World-class software development company offering innovative solutions and digital strategies tailored to meet your business requirements. We design and build scalable technology, crafted by experts skilled in delivering impactful, transformative, and result-driven products. As a mobile application development company, we pioneer digital transformation through disruptive technology that turns ideas into reality.

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Top-notch appdevelopment services

Zazz is a mobile application development company committed
to transforming the digital landscape with creativity
and excellence.

Product Strategy

Our experts devise effective product strategies that are in sync with your business needs and yield promising results.

UI/UX Design

Work closely with our highly imaginative designers who create mesmerizing visuals that impart elegance and flair to the UI/UX.

Android Development

We build high-quality mobile applications that perform superbly, seamlessly, and are secure using Java and Kotlin programming languages.

iOS development

Stunning visuals, smooth interfaces, and feature-rich. Our mobile applications for iOS are made with utmost care and using the latest technology.

Awards and Accolades

Nominated in 2017, 2018, and 2019 as the best software development company of the year.

DNA Paris Design

AWARD, 2020

Digital Interaction


Interface Design

EUROPE - 2019

DNA Paris Design

AWARD, 2020



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Combat the spread of COVID 19 with Workplace Safety and Protection Services. Designed to gather, process, and share all information related to the health and safety of individuals to promote a safer working environment.



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Get valuable pointers from the pros and build up your skills as an athlete. Everything from direct consultations to personal coaching videos at your fingertips. Be the best version of yourself and reach a higher level of performance.



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Catalog and auction items the smart way. Manage your listings on mobile, tablet, or desktop. Create catalogs with your friends and family via the collaboration function.

ideal protein

Ideal Protein

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A weight loss program that you gain from. Track your dietary requirements, biometric data, and physical activities in one place. Monitor your progress and get professional help at the touch of a button.

Dyna Glo


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Smoke meat like a pro pitmaster with Dyna-Glo. Fully automatic and remote-controlled smoker functions including two temperature options: smoker temperature and meat probe temperature. Master one of the oldest and the most mysterious cooking techniques.



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Discover hidden gems in the form of great deals nearby. Make the most out of the local businesses and things to do. Find unbeatable offers and start saving money on food, travel, entertainment, lifestyle, and many more.

Take things up a
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Connect with
your customers

Reach out to your target audience with breathtaking mobile applications. Woo them with engaging digital experiences and forge long-lasting bonds.

Increase brand

Dominate the market with increased online presence and brand awareness. Be more visible with digital products that stand out in the crowd.


Reel in more customers and boost the conversion rate of your business venture with the help of attractive and interactive technology.

Top-tier digital solutions by Zazz made to order for our clients

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Design audit by industry experts to evaluate and analyze the full potential of your product.


Eye-catching designs that attract and inspire. Created by Zazz designers.


Fast-paced software development using cutting-edge technology and methodology.


Intensive testing to ensure a fault-free product before deployment.

Zazz’s suite
of Services

From full-stack development to business analytics, we offer just about everything
your business needs to thrive in the digital age. Take your pick.

Strategy and consultation

We provide digital strategy consultation and business audits for organizations seeking digital transformation. Our experts audit, analyze and appraise your portfolio to devise unique solutions for you.

Advanced analytics

Zazz offers best-in-class technologies in the field of data analytics, data science, big data, and enterprise search consultations. We utilize technology like AI and NLP to deliver accurate and reliable results.

Product engineering

Our developers are flexible in using advanced Agile or hybrid product development methodologies. With our team of skillful and capable professionals, we can craft any kind of digital product for our customers.

Our Clients love us


“I got my mobile application developed by Zazz & I feel their team was perfect in delivering the end product I was expecting. I’m really happy with their quality of service.”

Thomas Kukabango

Product Head

Richard Parker

Product Head

“Zazz reliably delivered high-quality work. The app they developed for us is 100% bug-free and works wonderfully. They are an amazing team of professionals with exceptional work ethics. They are accommodating and quick to address concerns.”


Thomson Exer

Product Head

“Great company for software development services. Never had any issues with the delivered application. Commendable service quality and post-sale support. Would highly recommend it.”

Our Technology Partners

Zazz is an app development company dedicated to delivering world-class digital experiences. We have paired up with industry leaders and pioneers to bring you exceptional digital products.

Next-gen digital solutions for the enterprises of tomorrow


Digital healthcare applications, made in accordance with HIPPA Compliance Act.


Engaging apps that facilitate learning, adhere to curriculum, and fun for children.


Business solutions for startups and larger organizations for establishing an online presence and conducting digital sales.


Digital products that keep up with the dynamic automotive industry and automobile trends.


Highly secure applications that protect against data breaches. Built with the latest technology and security protocols.


Feature-rich chat applications with amazing UI and beautiful visual elements.

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Mobile app development company in USA

We understand the world of mobile applications closely. Eye-catching and innovative mobile applications can hook users for a longer duration of time. We leverage the latest technologies and trends to deliver custom mobile applications. Zazz is a renowned mobile app development company.

As the best mobile app development company in USA we work to deliver innovative and engaging mobile applications. Our mobile app development services boost your business growth and speak for your brand. We strongly believe that time is money. High tech products are delivered on time without compromising the quality.

Zazz is a Leading Mobile App Development Company in USA

We have created customer mobile applications for a wide range of industries across the globe. Over a period of time, we have worked with thousands of businesses. We as an Android app agency provide excellent solutions from startup to enterprise, we are proud of our vast work experience.

What makes our software unique?

We are an experienced team of mobile app developers in Seattle and San francisco. The team is equipped to convert your digital vision into reality. If you have an idea we can bring it to life through our custom mobile apps.

Our team carefully undertakes every stage of the development process. As a well-know IOS app agency, our entire mobile app design and development process works under the experts’ guidance for every mobile project. We deliver start to end mobile app development services in USA.

1. What Makes us leading Application development Company

The entire development project is undertaken by specialists at every stage. We have a team of agile thinkers who have expertise in every stage of app development. We are a proficient mobile application development agency and our team gathers and analyzes market and user data effectively. Brainstorm, ideate and use their experience to develop effective data-driven strategies. Our Seattle mobile app developers team is equipped to handle every project. Every strategy made at our end helps the client to reach closer to their business goals.

2. User-centric UI/UX design

A human attention span is shorter than 8 seconds! The app needs to attract and engage the user before they click to leave. That’s why at Zazz we follow a user-centric approach to design applications. We use data to understand user behaviour and combine it with our creativity. Our UI UX team is experienced in understanding the needs and wants of our target audience. All our UI UX services are designed keeping the user requirements in mind and makes us the best mobile app agency in USA.

3. Robust Native App development

In our long work tenure, we have seen many technologies. As a proficient app development agency in USA we state that, Trends and technologies come and go but native applications are still there. That’s what makes us believe in native applications so strongly. Over the years, we have delivered many successful native app development projects. From e-commerce, banking to the healthcare industry, we have developed successful applications for a range of sectors. We have highly skilled professionals experts in developing ios and android applications. Our objective is to take the development process many notches higher. We as an Android and iOS app development agency in USA fuel ourselves with interesting ideas, the latest trends and technologies to keep us updated.

This knowledge is used to develop intuitive, eye-catching and scalable applications. We follow an agile methodology to make sure the development process is smooth, effective and efficient. The native apps built at our end are of high quality. Being the top React Native App development company we deliver apps that align with your business goals.

4. Hybrid mobile app development Company

We make cross-platform applications that smoothly function in diverse environments. Our mobile application development agency in USA works smoothly on any device with a single codebase.

5. Wearables development

The need for apps for wearable devices is evolving at a higher pace. We understand this emerging trend. Our team of Seattle app developers build companion applications keeping the latest trend in mind. Our apps can easily be integrated with any smart devices or proprietary peripherals.

Over the years, we have become the best mobile apps developers . Also, we have delivered top notch IoT services to businesses across the globe. Our clients have built meaningful and long-lasting connections with their customers through our products. The apps we built are determined to enhance your digital experiences that’s why we become the competent mobile app development company in USA worldwide.

6. Thorough Testing Process

Every successful app is a result of enormous testing layers. We truly believe in this. The QA team thoroughly tests the application to make the app bug free. Tap, swipe, push, we do everything to resolve all the errors. The goal is to submit bug-free applications at its app store.

From application design development to integration, everything is carefully managed. Whether its an enterprise application development or for a startup or, we are proficient to handle every stage of the development process. Be it brainstorming, ideation, design, development or delivery, our team carefully considers every stage. We as mobile software development service providers focused to deliver top-notch applications that are 100% bug-free to our clients.

Mobile App Design and Development Agency for multiple platforms

Our team of on-demand app developers and designers have decade-old work experience. This makes our professionals equipped to handle any project. We spend time understanding the project. Every expert in our team works individually to empower the brand of our clients' company. The solutions are designed to meet users and market needs. We want to boost your business growth. The team goes to any length to achieve it and boost your business growth.

Our App developers make your digital journey valuable and impactful!

At Zazz, we are focussed to keep our game up. We leverage the power of the latest technologies to develop software that gives you a competitive edge. From blockchain, Al/ML to high-security standards, we deep dive to build innovative and scalable solutions.

Explore a Wide Range of Customized Mobile Applications Services

The mobile application market is continuously evolving. We leverage the latest technologies to keep our game up! The goal is to deliver the best and unbeatable mobile apps that speak for your brand.

We are proud of our vast body of work experience. Our design and development process ensures the product is delivered with the highest productivity and efficiency. We are determined to deliver forward-thinking solutions. That’s why we miss no latest technology and trend from our radar. We keep an eagle’s eye on emerging technologies. As a well-know app development agency, we use the latest technology to deliver first-class application services.

Post the development comes the maintenance and update part. Our app development services are designed to stay with our clients at every stage. We are open to maintenance and support services after the app is delivered. Our team provides support to solutions after the launch. We want nothing to stop or disrupt your operations and growth.

Our app development process:

Our development process distinguishes us from others. We spend time understanding your business and some basic questions. The team gathers, analyses and then uses the information to develop a mobile app that works successfully for your business. When it comes to mobile apps development, we want to gather every necessary information.

Who is the target audience of the product

What are the user’s pain points

What security implications can be there

What’s the client goal and budget

The team of app developers in san francisco and seattle gather some more information about your app. These questions help us to build successful software for our clients combining our unique abilities. We deliver software that our clients can leverage for a longer duration of time.

Building applications that will attract, engage and entice users to take action is not one man’s job. Every successful project delivered at our end is a collaborative effort of the entire team. We have a talented and experienced team of developers, designers and analysts. The team brainstorms at every level and gives equal attention to every aspect. Mobile apps should be an extension of your brand. So our entire team works like Android, ios, and ecommerce app developers deliver such mobile apps.

Leverage Artificial Intelligence power

The demand for artificial intelligence is growing everywhere. So we use the power of AI to build our products. AI is an emerging technology that helps you to leverage the potential of data. We ensure you miss nothing with this technology. Our team lies on Artificial intelligence, and machine learning to develop applications that help you make data-driven decisions. Zazz, a mobile app development agency in USA have top artificial Intelligence developers who know how to build intelligent solutions. Our software is built using computer vision, predictive analytics and AI-supported chatbots.

Interactive Front end development

Our team of experts knows the power of amazing SPA experience. We can help you to get this in your software. We have angular and react developers who have built many applications for big banners. The team spent time in understanding the client requirements and delivering high-quality Front end development services.

Back end development

We have developed robust solutions for many businesses over a period of time. Whether it's a work of developing a PoC in PHP or scalable microservices architecture, we do it all.

Stunning iOS applications: Entice users to take action!

We are passionate to create iphone apps that leave an impression on the user. A clear understanding of the users wants and needs is a must. So we dig deep to unveil the latest trends and develop apps that engage the users and get downloads. We have a brilliant team of designers, ios developers and strategists who know the ins and outs of iphone apps. This helps our ios app development company to deliver superior quality apps that users love to use. We combine our code with high pixels to deliver stunning apps.

Stunning iPhone applications isn’t simply about amazing pixels and animations. An amazing iPhone app can help to fulfil your business goals and user requirements. So it's not about building and launching any app. Our ios developers create an app that users want to use round the clock. This requires a thorough understanding of your target audience. Analyse and then select technology that will align with your user requirements. Our iPhone app development process is determined to meet your business and users goals.

Android Apps: Get Your Business Recognized!

Every business is unique despite working on the same products. Their unique approach distinguishes them. We understand this. So our team of Android mobile app designers follow a unique approach for every business. We merge our highly skilled android developers with native software technologies. The end result is a scalable, robust and innovative android application.

From development to maintenance, we don’t leave our clients at any stage. We provide end to end android app development services that cover everything.

Ideation, brainstorming, development, design and deployment. All the stages are carefully handled by our team of android developers. We rely on agile methodologies to deliver quality products on time. The world of android apps is constantly growing. Our unique application can help you get a competitive edge. We ensure you don’t miss any valuable opportunity to stand out in the crowd.

Custom Iot development services

We love to help startups and enterprises through our smart gadgets. Our team of IoT developers works to build custom IoT products that open your business to new opportunities. We are a full-stack IoT development company with a vast body of experience. From conceptualising the product to IoT development services, we cover everything. Our goal is to build IoT solutions that can easily integrate with multiple data streams. Not just development, we keep the security parameters also high. We understand that security is a vital aspect of IoT development. The team uses high-security protocols to deliver successful IoT applications.

Reliable React native development company

Leverage the power of react-native to meet your business goals. We have been doing this for years. We use react native to build user-centric applications that help you achieve business goals on every platform. Businesses across the globe are relying on cross-platform apps. If you want to win the race, react native is worth spending time on. React native helps you get a high performing and secured mobile application. Over a period of time, we have built many such applications using react native with crash-free sessions.

We are proud of our react native developers who develop brilliant applications using react-native. The apps built at our end have a native look and feel.

Data science development: Unlock the potential of data!

Data is the new oil! The availability of data is huge today. Smart businesses are using the power of data to make informed decisions. Leverage our data science development services to understand your user’s behaviour. We have helped many businesses to use data and develop practical business insights.

Our data science developers use predictive analytics to resolve the toughest data queries and enhance customer experience.

Get Best Augmented Reality Development Services in Seattle

There are an end number of users who are still looking for the proficient AR development services in Seattle 2020. So, depending on the user’s needs we provide Augmented reality developers who can develop a bundle of excellent services. However, using the AR, you can reduce errors in service operations or simplify complex workflows by promoting training. Moreover, developing AR can help to improve workflows, training, and customer satisfaction, etc. So, now what are you waiting for?

Get Your Personal Virtual Reality Development Services in Seattle

What is VR development, and how can you get proficient Virtual reality development services in Seattle? These are your queries too, if yes? Then, you should connect with the best Virtual Reality developer. They assist you for the best and facilitate the services you require without any omission.

Best Mobile App Developers in Seattle, USA

Zazz is a custom mobile app development company in Seattle having years of experience in handling startups and big enterprises. We always prioritize our clients while providing our app development services from nurturing your idea until the final release of the product, thanks to our skilled team members. Furthermore, we also ensure maintenance and support by dedicating a special team. Perhaps that is the reason we are among the best app developers in Seattle. We believe in client satisfaction and excel in productive communication to ensure remarkable results and amazing products.

Mobile Application Development services in Seattle, USA

The Seattle app development trend is growing with each passing day. Although the city is famous for scenic views and nature havens, the technological sector of the metropolitan area has started growing exponentially. App developers in Seattle are one of the best in the world as most of the “Tech Impact Awards” are grabbed by them.

Bring More Digital Marketing Ideas

Zazz understands the importance of web search and information sharing through blogs and videos. We are an eminent digital marketing agency specialized in Brand Building that expands the effectiveness of pull marketing to a great extent.

Moreover, we see that these are sending direct emails, RSS promotions, newsletters, etc. We reach out to audiences to promote your product or services.

Digital Marketing Services We Offer:

As a competent agency in mobile application development, we affirm that the latest marketing technology uses a wide range of digital channels, such as websites, social networks, search engines, emails, and mobile phones and applications.

Maximize Your Leads on Search Engine

Most agencies strive to increase their leads and consequently increase their sales. Our SEO services are geared towards helping you achieve these goals effectively. Moreover, our experts specialize in on-page and off-page SEO for a full-service strategy that guarantees results. Because the higher your ranking, the more likely you are to see an increase in website hits.

Managing Online Reputation

According to the competent application development agency, having an excellent reputation online is a must. However, it is not enough to outperform the competition. Your reputation must be both favorable and authoritative. Our SMO consultant will help you humanize your business and make it relatable, using social media to build strong relationships and monitoring review sites.

We Are Creative Marketing Experts in USA

Improving your email marketing campaigns involves many moving parts, including reliable email list management, strong deliverability practices, and of course, responsive email layout and content. Therefore, Zazz is your trustworthy email marketing agency. Moreover, we create beautiful emails effortlessly and send mass messages with high deliverability.

Boost Your Reach in Budget

Zazz facilitates ROI-based Google ad management services with the goal of a minimum ROI of 300% for your ad spend. We offer cost-effective PPC services and use efficient Google ad strategies designed to run profitable campaigns. Our campaign structures focus on segregation and granularity to identify the best performing campaigns and scale them.

Cost-effective Innovation with IOT Development Company

Businesses can capitalize on our IoT app development services to enhance operational efficiency and build a digital business by connecting people.

Zazz offers Internet of Things applications for businesses and consumers to support smart initiatives from various industries. Hire IOT developers to transform business operations and change people's lives with innovative IOT applications.

We create smart connected products that harness the power of advanced analytics. Besides, as the best app developers, we provide IOT development solutions that help you become a more efficient company.

Why Choose Zazz For Your PHP Development Project

We are a team of professional application developers based in Seattle with project managers, designers, and senior PHP developers. Our developers work to deliver results-oriented PHP applications. As a custom mobile app development company, we provide simple PHP-based apps and websites to advanced domain-specific solutions.

Moreover, we are a leading PHP development company and have excellence in delivering PHP based CMS development, social media sites, web calendars, payment gateways, etc.

Choose Zazz to Get iBeacon Based App Solutions.

Our on-demand app developers have grown tenfold while working on projects spanning multiple vertical industries. Plus, Zazz is adept at staying strong while our customer retention rate remains intact at a staggering 95%. With our perseverance, loyalty, commitment, and skills.

Moreover, we've fueled new small startups and accelerated their revenue-generating model with our impeccable iBeacon experience. Hire iBeacon developers for essential BLE solutions. Our goal is to develop applications that can create proximity-based content based on your business requirements as Seattle application developers.

Hire Zazz to Get World's Best App Development Services

We are a leading application development agency in USA or provide mobile app development services in USA and worldwide. However, people know us as top ecommerce app developers, react native app development agencies, big data application development agencies, and blockchain app development agencies.

Despite this, Zazz offers app development services in different areas like enterprise mobile app development, entertainment app development, event app development, etc. Hiring our developers, we will help to increase your ROI without any hindrance.

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Our Top Services :

Ios app development company | Augument reality | Big Data | Blockchain App Development Company | Android app development | Product strategy development | React Native

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