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This era belongs to apps and games as more and more people are enticed by games and want to play them to release stress or kill the time. Zazz has been developing games since its inception, we have a remarkable team of game developers who excel in developing games for every sort of platform. We provide companies with roadmap regarding game development and other services.

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Game development is a tricky art where companies have to be on toes and devise new strategies to stay in the market. Zazz has received numerous awards and recognitions due to its agile development method and some secret processes. We ensure that our clients’ get the set goal.

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Game Development

Mobile games have brought this entertainment to all types of audiences. And today, talking about the video game industry is not just talking about hours spent at home in front of the game console or in front of the computer, but it is talking about people of all ages and social conditions playing Candy Crash Saga while waiting for the subway or the bank queue.

With the arrival of Pokémon GO this summer things changed even more, bringing the gaming experience to a higher level of interaction with the real world. This new experience resulted in an overwhelming number of downloads and, consequently, of revenues that have partially contributed to mobile games generating more revenue than games for other more classic platforms.

The game that gave birth to the video game industry

Nowadays videogames generate much more money than cinema, and each release is a worldwide event, and downloads and sales are made in a matter of hours. But it was not always like this.

The first to generate a lot of money and sales and that gives rise to the industry as we know it, is the game Odyssey, created in 1966 by Raph Baer, a game so simple and fun that it is still playing today.

The success of the game was tremendous, there were many copies and everyone wanted to join the success. Something like Facebook today.

An industry was born, from which Nintendo, Sega, Atari, XBox, PlayStation and many others were born.

We went from going to some businesses, which in the United States called "sparks", to download almost total reality games, and have others on the tablet or mobile. We went from being rare, to now being called 'gamers'.

The games and their online mode

Far from the specifications, the most important point of these teams are the titles and nowadays the online gameplay is also very valuable. An example of this would be a title like Vain Glory, which combines a high graphic demand and puts in your pocket a game very much like League of Legends, which exceeds 100 million active users on a monthly basis.

Titles like this have also taken advantage of the trend in smartphones to increase the size of their screens, such as what Samsung has done with the Galaxy S8 +. Giving the player more visibility that can be decisive in each game.

The big difference between PC Gamers and commercial consoles with mobile devices is that they limit their connection possibilities to a physical network or WiFi. Therefore, there is a dependence on space to make use of the online functions of various titles.

On the other side of the coin, a smartphone offers us portability and multitasking. Considering that it is a device that allows us to connect to the world and also play, it has a clear advantage over the consoles.

Another differentiating point is data consumption. A colored bone gamer with a 4K console that transmits and receives a large amount of multimedia information can consume up to 7 GB per hour. A smartphone consumes much less, in fact a 5000 MB plan like the Max Unlimited 5000, might be enough. Games like the aforementioned Clash Royale consumes a small amount of megabytes throughout the month considering that those are about 3 MB per hour of play.

Of course, if a degree is more demanding and consumes more resources, the number of MB / Hrs used can rise. Even so, it would hardly reach 7 GB per hour. The consoles will not disappear, as they offer a very different type of experience that allows us to enjoy a smartphone.

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