Top 5 Programming Languages For Machine Learning

by Zazz November 10, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 3 minutes

AI and machine learning programming languages are evolving very rapidly, according to industry trends, and those who can collaborate with them will be the leaders. In reality, a study also shows that, owing to the effect on the economy and the commercial opportunities it has to deliver, global GDP projects to rise by 14 percent in 2030.

AI and ML open up a new ecosystem of limitless possibilities, from improving productivity to automated processes and simplifying systems. Nevertheless, one must have a clear understanding and understanding for machine learning programming languages.

Top Five Machine-Learning Programming Languages:

We address you with the top 5 programming languages in ML that will shape the future, whether you are a developer or just engaged in pursuing a career in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

1. Java For Machine Learning:

Java is an extremely useful, fast, and reliable programming language that allows a multitude of projects to be developed by development teams. It’s more than applicable to the area of data science, from data mining and data processing to the developing of Machine Learning applications.

Java also integrates well with algorithms for search engines and facilitates projects on a wide scale. Java is mainly used for desktop application development. It can use for: 

  • Transaction management
  • Billing applications
  • Developing android applications
  • Server-side applications
  • Writing algorithms (stock market)
  • Data research
  • Web applications
  • Writing desktop & enterprise apps


  • Straightforward to use, write, compile & debug
  • Fully object-oriented language for standard & reusable code
  • No need for any special platform to run
  • Runs on several computers on a network working together
  • Presence of robust security manager


  • Needs a significant amount of memory
  • The predefined look of GUI apps are different from native apps.
  • Single paradigm language
  • Expensive Memory management

2. Python for Machine Learning:

Python is a language for high-level and multi-purpose machine learning programming languages. For a non-programmer, Python has the most straightforward syntax to understand and is a strong choice for beginners. It has a range of frameworks and libraries and encourages paradigms of object-oriented and procedural development. 

Python can be easily downloaded digitally as a programming language at no cost. What makes it acceptable for machine learning applications is the support of the python developers community and a multitude of features.

It can use for:

  • Web development
  • Software development
  • Business applications
  • Data science
  • Developing chatbots


  • Easy to read, learn & write
  • Simplicity makes it highly productive.
  • An interpreted language to execute the code.
  • Automatically assign the data type execution.
  • Vast libraries support 


  • Line by line leads to slow execution
  • Uses a large amount of memory
  • Not memory-efficient & slow processing
  • Lead to runtime errors

3. C++ for Machine Learning:

The fastest programming language is C++, ideal for AI projects that are time-sensitive. Efficiency and fair use of resources are vital in writing applications. For C++, there are resources for machine learning and deep learning open. A positive part of C++ to Python is that C++ runs much faster than Python, so C++ would be good for you if you are trying to run a programme with a lot of array calculations.

However, it is ideal for individuals operating in an embedded environment who can not afford the Java Virtual Machine’s overhead costs.

  • Game development
  • GUI based apps
  • Database software
  • Operating system
  • Banking applications
  • Cloud/distributed apps


  • Useful for low programming language
  • Compatible with C
  • Faster than other languages
  • Closer to the hardware
  • Reusability & readability


  • Emphasis on instructions or data
  • Use of pointers
  • Security issue
  • Absence of garbage collector or built-in thread

4. JavaScript for Machine Learning:

JavaScript is a high-level programming language designed to provide a user-friendly experience and improve web pages. With TensorFlow.js, JavaScript has managed to make increasing significance into Machine Learning. TensorFlow.js is an open-source library that builds machine learning models completely in the browser using JavaScript. 

Due to its full-stack functionality, versatile and multi-paradigm approach, and it’s easy to learn the fundamentals for the JavaScript developers.  It is popularly used for:

  • Web applications
  • Web development
  • Mobile applications
  • Game development
  • Presentation as a website
  • Server apps


  • Run fast and immediately
  • Simple to learn & implement
  • Used anywhere on the web
  • Highly interoperable 
  • Reduce demand on a website server
  • Ability to create rich features


  • Lack of client-side security
  • Interpret different on different browsers
  • Lack of debugging facility
  • Single inheritance
  • Rendering stopped

5. R for Machine Learning:

R is one of the best coding languages and environments of statistical purposes for analyzing and manipulating data. Using R, we can quickly generate a well-designed plot of publication standard, including appropriate mathematical symbols and formulas. Packages make it simple to apply machine learning algorithms to crack down on business-related issues. It use for:


  • Open-source
  • Array of packages
  • Quality plotting & graphing
  • Platform independent
  • Machine learning operations
  • Continuously growing


  • Weak origin
  • Data handling
  • Basic security
  • Complicated language
  • Lesser speed

Wrapping Up Note:

The best language for machine learning depends on the field in which it will implement, the nature of the machine learning programming language in which your industry/company uses, and many other factors. For any specific machine learning problem, experimenting, testing, and experience help a machine learning professional decide on an appropriate programming language option. 

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