Apple Arcade – Latest News, Rumors, Release Date and Pricing

by Zazz August 20, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 4 minutes

Video game fans have several different subscription service options on everything from Xbox One to PC. This service option includes Xbox Game Pass, EA Access, and PlayStation Now, but so far Mac and iOS gamers have been left out of the fun. That will reverse soon with the release of Apple Arcade. It’s an ambitious program that will feature more than 100 games, including multiple exclusives.

Whether you are playing games on your phone, computer or television. You will have access to the Apple Games Vault, which includes titles from some of the most influential designers and studios in the industry. Here’s what we know about Arcade games, controller, price and release date, etc.

What is Apple Arcade?

Apple Arcade is a monthly subscription that costs $ 4.00+, with a free trial month to get begun. The service consists of intuitive available games only. Also, third-party titles that are available for purchase on other platforms. According to some dedicated iOS developers in USA, you cannot separately purchase games available through Apple Arcade from the App Store.

Apple says it will add new games to the service every month, though, like any subscription service, you should also expect older games to disappear. There are no ads, no in-game limitations, and you don’t need an internet connection to play games downloaded through Apple Arcade.

The service is not a game streaming service like Google Stadia or PlayStation Now. When you sign up for Arcade, you can install as many games as you can onto your device and play them intrinsically. It is more comparable to a service like Prime and Netflix.

What is The Apple Arcade Release Date?

Apple confirmed during the iPhone 11 launch event that the Apple Arcade will release in September. The service will launch in 150, with 90+ new privileged games to be added in the upcoming weeks. Although it takes a little longer to reach that number. Additionally, the service has expanded to 114 titles by April 2020, although some may be retired from service in the future.

Apple Arcade Controllers

According to mobile app developers, any proper gaming rig needs a great controller. But Apple Arcade is in a pretty unique position having to work across multiple hardware platforms and input devices, whether it’s an iPad and iPhone touchscreen, a keyboard and mouse, and a remote for Apple TV.

When it comes to gaming, nothing cadence a gamepad. While Apple hasn’t released a specific controller, wireless support for PS4 DualShock 4. And Xbox One controllers are coming to tvOS, iPadOS, and iOS 13 on September 19. The release date of Apple Arcade, so you can pair the controllers with these devices. Also, some games are compatible with Bluetooth MFi controllers.

What is The Apple Arcade Price?

Apple Arcade bucks the trend of Apple’s usual pricing strategies. While it will offer a monthly subscription plan to share with the family in the line of Apple TV, Apple Music, and Apple News Plus. However, it will only cost just $ 4.99 / AED 19.99 / £ 4.99 / AU $ 7.99 per month instead of the $ 9.99 cost. Apple Arcade developers say you get a one-month free trial.

Plus, Arcade’s automatic Family Sharing plan allows up to six family members to share the same subscription for just a monthly fee.

How Do I Use Apple Arcade on Mac Devices?

There is no Apple Arcade on iPad, iOS 13, and macOS. But you access it through the App Store application. Search the Arcade button at the bottom of the App Store. A registration screen will appear with a Try It Free button. You get the first month free, then it costs $ 4.99 per month … Just press the button to sign up.

Then you will need to add your Apple ID password. And you will have to confirm the purchase of your subscription several times. Once you are done with the registration, the Arcade section of the App Store shows which games are available to you.

Is Apple Arcade Available in My Country?

Zazz, a leading mobile app development company, claims that Apple Arcade was launched in 150 countries. it consists of services in the USA and UK. Basically, it is available wherever there is access to the Apple App Store.

Hands-on With Apple Arcade

As the first unsettled invasion into the world of subscription entertainment, Apple Arcade is cause for optimism. It may not be revolutionary, but it offers users a lot and an excellent reason to stick with Apple devices.

Given the excellent advantages that Apple has already built over the competition, this may be all you need to attract a broad base of engaged subscribers. If you face any issues, let’s discuss them with our experts. We would like to assist you.

Quick-fire Question And Answer

Q1. How do I get Apple Arcade?

Go to the App Store, click on the Arcade tab. Then sign up for the trial.

Q2. How much does Apple Arcade price?

$ 4.99 a month, or £ 4.99, Arcade will launch in more than 150 countries, and one subscription gives access to six family members.

Q3. What games are available on Apple Arcade?

These are actually quite difficult to navigate because Apple has decided not to include graphics in the Arcade section of the App Store. This makes for an open voyage of discovery, which has its pros and cons. But we have mentioned some of them as Guildlings, Pilgrims, Assemble with care, and much more.

Q4. Will Apple Arcade have a controller?

You can use many different controllers in Apple Arcade. But the it doesn’t have its own controller. MFI’s (built for iOS games) will work, as will Xbox and PS4 controllers. They connect with Bluetooth.

Have A Look At 40 Apple Arcade’s Best Games

  1. Adorable Home
  2. Box Project
  3. Crossy Road Castle
  4. Dodo Peak
  5. Explottens
  6. Fantasian
  7. Guildlings
  8. Hexaflip
  9. Kings League II
  10. Mini Motorways
  11. Neo Cab
  12. Nightmare Farm
  13. No Way Home
  14. Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm 
  15. Outlanders
  16. Over the Alps
  17. Overland
  18. Pac-Man Party Royale
  19. Patterned
  20. Pilgrims
  21. Pinball Wizard
  22. Possessions
  23. Projection: First Light
  24. Punch Planet
  25. Rayman Mini
  26. Red Reign
  27. Redout Space Assault
  28. Repair
  29. Roundgard
  30. Sayonara Wild Hearts 
  31. Secret Oops
  32. Shantae 5
  33. Shinsekai: Into the Depths
  34. ShockRods
  35. Skate City
  36. Sociable Soccer
  37. Sonic Racing
  38. Sneaky Sasquatch
  39. Spaceland
  40. Spek


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