Mobile App Development

The biggest technological advancement of this era are smartphones and mobile apps. Zazz started developing apps long ago by adopting the most unique and contemporary technologies. You will find app developers of Zazz unique, talented, and with the enhanced communication skills. We are based in the United States and have a strong base in different parts of the country. Zazz takes mobile apps seriously and helps businesses explore new markets with confidence. We work for our clients with enthusiasm that is the essence of our company. We are known as the best Seattle App Developers launching mobile apps in record times.

App Development Technologies

iOS App Development

Creating a successful business model around iOS applications which also generates revenue can be a lot harder than you think. To put it simply, finding a low-cost iOS device developer or funding an iOS development team is more than finding famous developers. Creating a good iOS mobile application requires so many processes and development methods. Our iPhone & iPad famous App developers have experience not only in programming languages such as Objective C, XCode but also in designing back-end web services. We are also an expert in designing APIs, a method not common to too many software developers. From repairing a bug to introducing new improvements to your current app, to getting feedback and approval for your concept, we can do all. When it comes to having the best of the mobile world and mobile application developers near me, Zazz is a perfect choice.

Over the years, Zazz has offered services to all sorts of top-notch companies searching for skilled and professional app developer, experts in iOS creations. Furthermore, we help small entrepreneurial businesses looking for tactics and pragmatic executives on their business-facing iOS app. Our iOS Development team has experience working with applications for a wide variety of industries including healthcare, oil & gas, finance, operation, technology, and education. Contact us and Hire Best iOS App Developer to get apps for iPhone, iPad, wearables at the most affordable rates.

Android App Development

Since the birth of this platform, Zazz has been creating Android Applications with most perfection. We have incredibly talented and professional app developers collaborating with our designers to provide you with a full UI / UX concept for your application. We ensure everything runs smoothly and affordably from your first touch to the last call and final release of your Android app on the Play Store. Android Development is accomplished by Java programming language using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), which offers a rich application platform. It helps our mobile application developers create groundbreaking applications for all mobile devices running android. Android's open-source ecosystem makes Android's app creation the cornerstone of today's mobile strategy, as more and more businesses see opportunities.

Android is "available" in a lot of respects, unlike Apple, the main example is that the Android operating system is built on the "Android Open Source Project," or AOSP, code. Users may opt to install apps from other outlets such as a flash memory card or a third-party app store such as the Amazon AppStore, Getjar, etc. Android coding is therefore a lengthy and time-consuming process, however, Zazz is known to deliver apps in record times. Visit our android development page and Hire Best Android App Developer in town. We guarantee that you will get the most sophisticated android app experience and that too in a cost-effective budget.

Mobile Backend Engineering

Our backend engineers are professional app developers having years of experience handling web and mobile apps. They form an admirable team of successful and diligent people who take ownership of their work every day and push the limits. We have a wide variety of responsibilities that keep changing as the business expands, and our engineers have the flexibility and independence to pursue innovations and the latest technologies. This mobile backend potential makes us a competent agency to handle technologies like IoT and Extended Reality. Check out our IoT app development detailed page and Hire IOT Developer for market supremacy.

Backend technologies consist typically of languages such as PHP, Ruby, Python, etc. They are generally improved by frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Cake PHP, and CodeIgniter to make them even simpler to use. Both of which make development quicker and easier to work on. It’s not a fluke that Zazz has got the world’s best backend developers, credit goes to our most unique hiring strategy. Our clients in different parts of the United States praise our unique talents and professionalism. Check out our different city developers’ teams and missions and see how our App Developers in San Francisco are transforming the industry.

QA and Testing

An application's accessibility, whether web or mobile, is a vital aspect that no outsourcing company would ever neglect. Users need high levels of usability, after all, or they turn away. Our test engineers and best app developers look at functional and non-functional device features as well as the specifics of mobile technology (mobile gestures, multiple operating systems, and screen resolutions). Moreover, they test the various external factors that may hamper the application’s work (network conditions, call interruptions, SMS, and more). The mobile testing team at Zazz will ensure the device has a user-friendly Interface, encompassing the app's core features and engaging UX, delivering meaningful user experience. Our mobile development department also carries out usability testing as part of the UX research to ensure the app is convenient and easy to use for your target audience. Zazz is accredited for never compromising over quality and that is ensured with the help of the latest testing techniques and methods. We believe in the importance of user experience, therefore, test our mobile apps accordingly. Have a look at our UI/UX prowess and Hire Best UX Developer in the United States.




White and black box

Espresso UI


Our Android App Development Approaches

Native applications are primarily developed for one single platform. There are programming languages related, that are unique to one platform. These languages tend to be Java or Kotlin for an Android application, and an iOS app, Swift or Objective-C. Since these apps are built-in platform-specific languages they can only be used on that platform. For instance, if you've created an iOS app, it'll only function for iPhone users. This won't appeal to an Android user's needs. So, if you want to have a business app on these two different platforms you'll need to have two versions of an app ready.

A hybrid framework is based on a Web view that runs in a native device on a web browser. It uses a native app wrapping to create connectivity between the web view and the interface for native behavior. The hybrid app is called native because, much like a native app, you can download it from the app store market. Hybrid apps link the native platform to the web view and are developed employing tools that help them operate without burdening phone storage. These are third party resources such as Apache Cordova. Zazz ensures that our Hybrid apps are the most cost-effective and feature-packed.

Your Idea’s into Products


The design of the mobile-centric strategy is important for a business, given that this form of strategy should not only be implemented in a highly competitive environment, but should be constantly updated.

UX Design

Here at Zazz, we focus on design prowess and excellence. Our design teams are always accessible to our customers as we believe the concept of having a mobile app fails without an efficient design and usability.


Mobile apps are usually business-oriented tools that are not only aimed at improving performance, but also at increasing revenue. The application of these methods generally requires specialized skills and knowledge unique to each sector or business type. Zazz excels in it, happily.


We emphasizes on the quality assurance of our mobile apps. Before going for a final launch of the product, we perform certain tests that assure that the product is glitch free and up to the mark.


Zazz provides every assistance possible while launching a mobile app. We not only guide you through the whole process but also make sure that the whole process is easy and comprehendible.


We are open 24/7 and are working for you exclusively. Through Zazz, you are assuring that your plan is allocated a dedicated team and they work for you alone.

Mobile App Development

The mobile devices are the order of the day, the proof is that many of us sailed directly from our mobile or tablet, so the demands and needs of society have increased exponentially. In recent years, its growth has been spectacular and this growth does not stop, since mobile devices allow us comfort, flexibility, and connectivity that no other type of equipment allows us, so new media and facilities burst in. For this reason, from Zazz, we offer the development of mobile applications for different mobile device platforms on the market (multiplatform).

Why is Zazz so Unique & Successful?

First, we carry out the first contact with the client in which the ideas they have and the objectives they intend to bring to reality are put in common. Besides, a study of the user profile is carried out, at the same time, we advise and offer our perspective of the success of the proposed future project. Once the central ideas that will give life to the development of the application are marked so that it is effective and viable. We move on to graphically design the project using mockups. Thus, the preview is created through which the client can see what they want it to look like visually.

Once the mockups are accepted, work begins on the implementation and development of the app itself. It is carried out faithfully following those objectives that were initially established and all the points that the client requested are brought to life. In addition to monitoring the process and functionality to ensure that everything is going as planned. Our projects end when the client's needs and objectives are captured. Thus making the desired project a reality and 100% meet the needs and expectations.

The Architecture of Our Apps

By carefully designing the server and database calls, we design the device architecture for the lowest possible overheads. In terms of processing power, we ensure our mobile app is optimized for speed and responsiveness. For App Design, we choose the best technologies for the project through the use of caching and optimized table structures. It is to achieve the quickest performance and the best scaling possibilities in record times. We often use SQLite for storing system information, depending on the situation.

Enticing Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

World is witnessing huge growth in the hybrid and cross platform mobile apps sector due to their cost-effectiveness. Moreover, the cross-platform apps are rapidly developed and hence cater the users of the clients in record times. Zazz is the only company in the United States that has expertise and required talent to build state of the art cross platform apps. We use hybrid technology and implement novel features to take the maximum benefit from this technology. To build these applications, we usually use technologies such as Xamarin, Flutter, and React Native. We share the complete road map with the client, take his recommendation and also guide them according to our experience. Together, we manage to create mobile apps that are efficient, productive and guarantee best results.

Wearable App Development

We have many years of experience at Zazz designing apps for wearable devices such as smartwatches, Fitbits, RFID tags, Google Glasses, and others. Over the years, our engineers have built an award-winning work cycle – we are proud to be providing end-to-end digital transformation services. We are known for connectivity solutions like wearable and IoT-based technology expertise today.

Always Prioritize UX and Latest Technologies

Zazz is fortunate to have the best talent in the world that is expert in scaling user experience to a new level. Ever wonder why a beautiful idea of an app fails miserably? The reason is in the development process and flawed user experience. Mobile users get annoyed easily and app development agencies should keep in mind to provide them with ease and comfort. We prioritize user experience above everything and develop mobile apps by using modern techniques and strategies.

We incorporate the latest technologies in our apps and are considered as a go-to agency for contemporary technologies. From Artificial Intelligence to Blockchain, and from Chatbots to Augmented Reality, we deal with all of them perfectly. We create wonder mobile apps by using these technologies at their limits and our apps are always one step ahead in the market.

Why Choose Us?

Looking for the best application development company for your brand? With its regional offices in Seattle, San Francisco, and other parts of the United States, Zazz has helped several companies. We deliver applications to every major smartphone store by collecting specifications, offering prototypes, and implementing the most unique strategy. Our best app developers are applauded for launching products and sustaining mobile device creation continuously.

Most Professional Company

Zazz has successfully launched hundreds of projects by ensuring clients satisfaction and return of investments. Zazz has employed famous app developers, designers, project managers, content writers, market experts, analysts, maintenance staff, and others. So there is no need to go to any company while working with us. We provide full fledged app development service and create apps from scratch incorporating customization. We do not waste time and perform every step of app development professionally. Our designers make sure that your app looks eye-catchy and is downloaded for its appeal and navigation ease. Our coders turn every stone and help backend professional app developers to ensure smoothness and glitches free products. Zazz's app testing department is capable of handling every kind of project and is often hired by the different app development agencies due to its perfection.

Cost-Effective Proposals and Supreme Quality

Another jewel in the crown of Zazz app development is the development of mobile apps in the most cost-effective budget. We never exceed the pre-agreed budget unless the client’s demand for some newer technology or increased functionality. We communicate well with the clients and always prioritize their customers and their business needs. We can guarantee that you will not be able to find app developers in our proposed budget and the promised quality. This sweet balance between money and resources has made our mobile application developers the perfect choice for every startup out there.

Industry Knowledge

Zazz is different from the other development agencies in its experience and industry knowledge. Fortunately, we have covered almost all of the main segments of every industry. This experience provides us with unique concepts and first-hand industry expertise. This relevant experience is directly incorporated into our clients' mobile digital solutions. We tackle industries like healthcare, wellness & lifestyle, Fashion, Construction, E-commerce, Warehouse management, Sports, Games, and whatnot!

If you are planning on any mobile app project, we will ask you to make an informed decision. Contact us without any obligation and see what we can do for you. We are pretty sure that by communicating with our experts, you will get the most out of your project. Time is money, never waste it in hesitation, and talk to us now!

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