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App Development

Apps have many functions: they can provide general information, prices, booking forms, search functions, user accounts, messaging, news feeds and much more. One of the biggest advantages of having a mobile app is that all the information you want to provide to your customers, including sales and special promotions, is at your fingertips. Through push notifications you are getting even closer to direct interaction and you can easily remind customers of your products and services whenever it makes sense. Zazz provides the companies and individuals here in Phoenix with outstanding contemporary mobile app development.

App Development


iOS App Development

More than a decade developing Apps in IOS. It is difficult to find a team specialized in obj-c and swift that is capable of developing native Apps, it is what we are good at, it is what sets us apart.

Android App Development

More than 9 years developing Apps on Android. Specialists in Java and we master the difficulties of developing for this operating system, we have a technical team capable of analyzing the Apps that we develop in the different android devices of the market.

Mobile Backend Engineering

Thanks to the use of a mobile backend, marketers can now respond precisely to their customers' requests: cms, ad server, positioning on stores, and distribution of uses on different devices (smartphone, tablet etc.), geographic distribution, usage habits, data updates and qualification of mobile user profiles.

QA and Testing

We also consider our customers ' needs and goals at Zazz. Upon releasing the app, we not only do QA sessions but also build mid-sessions with clients from scratch to prototype. As prevention is better than cure, we check the app many times.

Native App Development

A Native App not only allows you to have excellent performance and to take full advantage of the functionality of the phone, but adapts to each platform to provide users with an ideal experience.

Hybrid App Development

These types of mobile applications are designed in a web programming language, either HTML5, CSS or JavaScript, together with a framework that allows adapting the web view to any view of a mobile device.

iOS App Development

The union of iPhone to the business world drives the creation of marketing-oriented applications and direct contact between company and customer. From Zazz, we develop professional mobile applications, for iOS operating systems, with software fully adapted to your different devices: iPhone, iPod and iPad. From the first concept or idea to its design, development, programming and use and put into production.

Amy Macedo

Based in Canada, Amy’s channel Macedo Beauty has over 800K subscribers who come to her for makeup tips, reviews on the latest products and basically anything to do with beauty

iPhone / iPad DevelopmentSwift
React NativeXcode
Apple WatchObjective-C
Apple TV/tvOSSiri Intents

Android App Development

The Android operating system has been slightly shifting iOS (iPhone ...) in relation to the number of users, and its difference seems to increase. The number of applications for this system is very wide. Zazz offers you the design, development, implementation and start-up of Android applications with all the flexibility and potential that this type of platform offers you. An open platform, aimed at millions of customers worldwide.


The IdealSmart App is a personalized Lifestyle Building assistant designed to help dieters achieve their weight loss goals while on the Ideal Protein Protocol

Android StudioMaterial Design
Android TVCustom-embedded Android ROM
Android WearChromecast

Mobile Backend Engineering

By offering developers a platform in which mobile safety and automated quality management apply to all types of platforms, the lifecycle of apps can be accelerated, from idea to realization. Hereby the developer tests the apps directly in complex and diverse environments, gets help with the link to the back-end and builds and designs fast mobile apps for all operating systems at a high pace.

Amazon Web ServicesCloud Computing
CouchDBMicrosoft Azure
OracleSAP Data Services

QA and Testing

Zazz ensures supreme quality and performs various tests before the final launch. Our specifically developed tests help us retain good name associated with our brand and always produce smooth and error-free mobile apps. For example, through the compatibility test, you can check from which type of hardware and software the first problems arose that affected the correct functioning of the app. If device components are required for very high requirements, you should think of a reduction in some system requirements, otherwise your target will drop significantly

TestrailCharles proxy
XCTest UI Espresso
CalabashAWS Device Farm
Xamarin Test CloudFirebase Test Lab

Our Android App
Development Approaches

Native apps use a different programming language from one operating system to another: iOS largely uses the Objective-C language, Android uses Java. Each with its specificities. The benefits of developing Native Apps:

  • speed, reliability, better responsiveness, higher resolution that ensure a better user experience;
  • access to hardware and software installed in the device: camera, file system, address book;
  • push notifications that allow you to notify users and attract their attention (also for promotional purposes);
  • native offline operation.

Compared to apps developed natively, they are faster to develop and less expensive. Another important advantage of hybrid development is that only one version is generated, regardless of the number of platforms on which you want to be present. However, all these benefits come at a cost: the App's performance is lower, making it less stable since the system is less adaptable to each platform.

Your Idea’s
into Products

  • Strategy

  • UX Design

  • Development

  • Testing/QA

  • Launch

  • Maintenance


Mobile apps demand a specific type of strategy and agile development. We strategize the whole process for our clients and offer them a roadmap.

Mobile App Development

Build the brand and recognition

A mobile app for your business can greatly contribute to the brand's popularity. We divide this topic into two aspects, the combination of which will make your app a real winner:

  • Brand. A mobile app is like a large white sheet. You can do what you prefer; you can make it elegant, fashionable, functional, fun or informative. The most important thing is to create an app with features that your customers will appreciate, while being well-designed and practical at the same time.
  • Recognition. The more often it will be possible to involve customers in your app, the sooner they will be inclined to purchase the product and / or service you offer. In advertising, this is called the "effective frequency": as a general rule, listening and / or seeing your brand about 20 times is what will really make you notice.
How to promote your mobile app?

The list you are about to read does not have a specific order; choose the ideas that you prefer and that you think best fit your existing marketing plan. Start experimenting and check what works best for your needs.

Define the application in an original way.

Make a simple and clear introduction to your app: one sentence should suffice. Take inspiration from Tinder, which is one of the best examples present right now.

Start a blog

Update it regularly on the main topic of the service you offer and that makes you a niche expert, find a way to make readers understand that it is worth downloading the app!

Use social media.

But do it wisely; too many people think that copying and pasting a link is enough to be successful. Engage your audience. Try to be interesting. Tease and encourage followers to share. Be creative about your introductory text.

Use the teasers.

Create a teaser page before the app starts and collect beta subscribers via an email field.

Create an introductory video to your app.

This is a step you should take very carefully. Creating a video is ideal only if you have already clearly demonstrated the concept of your app, have gained some interest and are sure to have followed. You don't want to spend a lot of money making a video for an app still in development, right? If you're feeling ready for this step, take a look at Sandwich Video for inspiration.

Send mail to the experts.

Create a contact list, email your app presentation, using creative and highly tempting language, then hope for the best. Note: don't persecute editors, they regularly receive tons of pitches, if they are interested, they will contact you themselves.

Request app reviews

In addition to blogs that deal with technology, there are many sites dedicated to app reviews. Find the best websites on the web and sign up presenting the news. Warning! Go to platforms related to your field, don't get out of the topic!

Contact the niche writers in your industry.

This is definitely one of the most effective techniques. If you find people who are interested in writing what you treat, know that they could prove to be happy to tell your app! Again, don't be intrusive: don't burn your way with influential writers.

Use Disqus or other content detection tools.

Make sure to link your Disqus channel to the blog mentioned earlier in the advice. It helps a lot to spread the news and brings traffic to your blog or website!

Contribute to online conversation.

If you read news and articles on other websites equipped with Disqus, leave a comment (not self-promotional) but valid. In this way you will spread your name and make yourself recognizable among the supporters of the sector.

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Amy Macedo

Based in Canada, Amy’s channel Macedo Beauty has over 800K subscribers who come to her for makeup tips, reviews on the latest products and basically anything to do with beauty


RecoSpot is a social media platform that provides a simple way to recommend and discover local food & drink spots in Toronto through photos. See where people are going around the Greater Toronto Area and plan your visits to spots that interest you


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