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Accelerate your business and attain skyrocketing success with our terrific augmented reality app development services.

Zazz is an eminent AR and VR app development agency. We offer a wide array of excellent AR solutions using our rich, perspicacious knowledge, industry expertise, avant-garde tools and state of the art technologies. We endeavour to furnish an unparalleled user experience with custom build solutions that offer a transcendental experience.

Our adroit and supremely proficient mobile game developers hold mastery over all the latest technologies such as ARCore, ARKit, Vuforia and OpenCV. Our AR developers for hire make magic with their unsurpassable expertise and thereby offer the most realistic AR solutions.

How Can Our Augmented Reality Developers Assist Your Business?

Zazz is the finest AR app development company. Businesses can manifest their dreams into reality by hiring our AR developers who are exceptionally talented and skilled to turn the impossible into possible. Our augmented reality app developers craft wonders with their stellar prowess and help businesses engage and retain their audiences with supremely interactive and delightful apps.

We not only create inimitable user experiences but also offer the following services -

1. AR App Development for iOS and Android

Our AR app developers engineer the most stupendous, stable and robust AR-enabled end-to-end solutions for both iOS and Android platforms. Our AR apps deliver a scintillating and mesmerizing user experience with utmost value to businesses.

2. AR Game Development Services

We have an in-house team of adroit mobile game developers who hold tremendous mastery over AR technology. Our developers are well versed with all the ins and outs of gaming tools and engines such as Unity, Corona, Unreal Engine etc. We thus deliver the most brilliant and unparalleled gaming experience to your users.

3. Location Enabled AR Services

We assiduously build location-based AR apps to discover and keep a tab on the user's location by using the in-built device accelerometer, compass and GPS tracker.

4. Projection Based AR Services

Our highly learned AR developers at Zazz deliver the most outstanding projection-based AR apps that offer a splendid virtual image on a real-world object within the humongous physical ecosystem.

5. Superimposition Based AR Services

Our dexterous developers build incredibly delightful UX for your end-users by meticulously implementing the dynamic superimposition-based AR-powered technology that uses object visualizing techniques to scrupulously modify a part of a full object with an augmented eyeshot.

What Makes Zazz the Finest AR Development Company?

At Zazz, we furnish an array of the most spectacular AR and VR application development solutions that help accelerate businesses by delivering sheer value and engaging users. We leave no stone unturned and our developers put in their heart and soul to craft stellar, best-in-class end-to-end solutions that are powerful sceptres and help drive in immense success. Our developers craft magic with supremely immersive, captivating and entertaining AR-based apps for both Android and iOS platforms. We use cutting-edge technologies and an agile methodology to deliver excellent quality applications with nonpareil customer satisfaction. We also provide the most cost-effective services with excellent after assistance and are thus considered the finest AR development company.

Asked Questions

What is the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality?+

Augmented reality is a blend of the real and the virtual worlds. Users can experience AR with a smartphone, laptop or a tablet. The fundamental purpose of AR is to enhance the user experience by adding virtual components such as digital images and graphics. Users can easily move, rotate and manipulate 3D objects in the real world whereas Virtual Reality (VR) on the contrary creates an engrossing virtual environment. It becomes hard for users to differentiate between what is real and what is virtual as the main motive of VR is to create its own reality that is fully computer generated and it magically transports users into a new world per se.

What all AR app development services does Zazz offer?+

Zazz offers a plethora of feature-rich and robust AR app development services that helps businesses accelerate their work operations. Some of our excellent services include image tracking, object recognition, character recognition and marker-less AR.

What are the technologies in which AR operates?+

AR operates in different technologies such as Unreal Engine, Unity and Scenekit. Businesses thus have the complete discretion to select the type of AR and the technology as per their distinct requirement.

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