Difference between Machine Learning and AI

by Zazz March 25, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 5 minutes
Machine Learning and AI

“What is AI and what is Machine Learning?” These terms are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same. The world of AI is very confusing and AI and Machine Learning are therefore often used interchangeably. There are, however, clear differences. Machine Learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence in short. To understand Machine […]

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Top 10 AI Development Companies San Francisco

by Zazz February 12, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 3 minutes

AI is transforming the way we conduct businesses and is continuously changing the overall spectrums in the vertical market. If you are looking to hire an agency, have a look at the top 10 AI development companies in San Francisco. Artificial intelligence is already on everyone’s lips, but few people know what it is. How […]

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How Machine Learning is Modernising the Banking Sector

by Zazz January 30, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 6 minutes
How Machine Learning isModernising the Banking Sector

Machine learning has the ability to increase the successes of banking models by 50%, so far we are not discovering anything new or inventing the wheel. The adoption of machine learning is a necessity for banking, on the one hand there is the ability to generate certainty in an extremely competitive and variable market, while […]

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Understanding Artificial Intelligence for Boosting Business Management

by Zazz January 16, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 7 minutes
Artificial Intelligence for Boosting Business

The concept of artificial intelligence is defined by the scientific community as the discipline that is responsible for creating and designing computer programs that are capable of executing similar and comparable operations to those performed by human thought. The idea of building an artifact that can perform tasks perceived as human intelligence requirements is a […]

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AI and other Technologies Reshaping the Food Industry

by Zazz January 9, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 9 minutes

The food, both that we buy in restaurants and the one we prepare at home after going to the supermarket, almost always has a technological interference. From fruits and vegetables that are traditional in modernity (but that tasted different or were of another color before genetic manipulation) to food wrappers, everything is transformed with innovation. […]

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