How IoT Became More Popular During Covid-19?

The coronavirus COVID-19 continues to affect the world population, multiplying the number of infections and deaths daily. In addition to this, countries increasingly adopt more measures to mitigate contagions. From the suspension of classes, remote work, closure of public spaces, to confinement, among others. Faced with this complicated scenario, solving the crisis and minimizing the […]

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Apple Developing New Augmented Reality App for iOS 14 in 2020

We still do not know if the WWDC is going to be held, because of the coronavirus, but what is certain is that Apple is preparing several surprises for such a marked date. Of course, some of this news will no longer be a surprise. A leak of the iOS 14 code has revealed many […]

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How To Hire A Mobile App Maintenance Developer?

Hire A Mobile App Maintenance Developer

What has to be clear once the mobile application is published, is that the development work does not only end with the publication of that first version. In reality, it goes much further, it is constant work. A mobile application necessarily needs maintenance because without it, sooner or later, the application will be out of […]

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Blockchain; One of the Top Tech Trends for 2020


2019 was one of the best years for blockchain and crypto space. The followers of the technology that supports bitcoin, the largest and most popular cryptocurrency so far, was able to witness the birth of new alliances, products related to virtual assets, as well as protocols that extended the growth of this network to other […]

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Crypotcurreny: What Is a Satoshi?

The Satoshi (SAT) is being used more and more in conversations regarding blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin mining software, like HoneyMiner, pays you mining reward on SAT, #StackingSats is a frequently used hashtag on Twitter, and the Lightning Torch accounted for on Satoshi’s, just to name a few examples of the word that is being used. But […]

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