Zazz has acquired marvelous talent from all over the world which help us create amazing machine learning based digital solutions.

Our Machine Learning Development Expertise

Steps For Machine Learning Development


Understanding Data first

Agencies have to understand data first before developing any type of digital solution especially machine learning based solutions. Our scientists and analyzers sit for significant hours to understand and analyze your data and then bring a marvelous machine learning based product.


Data Preparation

Zazz is best at analyzing and preparing data for machine learning based products thanks to our talented scientists and hardworking developers. We make sure that data acquired is true and then prepare it according to according to the modern process.


Model building

Zazz is by far the best developing agency that builds models and then train it by implementing modern solutions and technologies. Our models are contemporary and offer premium machine learning advantages.


Evaluation and Launch

We create mobile apps or web applications as per the need of client. After testing and thorough quality checks, we evaluate models for days and then launch them according to client’s demand.

How machine learning can help you?


  • Cost effectiveness as using simulation
  • Superior productivity and smooth workflow
  • Most of the works are done by robots minimizing glitches and human errors

Traveling & Hospitality

  • Round the clock customer care by using chatbots
  • Using robots to provide premium hospitality services
  • Voice control based management and processes
  • Data analytics for personalized decision making


  • Round the clock customer care by using chatbots
  • Using robots to provide premium hospitality services
  • Voice control based management and processes
  • Data analytics for personalized decision making

Financial Services

  • Supermarkets having no cash counters as check-out-free process
  • Targeted advertising and discounts offers
  • Delivery services by using modern means like drones
  • Inventory management by using Big Data

Healthcare and Life Sciences

  • Customized treatment by using patients’ history and data
  • Effective diagnosis with superior treatment options
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Surgeries using robots

Energy, Feedstock and Utilities

  • Renewable energy solution
  • Environment friendly solutions
  • Efficient and cost effective energy production
  • Better research by using data analytics

Technology Stack for Machine Learning Development

Machine Learning Development

When we talk about Machine Learning, we mean “a branch of artificial intelligence whose objective is to develop techniques that allow computers to learn. More specifically, it is about creating programs capable of generalizing behaviors based on information provided in the form of examples”.

And the development of Machine Learning goes hand in hand with Big Data and is complemented by supervised learning (interpretation of these previously stored and supervised) and unsupervised (interpretation of millions of data that are not classified). A learning in which machines manage to predict behaviors, evaluate actions and analyze millions of data in a few seconds.


Now, before delving into the advantages of Machine learning, I will explain some of the types of machine learning. This is subdivided into three types of learning, which I will show you below:


They are those information data that are previously labeled by the human. For example, thousands of images of cats and dogs are labeled. In the future, the system must identify and differentiate cats from dogs, the idea is that they learn through previous experience.

What you are looking for, is the machine learn by itself to identify the images, that way you save your work. The most palpable examples are voice recognition or writing, as it is, that of a signature.


Also known in English Unsupervised Learning. This learning does not need algorithms to have structured data. What is done is that a large amount of information is provided. It is there, where the characteristics of some thing or object are shown. In this way, the system will organize this information and identify the object or thing, and indicate what it is. For example, if you apply it to know the recognition of emotions in different human faces.

This is also called, deep learning or deep learning, since the machine learns to classify almost without the presence of the human.


Learning by reinforcement, exposes that through trial and error the machine understands which is the best decision to obtain a quality result. That can be compared to how a child is taught that certain behavior is correct, so simple to reward it. Also, the child begins to eliminate behaviors that are not rewarded. In the same way the machine only keeps the actions that lead to success.

Main advantages of Machine Learning for a company

Now, going to what really concerns us in this article, we can highlight as main advantages of Machine Learning the following:

  • They offer a greater knowledge of the needs, tastes and buying habits of consumers. In addition to helping in the prediction of trends and needs in the market thanks to the interpretation of the data.
  • Help in the development of Ecommerce through the analysis of consumer behavior. In addition to collaborating in the integration of different tools and applications and in the installation of the best security systems.
  • Improvement of the development of new products and their subsequent impulse. And it is that Machine Learning favors innovation and the search for new solutions thanks to the interpretation of data.
  • Help in decision making: Machine Learning offers support for the company by having the right data for better decision making. Something that will also help in the Human Resources department.
  • Optimized logistic processes: finally, it will also help us in the improvement of the logistics systems and processes of the organization. And it will have a solid database for decision making.

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