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Zazz is a reputed custom software development company in the USA, dedicated to devising and delivering next-generation business solutions. We build robust, reliable, and efficient software that is personalized to meet the unique requirements of our clients. At Zazz, we have refined and finetuned our development process to ensure the highest quality standards.

Software Development Empower

Delivering Captivating User Experience Across All Platforms

Here at Zazz, we leave no stone unturned and no platform untouched. Our developers can devise powerful applications for all sorts of devices and platforms.

Cross Device User Experience Development Services

Our Core Technologies

We employ the most advanced, futuristic, and innovative technologies to create jaw-dropping mobile and web applications. Our custom software development process revolves around understanding market trends and consumer preferences to draw their attention towards our offerings and keep them engaged by delivering an unforgettable digital experience.

mobile application development

Application Development

artificial intelligence app development

Artificial Intelligence

Flutter Development

Flutter Development

IoT application development

IoT Development

ar vr application development

Augmented & Virtual Reality

blockchain application development


Jazzed Up Enterprise Solutions by Zazz

Our products and services are custom-made to cater to a wide range of business requirements irrespective of the company’s size, industry, workflow, or business operations.

Software Consulting


Zazz offers mobile app development services, delivered by experts and industry veterans with over a decade of experience. They audit your business, goals, and challenges to come up with scalable digital solutions and software development strategies for business growth and expanding your customer base.

Software Services

Custom Software Development

We design and develop customized software for startups, businesses, and multinational corporations. Our developers provide end-to-end business solutions that are crafted with care and by leveraging their skills and the latest technologies.

software testing

Software Testing and Maintenance

Our testing and maintenance services are powered by talented teams who perform in-depth testing, timely updates, and assessments to look after an application’s performance. They fix bugs, perform optimization, and tend to customer queries.

Infrastructure Services

Software Integration and Migration

Whether it’s the addition of new features to an existing application, or upgrading the existing systems to meet today’s requirements. Team Zazz has the proper knowledge, skills, have and tools to undertake such tasks to provide scalable and robust solutions.

Integrated with Popular 3rd Party Applications

Our developers integrate your softwares with reliable solutions like Mailchimp, PayPal, Chargebee, Twilio, Facebook. We use available and tested products to develop your software quickly.

sendgrid mailchimp

Sendgrid / Mailchimp

We connect your app with professional e-mail service providers. This helps users to track transactional emails with ease.


Stripe / PayPal / Chargebee

We simplify the online payment processes for internet businesses. Our developers integrate various payment options to make the payment processings simple and fast.


Twilio &

We integrate various messaging options like Voice SMS, Messenger messages or Video in your app. Our developers use fast and reliable API built for this.


Google API, Facebook API

Use Google or Open Street Maps in your app to help users to sign in via various online platforms like Facebook or Google account.

Why Your Business Needs Zazz

We are a team of creative designers and skilled developers who have devised superior business solutions that have never failed to impress our diverse clients.

trial period


Our developers use cutting-edge technology and product development strategies. They build custom applications for businesses that promote productivity and profitability.

employees risk taken


Here at Zazz, the most advanced security features and data protection protocols are incorporated in applications to ensure the highest level of security and ward off any data breach possibility.

regular meetings


It is our policy to maintain complete transparency and keep the client involved in the development cycle. Their feedback is vital for improving the project while it’s still under development, thus boosting the quality.

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Our Mobile App Development
Services Includes...

Zazz is a leading mobile app development company in the USA. We offer a wide range of software development services, including Android app development and iOS app development.

Excellent Quality Delivered on Time

Excellent Quality Delivered on Time

Full Confidentiality


Effective Continuous Communication

Effective & Continuous Communication

Friendly Cordial Nature

Friendly & Cordial in Nature

Experienced Team


Top-of-the-line Software Development Services

Zazz is the USA’s top-rated custom software development agency. We have been active in the sector for over a decade and have addressed the business challenges of our clients with robust, scalable, and reliable digital solutions. We leverage our profound knowledge, industry experience, and development skills to create powerful mobile and web applications for businesses and enterprises.

Absolute Support


Complete Technical Competency

Complete Technical Competency



They built a wonderful application for me, all within a few months. Really professional quality work, complete with tech support and advanced launch strategies.

  • Peter Phipps

Thank you

Thank you Zazz for giving me the application of my dreams and the opportunity to grow my business online. My revenues have doubled this year and my customer base is steadily expanding. I’m very satisfied with the application and so are my clients.

  • Broth

Amazing Support

Their custom software development package came with technical support and maintenance for a month. They did all the optimization, updates and even made a few changes that I required. Their customer support is amazing and the folks over there listened to all my concerns and worked them out quickly.

  • Zola

Nominated in 2018, 2019, 2020
as the best agency of the year.

Zazz always keeps pace with innovative technologies. This makes us the best mobile application solution providers.

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Software Development

Some people think that software development is outdated and have no benefit now in this age as the world has moved to mobile apps, however, this approach is not only wrong but also possess huge business risks. Software are always and will remain a vital part of digital evolution. Zazz fortunately provides amazing software solutions catering all type of industries, financial institutions’, and businesses. We create enterprise software solution and bring custom software development.

What we do?

Custom Enterprise Software Development

Zazz is one of the leading agency that offers premium customized enterprise software development. We create software solutions by keeping in mind the companies and vertical market.

Enterprise Application integration

Zazz has got a team of developers that excel in integrating your already created applications into the new software so that you get maximum benefits in a low cost.

Legacy App Upgrade and Modernization

Got a legacy app and want to improve it? Zazz is here to help, we have successfully modernized the mobile and web apps of many big brands and we guarantee amazing results.

Software Technologies we work on

Zazz is one of the biggest digital agency in the world. We have got separate teams for every technology and we almost work on all contemporary digital solutions. Zazz has recruited the best talent and offer solutions that are never heard by most of companies out there.

Application Development

Artificial Intelligence

Web Development

IoT Development

Augmented & Virtual Reality


Why Go For Enterprise Software development With Us?

As a company that excels in building enterprise software, we strive to build a long-term relationship with our clients. We allow organizations to adjust the scope of their venture, profit from on-site or distant association, reinvent and transform their strengths, needs, and skills.

Technology consulting

Zazz provides instrumental consultation to businesses when it comes to adopting new technological solutions in order to gain maximum turnovers. Our consultation team research the market and provides the customers with the latest, trendy, and unique productive and cost-effective technology and enterprise software integration.

We Speak business

We are making known the services of Zazz, with the complete security and confidence that will be very useful to you and your company in this time of continuous change. We entrepreneurs must be in a good frame of mind to take on these new challenges that come to us every day, with the economic opening, new trade agreements, the economic crisis, new technologies, and others that challenge our business existence.

Technical Risk reduction

Zazz incorporates such tools and strategies to eliminate technical risks, glitches, and errors in your business. Most of the time, the culprit of revenue loss is technical errors and late response. Our team focuses on preventive measures and incorporate risk reduction strategies into enterprise software development so that clients’ enjoy maximum security, peace of mind and growth.

Scaling Up dedicated Teams

Scaling and creating high-performance teams that handle digital solutions is expensive and requires extensive research. Zazz offers to work alongside your existing team and provides consultation, state of the art developers to cop modern challenges.

Game Development

A total inventory control

The manual inventory process is really cumbersome, especially in businesses where you must update with each sale. A modern point of sale will not only allow this to be done automatically and incredibly fast every time we make a sale but, if you configure it, it will also be updated when you make your own purchases to provide you with stock. At a glance you will find the number of stocks of each of your products as well as the raw materials if you use them.

The reduction of expenses

Although the initial cost of acquiring custom software programs, especially for large companies, may be higher, the truth is that after the software is running, the cost of maintaining business operations is significantly reduced and during a long period, which leads to savings that ultimately translate into benefits. Most custom software programs have the ability to efficiently solve and simplify specific problems and systematization helps reduce business spending. In the end, software solutions are considered as effective methods with which companies can minimize expenses and increase profits.

Ease of maintenance

Software programs that are developed in compliance with programming standards can be very easy to maintain and update. A well written and documented code should be easy to modify.

At Zazz, we develop custom software. We cover the whole process that goes from the previous consulting phase (strategic study of the project) to the evolutionary maintenance of the system through design and architecture, development, testing phase, quality control, commissioning and support. That is, we perform the complete cycle of a software development. In addition, for this, we use the latest methodologies, the ones that best suit each project, each company and each client. We use classic project management methodologies and also the most agile and modern.

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