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Blockchain App Development

Blockchain technology has brought many benefits for almost every kind of businesses. Most people are aware of bitcoin which is a cryptocurrency and has taken the world with surprise, however, few know that blockchain is more than cryptocurrency. With blockchain app development, companies can enjoy transparency, security and much efficiency. Zazz has got blockchain experts and developers and we are providing companies with quality Blockchain App development.

Blockchain Technology’s Key Benefits

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Zazz is one of the leading blockchain development company. We have got excellent team of developers that excel in blockchain app development and other digital solutions. While working with Zazz, companies are assured that they are getting the best available talent in the world.

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Blockchain App Development

A technology with great potential

The blockchain was born at the same time as bitcoin. In fact, it is the information coding system that is behind the famous virtual currency and that supports its entire structure. They soon saw the potential that this technology had for itself and the amount of applications it allows beyond financial transactions.

Financial transactions in a safe and reliable way

The blockchain has gone from being a technology practically ignored to becoming the focus of the innovation of the big banks. It allows financial transactions between two participants in a safe, reliable and irreversible way. The most important thing is that there is no need to use intermediaries to establish relationships of trust between the parties, which, logically, allows cost savings.

Data impossible to falsify

One of the great advantages of the blockchain is that once the transaction data is registered, it is impossible to falsify. In addition, they cannot be deleted. In fact, the database has a history of each of the operations since the creation of the technology.

The information is never lost

Another advantage of the blockchain to keep in mind is that, even if the network went down, the information or service would never be lost, but would continue to function. It would only be necessary that one of the nodes that we have mentioned before did not fall.

Relation with other technologies

According to experts, the blockchain will be essential for the Internet of Things. What do we mean? Well, electronic devices can communicate with each other in a transparent and secure way. On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that, at the moment, one of the main applications of this technology is to create company backups. Thus, companies can ensure that they have the information securely in several blocks.


You can't define blockchain what it is without talking about security. One of the biggest benefits it brings is its ultra-secure network. Because the transmitted data is intrinsically encrypted, it is much more secure than the standard username and password system.

Decentralized data stored using blockchain makes it extremely difficult to hack them because there is no "single point of failure." What does this mean? If all documents are saved on thousands of different hard drives, it is unlikely that data will ever be lost.

Under normal circumstances, to enter a blockchain, hackers would have to overwhelm more than 50% of the network in less time than it takes to create a new block. The amount of computing power required to do this in most blockchain networks is tremendous. The larger ones are much harder to hack because they are more decentralized and have more computers working to verify transactions.

In addition, it is easy to detect when a block has been manipulated thanks to hash functions. These values of a block are added to the data in the following. Anyone trying to alter /one will end up changing the hash completely, activating a red flag and disabling the block completely.


The second benefit comes from decentralization and smart contracts. Basically, they use blockchain to automate payments and transfers based on a predetermined set of conditions.

With them, you can pay an electricity bill once the consumption reaches a certain amount. The transaction would be sent securely to the power company and verified by blockchain. Goodbye to late payment charges and stolen financial information.

As more transactions are automated through smart contracts, the need for intermediaries and external organizations will decrease. Because the information is distributed throughout the network, it is extremely difficult for a group to take control of it.

Governments and individuals in positions of power will no longer be able to close the sources they wish to suppress because the information will exist on many computers across the network.

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