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Are you looking for a gaming app agency in the USA? Trust our talented team of designers and developers to get high-quality 2D and 3D games.

What Sets Our Gaming App
Development Solutions Apart?

We are a leading mobile game app development company in the USA. Our team of highly skilled developers and designers has the experience of creating customized 2D and 3D game apps packed with attractive graphics and advanced features. Our games have-

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    High definition (HD) display

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    Spectacular animations

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    Multiplayer and multi-level features

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    Combination of fun and realism

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    Interesting challenges

We have an extended portfolio of dynamic games for various genres, including sports, action, racing, arcade, quest, board, strategy, and role-playing. Whether you are looking for iOS game development solutions or integrating AR/VR into an existing game, we offer end-to-end game app development services in the USA. Let us know your ideas, and we will turn them into reality.

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Trust Us with Your Next Game App Development Project

The key to the success of a mobile game app development is to choose a reliable digital partner. At Zazz, we assure you of quality work and deliver perfect game apps with high-end graphics, striking interface, and dynamic gameplay. We are the most popular Android game development company, offering a host of end-to-end solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. We offer custom game design and development solutions and build terrific games that work seamlessly with all types of devices. We have expertise in various game development tools and technologies, like Cocos2D, PlayCanvas, Unity, and Pixi.Js. Our team of passionate designers and developers will give their best and ensure you get an engaging, entertaining, and one-of-a-kind game that encourages the users to keep coming back. When you choose our Android game development company, you can have peace of mind that you will receive a game featuring visually appealing graphics and exceptional UI combined with high optimization.

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The Latest Mobile Game App Development
Trends to Look Forward to

Keeping up with the latest techs and innovations is necessary for gamers and game development experts alike. From Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to cross-platform play and mobile gaming, there’s a lot to look forward to as the gaming industry reaches new heights.

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AR and VR Technology

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology have revolutionized the gaming industry. AR/VR games are a huge hit among players who want to try new avenues of gaming. From Pokemon Go to PUBG in VR, there are many examples of how AR/VR technology enhances users' real-world environment and engages them with virtual characters that blend perfectly with mobile gaming. At Zazz, we have a team of AR and VR developers that offer top-notch game app development services in the USA while seamlessly integrating AR and VR into the games.


$ Billion



$ Billion



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Wearable Gaming

Wearable technology is an excellent opportunity for game developers to design tailor-made game apps for wearable devices, like smartwatches, that offer a sophisticated gaming experience to users. Built-in elements such as gyroscopic motion sensing and gesture tracking can come in handy in expanding the horizons of gaming and serving an interactive experience to the players.

wearable gaming
Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming

The monopoly of PC and console games is a thing of the past. Mobile gaming is the future. The users are shifting towards being mobile-first, and the demand for mobile game apps is increasing. Thanks to the powerful smartphones that can handle the complex computing workload of high-end games, users are enjoying mobile games that were previously limited to consoles and PCs. Gaming studios can capitalize on this trend and hire our mobile game app development company in the USA to create high-performance mobile games

Cross-Platform Gaming

The mobile gaming industry is expected to grow and reach new heights with cross-platform gaming. It allows users to interact with other players using different phones and having access to certain games. Investing in a cross-platform game can help businesses in creating a large customer base and increasing revenue. You can count on our gaming app agency in the USA for developing robust cross-platform games.

Cross plateform gaming
All Age Group Games

All Age Group Games

Group games for kids and adults are increasing in popularity. They are not only great ice-breakers but also a good way of building teams. However, these fun and challenging games for people of all ages need to be developed with creativity and innovative thinking. So, you must choose a game development partner carefully.

Character Creation Games

Everyone loves to have a customized character or avatar in their favorite game. It gives a personalized touch to the game and enhances the overall gaming experience of the players. Integrating custom characters in games is an upcoming trend that gaming studios can adopt to make any game more interactive and immersive.

Character Creation Games
integrated communication

Integrated Communication

One of the best ways to increase user engagement in a multiplayer game and enhance the playing experience of gamers is to integrate chat or voice communication. It enables the players to interact with each other and work as a team.

Offline Multiplayer Games

Another upcoming trend that is expected to revolutionize the gaming industry is offline multiplayer games. Played over a LAN without an internet connection, this type of game engages multiple players and gives an unconventional gaming experience. Classic board games like Monopoly and Scrabble GO are excellent examples of offline multiplayer games.

multiplayer social games
location based mobile games

Location-Based Gaming

These games use the player’s location with the help of AR and GPS technology. They incorporate the environment into the game, thus blurring the boundaries between game and reality. If you want to develop a location-based game for your users, you can bank on Zazz. Our gaming app development company in the USA will not disappoint you.

Our Gaming App Development Services

Zazz is the one-stop solution for all your game development needs. We offer end-to-end gaming app development services in the USA and deliver top-notch results using agile methodology and cutting-edge technology. Our comprehensive services include:

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Android Game App Development

We have a powerful Android game development team that creates attractive and engaging games for Android devices while integrating rich features and diverse game themes.

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iOS Game App

We create dynamic game applications for many iOS devices, like iPhones, iPads, and Apple watches, with high-end graphics and an exceptional user interface.


Cross-Platform Game Development

Cross-platform gaming is on the rise, and so is the demand for its development. You can count on our team to build feature-rich cross-platform games for different genres.

Cross-Platform Game development

AR/VR Game Development

Let your users' imagination come to life with AR/VR games. We use the latest technology and follow the best development practices to create AR/VR games that attract gamers.

Socialise the Mobile Game

2D and 3D Game Development

Our highly skilled game development team specializes in creating fun and interactive games featuring 2D and 3D interfaces on advanced frameworks.

Test the Game Rigorously

HTML5 Game

Zazz is one of the most sought-after destinations for HTML5 game development. Our designers and developers have the experience of creating dynamic games within the scheduled time.

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Our Mobile App Development
Services Includes...

Zazz is a leading mobile app development company in the USA. We offer a wide range of software development services, including Android app development and iOS app development.

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Why Choose Zazz for Gaming App Development?

Zazz is the most trusted gaming app development company in the USA. We have a remarkable team of game developers who excel in building interactive games packed with features for all platforms. We focus on giving our best to our clients by using the latest technology and taking a result-oriented approach.

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Complete Technical Competency

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What Our Clients Say

They bring ideas to life

I want to thank the Zazz team for bringing our ideas to life. They developed such a dynamic and exceptional game that it impressed everyone. With spectacular designs, quick load time, and an excellent interface, the game was everything that we imagined it would be.

  • Ryan Kriss

Top-Notch Results

We were looking for a reliable game app development company, and we are fortunate that we found Zazz. They have a talented team that takes feedback and makes changes till they achieve perfection. In the end, they deliver top-notch results.

  • Leo Williams

Great Job

We wanted to launch a new game urgently, and Zazz helped us in creating one. Although we have a strict deadline, they adhered to it. Great job!

  • Kevin Prukes

Nominated in 2018, 2019, 2020
as the best agency of the year.

Zazz always keeps pace with innovative technologies. This makes us the best mobile application solution providers.

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Game Development

This era belongs to apps and games as more and more people are enticed by games and want to play them to release stress or kill the time. Zazz has been developing games since its inception, we have a remarkable team of game developers who excel in developing games for every sort of platform. We provide companies with roadmap regarding game development and other services.

Our Game Development Expertise

Cross Platform

We have an experience team of developers that create cross-platform games. We never compromise on quality and our games shines on every platform.

Social Sharing

Gamers love to share their scores and achievements on social platforms. We at Zazz create games with easy navigations and social tabs.

In App purchase

Free games are the best when it comes to mobile apps. However, we provide our clients’ with an efficient mechanism of in App purchases that entice users.

Ads Integration

The owner of trendy games get benefit from Ads. However, Ads needs to be well integrated and pose no disturbance to the game users.

Push Notification

Push notifications has numerous advantages, however, there is a whole science behind their frequency and time. Zazz has championed this cause.

Visual Appeal

There are many factors that make a game successful, visual appeal is one of them. Zazz has a marvelous approach towards game graphics.

Technology Stack for Game Development

Unity 3D

Unity3D. It is a 3D graphic engine for PC and Mac that comes packaged as a tool to create games, interactive applications, visualizations and animations in 3D and real-time. Unity can publish content for multiple platforms such as PC, Mac, Flash (Up to version 4), Xbox, PS2 / 3/4, Android, PSVita and iPhone. The engine can also publish web-based games using the Unity web player plugin.


Cocos2D-X is a cross-platform framework that maintains the structure of the original API (Application Programming Interface) and in turn allows other programming languages such as C ++, Lua, Javascript, and C # to be used. This framework allows the creation of games on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, and extends support for mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and stationary platforms (win32, Linux, Windows 8, and Mac OS X).


Vuforia is a platform for developers to easily integrate augmented reality technologies into their applications so that anyone can use it for a thousand and one purposes. The real-world recognition that Vuforia does focuses, fundamentally, on the camera of our smartphone. That way any developer can integrate the real world with their information and use this technology to, for example, show an imaginary animal.

Why Choose Us?

Game development is a tricky art where companies have to be on toes and devise new strategies to stay in the market. Zazz has received numerous awards and recognitions due to its agile development method and some secret processes. We ensure that our clients’ get the set goal.

Top quality coding

Great Graphics

Supreme UI and UX

Smooth and Glitch free run

Game Development

Mobile games have brought this entertainment to all types of audiences. And today, talking about the video game industry is not just talking about hours spent at home in front of the game console or in front of the computer, but it is talking about people of all ages and social conditions playing Candy Crash Saga while waiting for the subway or the bank queue.

With the arrival of Pokémon GO this summer things changed even more, bringing the gaming experience to a higher level of interaction with the real world. This new experience resulted in an overwhelming number of downloads and, consequently, of revenues that have partially contributed to mobile games generating more revenue than games for other more classic platforms.

The game that gave birth to the video game industry

Nowadays videogames generate much more money than cinema, and each release is a worldwide event, and downloads and sales are made in a matter of hours. But it was not always like this.

The first to generate a lot of money and sales and that gives rise to the industry as we know it, is the game Odyssey, created in 1966 by Raph Baer, a game so simple and fun that it is still playing today.

The success of the game was tremendous, there were many copies and everyone wanted to join the success. Something like Facebook today.

An industry was born, from which Nintendo, Sega, Atari, XBox, PlayStation and many others were born.

We went from going to some businesses, which in the United States called "sparks", to download almost total reality games, and have others on the tablet or mobile. We went from being rare, to now being called 'gamers'.

The games and their online mode

Far from the specifications, the most important point of these teams are the titles and nowadays the online gameplay is also very valuable. An example of this would be a title like Vain Glory, which combines a high graphic demand and puts in your pocket a game very much like League of Legends, which exceeds 100 million active users on a monthly basis.

Titles like this have also taken advantage of the trend in smartphones to increase the size of their screens, such as what Samsung has done with the Galaxy S8 +. Giving the player more visibility that can be decisive in each game.

The big difference between PC Gamers and commercial consoles with mobile devices is that they limit their connection possibilities to a physical network or WiFi. Therefore, there is a dependence on space to make use of the online functions of various titles.

On the other side of the coin, a smartphone offers us portability and multitasking. Considering that it is a device that allows us to connect to the world and also play, it has a clear advantage over the consoles.

Another differentiating point is data consumption. A colored bone gamer with a 4K console that transmits and receives a large amount of multimedia information can consume up to 7 GB per hour. A smartphone consumes much less, in fact a 5000 MB plan like the Max Unlimited 5000, might be enough. Games like the aforementioned Clash Royale consumes a small amount of megabytes throughout the month considering that those are about 3 MB per hour of play.

Of course, if a degree is more demanding and consumes more resources, the number of MB / Hrs used can rise. Even so, it would hardly reach 7 GB per hour. The consoles will not disappear, as they offer a very different type of experience that allows us to enjoy a smartphone.

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