Top Machine Learning App Ideas 2021

by Zazz October 12, 2021 Time to Read Blog: 4 minutes

Machine learning is undoubtedly one of the most fundamental parts of Artificial Intelligence. We already see its usage in many areas of our day-to-day lives. And significant advancements are happening in the Mobile Application Development Sector. Major companies have either shifted to machine learning applications or are on the verge of incorporating this technology into their business.

As per market reports, machine learning technology is growing dynamically, and the worldwide investments in this sector have increased by 70%. It is expected to rise significantly in the coming years.

More and more businesses are adopting machine learning and enhancing their administrative exercises, and gaining meaningful returns. Nowadays, everyone wants user experience as per their requirements. This is why the building of machine learning apps is proving to be beneficial. 

Those who think there isn’t enough scope in machine learning app plans should think again! 

This article has listed some specific areas where businesses can benefit from machine learning mobile apps and some most exemplary machine learning app ideas that we are yet to see in the market.

Machine Learning Application for Healthcare Industry

Application for Potential Disease Outbreak 

COVID-19 outbreak has taught us many things, from the importance of digital advancements to building a future-proof medical infrastructure. However, if we could have recognized the outbreak in the initial stage, we must have dealt with it in a very different manner. 

Moreover, to recognize the same, we need technological assistance. This is where we need an app that can identify and alert us about possible threats and disease outbreaks. 

Building a machine learning web app for the future that can keep accounts of all the cases, examine data through machine learning algorithms, and alert the users about the potential threats. If ML-based apps like these could have been made earlier, you never know, maybe we could have detected this outbreak much earlier or at least taken necessary precautions to stop the spread.

This sort of machine learning apps can help hospitals and governments identify disease outbreaks and suggest taking instant measures for a cure.

Machine Learning Applications in Industrial Companies  

Gone are the days when everything was manual. Thanks to the digital advancements and adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the usage of automated robots and enterprise management has made lives easy going and comfortable. Incorporating machine learning apps into the work process to run efficiently and flawlessly is a new norm. These modern and robust applications are ideal for improving the specific cycles.

Machine Learning is enabling the production process and enhancing every aspect of a business, from marketing and sales to maintenance. Employing machine-learning based solutions to handle hefty procedures, boosts efficiency and slashes costs.

All you need to do is hire a trusted machine learning development company to build an ML-based application that will enhance your enterprise process.  

Machine Learning Apps in Retail & E-commerce Industry

Building a Personalized Chatbot for E-commerce Websites

Chatbots go beyond machine learning, and they use another subset of AI called Neural Language Processing (NLP). The best thing about these ML algorithms is that they support and facilitate the process of human conversation while making it look organic. 

Many people think of chatbots as a customer service tool, but they can also be employed as virtual assistants, just like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and more.

Building a personalized chatbot that utilizes machine learning algorithms to help customers by providing choices and recommendations is a game-changer for the retail and e-commerce industry. Based on the collected data of other buyers, machine learning chatbots can help customers compare two different products of similar classes.

Machine Learning Applications for Travel & Hospitality Industry

An Intelligent Travel Assistant App

Having an application that serves users to know more about travelling by gathering data and presenting it in a knowledge-based platform is a must nowadays. Many companies are integrating machine learning solutions to offer an enhanced user experience.  

This application will help the public recognize popular places based on multiple categories and provide insights about travel hacks and tips. In such applications, having a feedback column can help analyze various locations in a better way. And as painful as it can seem, people really enjoy planning their trips, so if you have an application handy that serves you with an AI-infused travel system that can generate super personalized suggestions, you can easily book your flights and hotels.

A must requirement for Intelligent Travel Assistant App is tourists’ data based on travelling to support developers in recognizing the components to be added in an app.

Machine Learning Implementation in Banking Apps

Some mind-blogging banking applications are already using Artificial Intelligence, but having applications based on machine learning can also be of great value for companies. For example, machine learning applications can help examine payment transaction records and keep a transparent and secured platform. 

Building a financial application will help in collecting user data about their money spending habits, setting a financial goal for the users, analysing the economic world and giving options for earning more money.

We all know that financial applications can be a little tricky, but choosing a trusted brand name in the market to build a machine learning application where users can connect and save all their financial credentials and bank accounts, is a game-changer.


Machine Learning has a great utility and power to turn things around for the better. If we look back, no one really thought there would be a tool that will make our lives easier. Over the years we have seen technology enter various parts of our lives and 2021 is the right time to adopt the digital domain with something interesting like Machine Learning.

So, choose a trusted brand name like Zazz, which provides a robotic process automation service, and build excellent machine learning applications in various verticals. Our team of experts are experienced and qualified in their technical domain and offer fully customized applications development as per your business requirements. 

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