Zazz is one of the reputed educational app development companies. As a leading education mobile app development company, we design custom mobile apps for schools, universities and colleges. We create mobile applications using first-rate technologies such as ionic and react native, etc. We are keeping the user experience at the centre while we develop the mobile application with a team of experienced developers.

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Education is no longer locked in the classroom doors. With the growing popularity of e-learning, most parents allow their children to use smartphones, tablets and iPads to download educational applications. As per software developers, it helps improve your learning habits. People use educational apps to get learning solutions tailored to their needs. Educational applications are beneficial to understand a new concept with interactive multimedia.

The dedicated educational apps are a massive hit with students and teachers alike. It allows them to customize their learning experience based on their learning pace. If you have an online educational portal, you might be interested in creating a dedicated educational mobile app. It will permit you to connect with your teachers or students or teachers easily. Furthermore, UI/UX developers claim that it not only allows their students immersive learning experience but also provides several additional benefits.

Redefine Your Idea Into an Eminent Educational Application Solution

Developing an educational application has become as crucial as sending children to school to learn and acquire knowledge. Zazz understands this importance and applies the power of experience in creating applications in educational services. As per Android app developers, the standard of academic app development is increasing rapidly day by day.

With the growing popularity of online education, all companies want to develop an educational application. So, we help you make your educational app development dream and idea come true. Your custom requirements and features integrate along with the best technology. Our iOS app developers promise to bring you a taste of success in the education industry.

Zazz’s Android Education App Development Solutions

Get the best app for your business today with Zazz. It does not matter if it is a small business or a multinational company; our best educational application development company offers the apps for clients based on their budget level. We provide a free estimate for clients before closing the deal, so clients will have the opportunity to test our transparency before making the initial payment to start the application development work.

We are an educational app development agency with years of experience in creating Android, iOS and multiplatform applications for various sectors. So choosing our services will remain a smart choice for clients to get the app for their type of educational business.

Hire Excellent Education App Developers

The days of the smart classroom with only projectors and video screens are long gone. To hire app designers, you can take advantage of and revolutionize your old-school teaching methods. Plus, you can set new trends and teaching standards to keep your institution distinct from the rest.

At Zazz, we have a dedicated team of highly trained educational app developers. Our developers have years of experience in developing mobile applications for different types of educational institutions. Whatever your needs, we have the perfect academic mobility solution for you. So, contact us today for your future project.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no exact answer because the time required for the development of educational applications is highly dependent on the type of functionality and the level of experience of the UX / UI developers and designers.

If you are planning to hire web developers and are on a limited budget, then it is better to go for an app development company. We are a cost-effective mobile app development company with over a decade of experience in delivering excellence.

Live session online, video player, a repository for recording sessions, events, evaluations and results online. Besides, the chat is the key feature that every educational application must-have.

Here is the list of educational apps that are required to train employees effectively:

- Mindflash

- EdCast

- Coursera

- Udemy

- TalentLMS

- BizMobile

- Moodle

- To complain

- Lynda

Developing an educational application required you to possess some technical skills. For the iOS application, Swift is used for development, while Kotlin will use for Android application development. Cross-platform applications developed with the help of React Native, Flutter, or Xamarin.