With our expertise in custom application development, we have custom applications for the global event entertainment industry undergoing a digital revolution. The use of information technology in this industry results in a business's growth at a high rate. From subscription management, mobile app development, on-demand delivery, our dedicated developers are efficient working in highly complex areas related to one-end event asset flow. To another.

Why Event and Entertainment App Development?

Zazz's UI / UX developers for the events and entertainment industry have brought digital content to the user's pocket. Development of applications for events that introduce a revolution in mobile applications for events with digital content.

Get an omnichannel content transmission, exploring new revenue streams, and tracking customer behavior. Take advantage of professional IT services, including streamlined event planning, content monetization, drive more revenue, and improved customer loyalty.

Best Event and Entertainment App Developers to Harness Your Growth

Zazz, as a leading mobile app development company, remains at the forefront of the transformation of the entertainment industry. We have worked with numerous clients from various entertainment industry segments, providing them with customized solutions. We are leading Android and iOS app developers with years of experience. Also, we successfully help our clients realize their primary business objectives.

We work with eminent app developers who can develop innovative apps. And large event and entertainment companies to get the best of technology in terms of scope and optionality. Besides, we are the ones who help you achieve your goal.

We Are Your Event And Entertainment App Development

These days, smart mobile apps have emerged as a reliable means of connecting delegates in a better way. These applications are being adopted by companies and event managers to raise the standards of the events organized by them. According to the app development agency, this has led to a boom in demand for mobile app development for events today.

At Zazz, we are a leading application development partner offering a wide variety of applications for various requirements. If you are looking for a feature-rich event app for your business, we can help whether you're planning a 2,000-person trade show or a 50-person corporate leadership conference. Our Android app developers can create a relevant application solution to keep your delegates interested in the event.

Hire Zazz As Your Trusted Event App Developer

We offer entertainment application development services, and we have in-depth knowledge of this domain. Hire app developers to develop impactful software solutions such as game application development, media applications, digital SCM, ERP / CRM solutions, Salesforce automation, entertainment software, and many more to meet your business needs.

So, contact us today to discuss your project and get a free estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many features that you can add in the event app to make it efficient, but the ones that will become must-have features are:

  • - Event listings

    - Venue details

    - Map

    - Application on purchase

    - Download ticket option

    - Seat reservation option

    - Contact option

    - Scores and Reviews

There is no exact answer to this question due to the cost of event and entertainment app development. However, it depends on the software development model, developer features and experience, UI / UX level, and server costs.

We certainly understand that not all clients who come to us are technically savvy people. Our job is to meet your needs and make you feel completely comfortable with the project's technicality. Our team of application developers will simplify meetings to jargon-free dialogue. Therefore, you can understand and participate equally in the conversation of your project.

There is no exact answer to this question because the time required for event application development is highly dependent on the type of functionality and the level of experience of the user interface design.