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Mobile App Development

Mobile apps have transformed the ways of doing business and managing operations. Companies and startups develop apps for their employees and customers. From eCommerce to warehouse management, from ride hailing services to social platforms, apps help you conquer the digital world. Zazz has been offering quality services and superior products since its inceptions and there is a reason that our portfolio contains big brands, SMEs and even startups.

Our Key Features

Client Centric Development

Customers are our focus and the entire development cycle moves according to our customer's will and plans.

Agile Development

Without smooth agile development no productivity can be attained. Zazz makes sure you get a quality, premium service.

Dedicated Development Team

We are a professional company and we are not short of designers or developers. With Zazz, you get dedicated development teams at your disposal.

Excellent Support

We are available round the clock and you don't have to think about working days. Our customer support always there to listen to you.

Data Backups

Yes data is important and Zazz makes sure that your data gets secured and you never loose even a small size of analytics or data.


This age belongs to technology and with it protection becomes mandatory. Zazz offers military grade protection encryptions.

App Development Technologies

iOS App Development

More than a decade developing Apps in IOS. It is difficult to find a team specialized in obj-c and swift that is capable of developing native Apps, it is what we are good at, it is what sets us apart.

Android App Development

More than 9 years developing Apps on Android. Specialists in Java and we master the difficulties of developing for this operating system, we have a technical team capable of analyzing the Apps that we develop in the different android devices of the market.

Mobile Backend Engineering

Thanks to the use of a mobile backend, marketers can now respond precisely to their customers' requests: cms, ad server, positioning on stores, and distribution of uses on different devices (smartphone, tablet etc.), geographic distribution, usage habits, data updates and qualification of mobile user profiles.

QA and testing

We also consider our customers ' needs and goals at Zazz. Upon releasing the app, we not only do QA sessions but also build mid-sessions with clients from scratch to prototype. As prevention is better than cure, we check the app many times.

Native App Development

They are the market favorites because they offer more powerful results in terms of design, usability and efficiency. Its distribution is done through the official market place of each operating system, which guarantees full visibility and security.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid applications are mobile applications designed in a web programming language either HTML5, CSS or JavaScript, together with a framework that allows you to adapt the web view to any view of a mobile device.

iOS App Development

iOS is arguably the most premium platform out there that offers security, protection, glitches-free environment and a whole ecosystem. Zazz has been developing iOS based apps since the first iPhone came in the market. At Zazz we are ready to serve companies by delivering world-class iPhone App Development with an expert team of iPhone App Developers. Hire our iPhone App Developers that exploit our in-house know-how and technology. We can create world-class applications and design optimized web sites for iPhone with sophisticated iPhone Application Development Tools.

iPhone / iPad DevelopmentSwift
React NativeXcode
Apple WatchObjective-C
Apple TV/tvOSSiri Intents

Android App Development

Creating an Android app is down to two main language / skills: Java and Android. Java is the language used in Android, but the Android component involves learning XML to build the app, learning Android concepts and programmatically using the concepts with Java. Unlike other programs where you would need to write some code to compile and then write some code to run, the IDEs compile and run the code just with a touch of a button.

Android StudioMaterial Design
Android TVCustom-embedded Android ROM
Android WearChromecast

Mobile Backend Engineering

Backend development languages handle Web applications'' behind the scenes ' functionality. Its code that connects the web to a database, manages user connections and power the web app itself. In combination with the front end, backend engineering works to deliver the final product to the end user. Zazz offers premium mobile backend engineering services and help you acquire your goals by dominating the market.

Amazon Web ServicesCloud Computing
CouchDBMicrosoft Azure
OracleSAP Data Services

QA and Testing

This role includes obtaining a product design document as well as data on trial and error and assessment thereof. Quality Assurance is about testing if the product produced is safe for use. Organization should adopt procedures and practices that need to be developed on a regular basis for this. This focuses primarily on the product / service quality that we offer to the customers during or after software implementation.

TestrailCharles proxy
XCTest UI Espresso
CalabashAWS Device Farm
Xamarin Test CloudFirebase Test Lab
FunctionalSeliniumWhite and black box
Espresso UIAppium

Your Idea’s into Products

  • Strategy

  • UX Design

  • Development

  • Testing/QA

  • Launch

  • Maintenance


Mobile apps demand a specific type of strategy and agile development. We strategize the whole process for our clients and offer them a roadmap.

Our Work

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