Free tax filing, in the blink of an eye.

Tax Volt is a convenient and easy to use web and mobile application that allows users to file and get estimates on their tax returns.

An app that makes
e-filing easy

Tax Volt is a useful app that helps full-time/part-time employees, seniors, businesses, and taxpayers from Canada and USA manage their investments and file their tax returns. We designed and developed this app for iOS, Android and web platforms while ensuring the interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. 

Say goodbye to paper-pencil tax preparation

Our goal was to create a robust and high-performance application that mitigates the errors of paper-and-pencil tax preparation. We paid special attention to the user experience design by choosing simple typography that enhances the readability of text and gives an organized appearance to the app. The typography guides the user to the most relevant information. 




User Persona


User Flow




UI/UX Design






Security & Compliance



The scope

While using an Agile approach to the methodology, the client also needed separate native applications for Android and iOS, including a web platform to create a robust strategy and meet all expectations. 

How we solved design & development challenges

  • Creating a secure login and keeping the financial information safe while managing online transactions
  • Ensuring that the UI functions smoothly on all platforms and devices
  • Creating streamlined step-by-step instructions for users
  • Making the app flexible to match the ever-changing regulatory requirements and tax laws
  • 2-step authentication and data encryption for enhanced security
  • Created an interface that simplifies complex processes with the help of highlighted calls to action
  • Meticulously tested the app to ensure consistent performance across all platforms and device configurations
  • Used a third-party backend library to simpfily tax computation and allow for updates to tax policies


SF Pro Display

Regular, Semi Bold, Bold





Color Palette






Application Highlights

Our Tech Stack

The Result

Tax Volt app became an instant success, thanks to its useful features and usable interface. With more than 100k downloads on the app store, this Fintech app comes in handy for students and entrepreneurs alike to calculate and file their tax returns within 30 minutes.

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