Is React Native Really The future of Mobile App Development in 2020?

React is capable of generating native applications for iOS and Android programmed with JavaScript. The goal of React is to build interfaces that react dynamically when a change occurs thanks to the framework. It should be noted that the development is not 100% cross-platform since not all the code works for iOS and Android. Although […]

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Benefits of Developing a PWA Using React Native in 2020

Defining web application Web applications are a type of software that is coded in a language supported by web browsers. There is no need to install a web app on your mobile phone, it’s like in the cloud. Its execution is carried out by the browser on the internet or intranet. In 2020, we are […]

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What Is React Native Deep Linking For Mobile Apps?

Deep Linking in React Native Apps

What is deep linking? A deep link is a specific link aimed at referring to a specific page or product, instead of redirecting only to the application’s home page. The simplest example of a deep link would be a link to a specific Facebook profile, instead of just redirecting to the home page. Before deep […]

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