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Wearable Technology has announced a new space for the mobile sector. Devices such as Apple Watch, Android wear, Google Glass, Smart Watch, and wearables for healthcare have taken the industry by surprise and are still rising in popularity over time.

With this disruption, companies need to adjust and consider customers' rising desires and preferences and keep ahead of the changes in demand and the industry. No wonder wearable devices are gaining mainstream acceptance today and wearable technology developers are in high demand for app growth.

Zazz is a trusted company delivering a wide variety of smartphone device development tools and focusing on emerging innovations, including wearable devices. Our expertise spans a variety of industries which enables us to provide customized solutions that suit your company perfectly, irrespective of the domain to which it belongs.

Understanding Wearable technology & devices

Wearable tech is one of the broader technology industry's fastest-growing markets, now outstriping smartphone growth. Wearables are available, from the simplest fitness trackers to technologically sophisticated sports to smartwatches to virtual and augmented reality headsets. Advancements put in a wide range of strong sensors, allowing close skin touch, and the tech movement to other areas of the body.

Major devices included

  • Smart watches
  • Fitness tracker
  • Sport watches
  • Virtual reality/Augmented reality
  • Head mounted displays
  • AR/VR applications
  • Hearables
  • Consumer health

Why Zazz for wearable device app development

At Zazz, we have the expertise in delivering innovative wearable device development solutions for a variety of sectors such as sports, health and wellness, entertainment and many more. We are building feature-rich applications on wearable devices on both Android and iOS apps, and turning the current software into wearable-compatible applications as required by industry.
The professional wearable android & iOS developers in USA can create hi-end applications like an Apple Watch fitness app or a Google Glass app. Our wearable apps offer various advantages for small and large enterprises as well as for manufacturing units to enhance their work processes. It provides interaction between the management and employees at work in real time.

  • Get end to end wearable technology app development
  • Proficiency in both enterprise & customer centric apps
  • Specialize in custom wearable app development
  • Also possess devices & technologies of a cross industry experience

Customized wearable app development

As an experienced iOS & android developer in USA, we understand the needs, trends, demands and offer best solutions according to the business needs. On specialized smart apps such as Apple iWatch, Android wear, Google glasses, etc. it operates smoothly and effortlessly. We provide robust software creation tools for embedded apps for different industries.

For wearable app development, we have a team specialized in most popular app development.

Smart band application

Friendly and feature-rich fitness applications which offer immersive experiences.

Smart watch & apple watch apps

Develop mobile wearable applications powered by both iOS and Android technologies.

Google glass apps

Google Glass works with a committed team to overcome the relevant and unique problems.

VR apps

Wearable app developers can simply use a streamlined app to convert your ideas into reality.

IOT wearable apps

The goal is to develop a connected environment for improved productivity and better communication.

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