These 12 technology trends will shape companies in 2020

by Zazz March 9, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 7 minutes
technology trends

Technologies are changing the modern working world like no other influencing factor. It is therefore important for companies to monitor current developments closely. In particular, concerning the increase in efficiency, innovative technology exposes enormous optimization potential. Also, the constantly changing customer needs require a continuous adjustment of their business models. As a result, companies have […]

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The Importance of Technology in the Business World

by Zazz February 21, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 7 minutes
Technology in the Business World

In the 21st century, we are going through a process of digital transformation and Importance of Technology, in which companies play a very important role. To do this, it is essential to know-how information and communication technologies influence companies, and what the advantages they provide are. ADVANTAGES OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES IN SMEs DECISION […]

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Sweet Relationship between Higher Education & Information Technology

by Zazz January 28, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 5 minutes

Today, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are topics that never cease to surprise us with their reach in our daily lives, basically everything around us is susceptible to the study of these areas. In this digital process, education plays a fundamental role, not only because it allows students to acquire skills necessary to function in […]

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Top 10 Data Science Development Companies Seattle

by Zazz January 10, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 4 minutes
Data Science Development

Data is the new oil, where companies and individuals are getting unrivaled benefits from the data science. If you are looking for a company to provide you top-notch services, have a look at our compilation of top 10 data science development companies in Seattle. New Generation Analysis: Data Science While Big Data focuses on providing […]

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Benefits of Technological Innovation in Companies

by Zazz December 25, 2019 Time to Read Blog: 7 minutes
Technological Innovation in Companies

Thanks to access to technology, companies find a range of benefits to adapt to the current market and grow in competitive environments Companies interact in very competitive environments, so they face the constant challenge of reinventing themselves and investing in new technologies to differentiate themselves. The competitive environment in which companies move forces them to […]

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How to Include User Comments on Your Roadmap

by Zazz November 28, 2019 Time to Read Blog: 7 minutes

Receiving comments from users of digital products can be a very complex process for companies and, in particular, for teams that carry out development work. Due to the increase in the use of smartphones and mobile applications, consumer expectations regarding the characteristics and quality of products have grown considerably. According to Google, more than 50% […]

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Top 10 Data Science Developers USA

by Zazz November 18, 2019 Time to Read Blog: 3 minutes

Data Science is the resolution of business/organization problems through mathematics, programming and the scientific method that involves the creation of hypotheses, experiments and tests through data analysis and the generation of predictive models. If you are looking to hire a company for data science development, indeed you have come to the right place. Here are […]

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E-commerce Boon; The Need of the Companies to have an Online Store

by Zazz October 15, 2019 Time to Read Blog: 9 minutes
E-commerce Boon

Companies that wish to have a more effective internet presence cannot settle for a corporate page that only provides information. In the times that run electronic commerce has revealed itself as a great business path for those who know how to take advantage of its possibilities. Consumers are already completely accustomed to making their purchases […]

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Earn by Investing in E-Sports

by Zazz September 24, 2019 Time to Read Blog: 4 minutes

E-sports is a form of competition in which video games are used which is also named as electronic sports. In esports, numerous competitions based video games are organized properly between teams and professional players. Before the late 2000s, in the culture of video games, numerous offline and online competitions were very common but these competitions […]

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Augmented Reality Helping People with Disabilities

by Zazz September 9, 2019 Time to Read Blog: 4 minutes

Augmented Reality has become one of the pillars of contemporary society. One of the most exciting things about technology is that it involves and develops in better applications every year, one of them supporting people with motor disabilities. The fascination with Augmented Reality is real and will be growing exponentially in the following years to […]

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A Layman’s Guide to Deep Learning and its benefits

by Zazz August 30, 2019 Time to Read Blog: 6 minutes

Deep learning is a technology that is based on a network of neural connections, but, you may wonder: How does this connection occur? The brain is the vital organ of any human being and it is estimated that it contains between about fifty to more than one hundred thousand lodged neurons. Of these neurons, about […]

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