Finance Solutions

World is changing and in that new wave that has already arrived thanks to technology, the term fintech appears again and again. It is a new business concept that revolutionizes the financial market worldwide as it defines those financial services that use technology to facilitate customer life and improve the user experience. That is, online credits, currency exchange through the network, online payments, digital banking, among other services.

Zazz is here to help financial institutions and their customers by providing premium financial solutions and overcoming challenges like:

• Fintech solutions and a complete roadmap

• Integration of blockchain technology

• Secure transactions and data bases

• Financial evaluations and private audits

Our Services include:

• Premium UI and UX designs

• Smooth glitch free mobile apps

• Blockchain development

• Secure mobile apps for customers

• Secure mobile apps for staff

• Integration of Big data and data science

• Secure IoT solutions

• Management and fintech based software

• QA, testing and final launches

User Information

Apps related to finance are subjected to much more security and regulatory requirements. Banking sector and financial services industries have to follow strict guidelines such as recommendations from the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC), the Gramm – Leach – Bliley Act (GLBA), the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), New York State online safety obligations for monetary utility businesses.

Having said that, not every app need every available compliance certificate. Not only newbies, often experts are not aware of the recent changes in the legislation. However, our analysts can help identify:

How and where exactly mobile apps fall in scope for various compliance jurisdiction

Security issues that are a hindrance in getting compliance and how to fix them

How to use evaluation records to show reasonable prudence

Data Security & Privacy Assured

Zazz is not new in handling mobile banking apps. We partner with leading organizations to help them recognize the expansion of mobile technologies within their enterprise and seek ways to securely integrate them to further enable their workforce and achieve business goals by:

• Recognizing the capital and services, impacted by mobile technology implementation.

• Creating a mobile security approach to fit correctly with the general approach for safety and enterprise plans.

• Selecting techniques and enforcing checks to satisfy company needs-defined demands as well as specifications for adherence.

• Understanding the effect and the procedures required to sustain it throughout the organization.

• Guiding companies to implement state of the art technologies to overcome glitches that irritate customers.

• Enhancing usability by offering innovative designs and appealing color schemes.

Our Unique Approach

Proactive Approach

We believe in prevention rather than cure. By implementing our in-house proactive research development process, we eliminate risks and errors.

Lean Strategy

We present a lean strategy where everything is done to increase the company’s customer pool by offering cost-effective solutions.

Agile Process & Mindset

Time is money. Zazz management has integrated such SOPs that help our developers and designers to complete projects in given timelines.

Compliant Practices

We have experts that guide us through the regions and platforms compliance regulations. Security tops our priority when it comes to the development of fintech apps.

What about Financial Regulations?

Fintech apps or financial solutions are not like any other mobile based solutions, they require to be handled carefully as there are certain rules and regulations. Zazz has got experience of handling financial sector and have an inhouse dedicated team for such tasks and development. We also take opinions of leading bankers, lawyers and financial experts.

Why partner with Zazz to build financial applications:

Accelerate time to market: Zazz builds and launch mobile apps in record time. We share timelines in our first meetings and always stay on toes.

Scalability: One of our best-selling feature is proving customers with scalable mobile apps and other financial solutions.

Managed Support: Zazz provides full time support and round the clock maintenance service. We have in placed support staff with customer care helpline.

Lower Cost: We provide most cost effective financial mobile apps and digital solutions without compromising quality.

Finance Solutions

A digital path to financial inclusion

There are several factors that explain these gaps, such as high levels of informality in the region, strict documentation requirements to open bank accounts, low penetration of financial products such as leasing and factoring, deficiency or non-existence of credit information services, the lack of an adequate public registry of movable and immovable property, and the low financial education, among others.

These factors make financial inclusion difficult as they generate information asymmetries, promote a financial industry that is risk-free and contribute to the exclusion of homes and businesses from the formal financial system.

In this context, the digital transformation that the economies of the region are experiencing, including financial services, is a promising signal. Fintech companies appear as a relevant solution, not only to increase financial inclusion, but also competition, innovation and to deepen financial development.

With the penetration of smartphones increasing exponentially in North America (and in developing countries in general), a growing communications infrastructure and regulators that begin to consider the importance of these initiatives, there is a growing opportunity for SMEs and people access basic financial services, through different types of technological applications and innovative solutions.

Fintech solutions for business financing

Fintech companies have introduced improvements in many services and financial processes, from the advance of invoices to open banking. Thanks to them, innovations in the payment system or real-time financing are now a reality. And there are already fintech solutions for business financing.

However, there is still room for improvement in many activities of the financial industry value chain and there are still many possibilities for collaboration between all the actors in the ecosystem, including technological infrastructure entities, banking software, etc.

Digitalization of banking

With the digitalization of banking, the sector model changes and leads to the opening of new values that are integrated into the financial ecosystem, as revealed by specialists and architects who contribute to the adequacy of this industry in global trends.

The claim that technology changed the way the bank and customer relationship is not new, but the fintech solutions (startups) that emerge to respond to the dynamics of the so-called 'banking of the future', private initiatives that usually identify opportunities - or weaknesses - that the actors in this industry can take to keep in tune with the internal and external public.

To this are added the areas of innovation or technological solutions that operate within the structure of financial institutions and where proposals such as credit simulators, electronic assistants, and mobile applications to perform operations or multifunction platforms that allow better management are born of the access time to the bank, which follow the line of omnichannel.

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