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Canada Developers

Mobile Applications Development

We're the go-to shop in the Junction for mobile app development, and we treat each development critically. We realize the importance of our design and development team working together in an organized way. We have the skills necessary to create elegant and practical software applications to match your needs from our experience working on a wide range of different projects. Here in Canada, Zazz has contributed a lot in providing companies with an efficient and remarkable mobile digital solutions including mobile apps.

We Design Applications for

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Smart Watch

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Personal Computer

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Technology to answer every trouble

Not long ago, technology and innovations like IoT and AI were just a part of our fascination, seen randomly in movies. However, things have changed now. This decade belongs to superior technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, AR, and VR and their integration into the mobile apps. Previous decade was all about mobile apps and how they helped businesses flourish, starting from 2020 you will see an increase in the trend and benefits. So stay tuned!

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iOS App Development

Zazz is a renowned company for the development of iPhone apps providing top-notch IOS development services. We create iOS apps in short cycles by adopting a continuous delivery strategy to deliver fast business value. Continuous delivery helps us reduce the risks associated with product release, increases efficiency and allows our development processes accountability. Our team is constantly researching new technologies that form the iOS development environment. On the Zazz blog, we share our knowledge and experience.

Android App Development

GitHub has ranked us among the top programmers in the world for our open-source Android components which perfectly combine unique layout designs with advanced technologies. Our open source libraries can be easily used within your own project. Zazz is by far the best development company here in Canada that has got the expertise and experience related to Android development. We have recruited some of the fine coders and designers from all over the globe, thanks to Canada’s amazing immigration policy.

Canada Developers
Canada Developers
Native App Development

Native apps are developed for a specific type of platform and it utilizes all of the components provided by the hardware of a smartphone. It’s expensive to develop but provide some excellent benefits over hybrid and web apps.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid apps are essentially mobile applications that were put into a container for the native app. When downloaded from an app store and installed locally, the shell can connect to any features provided by the mobile platform through a browser that is embedded in the device. These are less expensive but also possess some shortcomings.

Canada Developers
Canada Developers

Canada Developers Mobile Backend Engineering

There are usually two words within the sector that are like a common language in the mobile development world: Frontend and Backend. Backend is the important part of a mobile app that is in charge of data storage, security and business logic. An app backend is much like a mobile app server, because it stores and sort the important information that the end user does not see.

Making our clients successful

We’re a strategic design and innovation partner for leading brands.

Adaptive Growth

The greatest advantage of having your business with a mobile app is that there's no downside. Sure, the use and technology of smartphones has evolved a lot which now provides guaranteed scalable growth and scalability. It's no longer a risky business and you'll definitely protect your ambitions with Zazz and plan your potential endeavors’.

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Versatile Engagement

The online business promotion and customer engagement are important in today's digital economy. The majority of customers use internet or smartphones to browse for products and services. Small business owners should be focused on increasing the digital footprint to reach customers. Mobile apps provide you with versatile engagement where on one hand you engage millennial and on other there are huge business prospects for adults and kids.

Canada Developers
Canada Developers
Scalable Resources

A scalable device can handle more capital without altering the base structure in order to create room for more traffic. A well-monitored and thoughtfully designed mobile app requires no special type of development but a special plan and road map that Zazz is sure to provide to its customers.

Controlled Processes

This decade belongs to controlled processes and management as there is not time to waste. We value time and always stay put to our timelines and never fell short to commitments.

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Our Key Features

Zazz has incorporated talented developers and modern technologies. We have hired the best designers and provide our customers with ultra-modern and new solutions.

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Your Idea’s into Products

Every startups is part of new ideas and innovations that, with the aid of contemporary technology, might transform into major enterprises. Zazz wants to collaborate with the brilliant minds, if you have an idea and want to work to make your dream come true, just contact us.

Industries We Serve

We have allocated specific teams for each type of industry. Our approach has provided us with much needed experiences and unique portfolio.

Our Capabilities

We have hired every type of talent available in the market. We have project managers and then we have brilliant coders, programmers and developers. We have a specialized team that handles designs and UX of projects. In short there is a specific team for every job that enables us to create unique and innovative products within the time limit and yet in affordable price range.


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