Top 5 Programming Languages For Machine Learning

by Zazz November 10, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 5 minutes

As the world becomes increasingly digitalized, the prominence of AI and machine learning programming languages is increasing, presenting new and exciting opportunities for those who can keep up with the pace of change. A recent study has revealed that by 2030, global GDP will experience a 14 percent surge- all thanks in large part to the innovative advancements of these programming languages. Collaborating alongside these cutting-edge technologies will be essential for aspiring leaders seeking to thrive in an ever-evolving tech landscape.

Programming Languages For Machine Learning

The world of AI and machine learning programming languages is advancing rapidly, and those who possess the skills to collaborate with them will be the frontrunners of the future. To further solidify their importance, a recent study forecasts a substantial 14% increase in global GDP by 2030. 

At the edge of this technological revolution, AI & ML offer a broad range of opportunities. From streamlining automation processes to enhancing efficiency and optimizing system simplification, the potential applications are endless. 

However, it is imperative to have a detailed understanding of machine learning programming languages to truly leverage their full potential.

Top Five Machine-Learning Programming Languages:

Discover the most influential programming languages in machine learning that are set to steer the future of this industry. Whether you’re an established programmer or a newcomer to the field of artificial intelligence & machine learning, these five languages are a must-know for anyone serious about staying ahead of the curve.

1. Java For Machine Learning:

Java is a highly advantageous & efficient programming language with an impressive capability of empowering development teams to carry out a range of diverse projects. This versatile programming language finds extensive application in the domain of data science, facilitating tasks such as data mining, processing, & the development of Machine Learning applications. Notably, Java easily integrates with search engine algorithms and fosters extensive, large-scale projects.

Though Java is predominantly used for desktop application development, its potential is immense & holds significant promise for various other emerging fields. To get better look into the usage of Java in Development, you must partner with a top Machine Learning Development Company and seek their expertise.

  • Transaction management
  • Billing applications
  • Developing android applications
  • Server-side applications
  • Writing algorithms (stock market)
  • Data research
  • Web applications
  • Writing desktop & enterprise apps


  • Straightforward to use, write, compile & debug
  • Fully object-oriented language for standard & reusable code
  • No need for any special platform to run
  • Runs on several computers on a network working together
  • Presence of robust security manager


  • Needs a significant amount of memory
  • The predefined look of GUI apps are different from native apps.
  • Single paradigm language
  • Expensive Memory management

2. Python for Machine Learning:

Python is a robust language, widely recognized for its versatility in facilitating machine learning programming operations. With its intuitive syntax & simple design, Python is an ideal choice for beginners, particularly individuals new to programming. 

Moreover, Python boasts multiple frameworks, libraries, and supports object-oriented and procedural development. Python is relatively easy to download & requires no cost, making it a convenient option.

What sets Python apart is the dedicated community of developers, unleashing cutting-edge features that make it an excellent choice of language for machine learning applications.

You can use it for:

  • Web development
  • Software development
  • Business applications
  • Data science
  • Developing chatbots


  • Easy to read, learn & write
  • Simplicity makes it highly productive.
  • An interpreted language to execute the code.
  • Automatically assign the data type execution.
  • Vast libraries support 


  • Line by line leads to slow execution
  • Uses a large amount of memory
  • Not memory-efficient & slow processing
  • Lead to runtime errors

3. C++ for Machine Learning:

The fastest programming language is C++, ideal for AI projects that are time-sensitive. Efficiency and legal use of resources are critical in writing applications. For C++, there are resources for machine learning and deep learning open. A positive part of C++ to Python is that C++ runs much faster than Python, so C++ would be good for you if you are trying to run a program with a lot of array calculations.

However, individuals operating in an embedded environment, who cannot afford the overhead costs of the Java Virtual Machine, find it ideal.

  • Game development
  • GUI based apps
  • Database software
  • Operating system
  • Banking applications
  • Cloud/distributed apps


  • Useful for low programming language
  • Compatible with C
  • Faster than other languages
  • Closer to the hardware
  • Reusability & readability


  • Emphasis on instructions or data
  • Use of pointers
  • Security issue
  • Absence of garbage collector or built-in thread

4. JavaScript for Machine Learning:

JavaScript, a prominent programming language, offers a sophisticated interface that enhances web pages to provide a user-centric experience. As Machine Learning gains more momentum, TensorFlow.js has successfully integrated JavaScript into its framework. TensorFlow.js provides an open-source library that enables the development of machine learning models entirely through the browser, using JavaScript.

This feature, coupled with its full-stack functionality & versatile, multi-paradigm approach, makes it an ideal platform for JavaScript developers to explore. Moreover, it is widely popular for its ease of use in building intelligent applications.

  • Web applications
  • Web development
  • Mobile applications
  • Game development
  • Presentation as a website
  • Server apps


  • Run fast and immediately
  • Simple to learn & implement
  • Used anywhere on the web
  • Highly interoperable 
  • Reduce demand on a website server
  • Ability to create rich features


  • Lack of client-side security
  • Interpret different on different browsers
  • Lack of debugging facility
  • Single inheritance
  • Rendering stopped

5. R for Machine Learning:

R is a highly efficient language and statistical environment, specifically designed for analyzing & manipulating data. Its functionalities allow for the generation of publication-quality, mathematically precise plots.

The use of specific packages further provides an avenue for applications of machine learning algorithms, which aids in tackling diverse business-related issues. You can also look to work with a quality mobile app development company to get maximum benefits from this language. So, R is a widely popular tool for conducting data analysis across numerous industry sectors. It is used for:


  • Open-source
  • Array of packages
  • Quality plotting & graphing
  • Platform independent
  • Machine learning operations
  • Continuously growing


  • Weak origin
  • Data handling
  • Basic security
  • Complicated language
  • Lesser speed

Wrapping Up Note:

The selection of the optimal programming language for machine learning largely depends on various decisive factors such as industry requirements, the nature of your company’s machine learning programming language & others. A machine learning professional must conduct extensive experimentation, testing & practical experience to logically determine an appropriate language option for any specific problem.

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