The Impact of Virtual Reality on the Real Estate Industry

by Zazz November 1, 2021 Time to Read Blog: 6 minutes

Today, the real estate industry has taken a quantum jump, thanks to enhanced inter-connectivity and technology. The emergence of new technologies in the present day has revolutionized the way people interact and also how they acquire property or do business. And the arrival of virtual reality in the real estate industry was no exception. People today can find their dream home in a much smarter way. 

Staging a property with AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality)-based real estate applications is turning out to be immensely popular. They allow realtors to offer a unique perspective and experience to potential customers by a digital tour of properties from anywhere across the globe.

Virtual reality is a powerful medium within reach of organizations that are always up for innovation as a component that keeps them way ahead of their competitors. VR-enabled real estate applications are a robust means for visual communication that can help organizations find new ways of interaction display their products to the customers and generate revenue.

How Virtual Reality Is Transforming the Real Estate Legacy Sector

Let’s get a bigger picture of how you can benefit from real estate app development with the power of Virtual Reality (VR).

  • Saves Time

Suppose a buyer wants to get information on more than a particular apartment or house; they don’t need to roam around in the city to search for properties. With a seamlessly developed VR software for property display, buyers can view as many properties as possible with just a simple click on their device. The result will be lifelike, and the potential buyer can see the state of properties in an immersive environment closer to reality. 

Through VR-powered real estate applications, users can know how close or how far they are to their places of interest, how their furniture will look in this property, and experience what it feels like to be in their new homes. This can help them save quite a lot of time that was earlier a problem since they needed to hit the streets frequently to search for houses.

This is why many realtors are rooting for companies providing best-in-class virtual reality app development solutions to ease buyers’ property-buying process and move streets ahead of their competitors to drive sales and profit.

  • Forms Emotional Links

Today, realtors are highly considering real estate computer applications or similar solutions to offer improved services to their clients. This is especially done to envisage every property with stunning visuals, unlike the traditional ways of showing photographs or images.

Virtual reality in real estate is completely reliable since there’s no haste when it comes to taking the property rounds. It’s based on customer-oriented specifications. It’s also important that the absolute immersiveness of such solutions builds an emotional linkage with the buyers, helping realtors to interact with them better.

  • Save Resources and Time

Building robust VR-enabled real estate applications might weigh down your pocket a bit. Still, considering the overall view and legacy marketing strategy, it’s probably the best bet for you to think about. Previously, it was required to provide pictures and loads of printing material to the buyers, but now it’s a thing of the past.

Staging a property with AR/VR, real estate agents, or realtors can save quite a few bucks by using similar content but with multiple consumers. All you need is a basic concept with the economic camera and rendering to shoot the virtual property tours. 

  • Global Reach

Realtors understand their client’s requirements and expectations very well. Showcasing properties, negotiating on diverse terms, arranging visits are extremely time-consuming. Hence, it is no surprise that a real estate agent can only give their time to a smaller number of buyers. But today, it’s possible to cater to many buyers across physical boundaries. The AR/VR apps designed for real estate have empowered realtors to work more effectively.

With VR-enabled real estate applications, buyers can get every single detail about properties irrespective of their geographical location, resulting in agents reaching maximum customers and easily solving their inquiries right from the comfort of their house.

  • Quick Ownership

Most realtors find it extremely exhausting when it comes to dealing with legal forms and signing agreements since the process is lengthy and time-consuming. But tailor-made real estate applications came as a savior to this dire need. These VR-powered applications have empowered the ownership and connections between agents and clients. Several engaging add-ons like the description of landmarks or neighborhoods, mortgage calculators, property details, etc., have enhanced the customer experience to a huge extent.

The real estate sector should embrace these tech-based solutions to offer buyers tailor-made virtual experiences to facilitate their buying decisions. 

  • Immersive VR Software for Property Display

Virtual headsets are the future of the real estate. As a real estate agent, you can offer your buyers an intuitive space experience. Rather than wandering around from one place to another for a decent property, you can offer them virtual 3D tours. These tours can guide your clients with conventional and interactive videos. With these videos, they can get a full 360° view of the place virtually.

By creating a replicated tour, buyers can roam around in the property by tapping on exclusively designed sites. This VR software for property display can enhance the user experience and help buyers to make quick decisions.

  • Staging a Property with AR/VR

Is it easy to sell a furnished house or an unfurnished house? A furnished house for sure, right? Buyers are very particular and possessive when it comes to purchasing a working space or a house. They’re always after the designs and aesthetics. Seeing an empty house doesn’t feel like home unless it is decorated with furniture. But with AR/VR, you can stage a property easily and make it look livable by displaying the property with essential amenities and furniture. This very thing can result in closing the deal quickly.

  • AR/VR Apps

From booking a cab to ordering food, people rely on their mobile phones for everything. As a result, they want every experience to be mobile-first, even for tasks like purchasing and selling the property. So why not invest in developing a robust AR/VR-enabled real estate application and perform multiple tasks and streamline your business operations?

For instance, with real estate app development projects like Zillow and Redfin, realtors and clients can have an integrated platform for browsing, purchasing, or selling a property, track down an agent, and get alerts when a new listing comes to the market. 

  • Architectural Portrayal of the Space

When you build a robust VR-enabled real estate application for your business, it’ll open a myriad of opportunities that’ll lead you to the path of success. This disruptive technology has the power to build properties that are not constructed. 

Previously it used to be tricky and difficult for real estate agents to sell such a property. But, with the emergence of AR and VR technology, the unbuilt properties can be displayed with their interiors, architectures, and infrastructure, helping customers select land by marking the apt area and surroundings.

The Bottom Line

Virtual reality and augmented reality are transforming the real estate industry for their convenience, cost, and time-saving benefits. The companies who have embraced this disruptive technology have already started seeing the face of profit, considering the key aspects of selling and buying. 

So, why stick with the age-old real estate marketing processes that result in losing customers. You should revolutionize your real estate business by harnessing the power of robust VR-powered real estate applications and carve a good name in the industry. If you’re planning to develop such apps to give an immersive experience to your clients, then you’re at the perfect place.

Zazz, a leading destination for VR and AR app development services, is advanced and technically innovative in developing VR-enabled real estate app development solutions. So, if you’re planning to build an innovative solution for your business, choose Zazz as your real estate application development partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are some of the best real estate applications in the app store?

Zillow, Redfin, and Trulia are some of the good real estate applications available in the app stores that meet all your needs.

Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, ZipRealty are some of the most sought-after real estate applications that provide all the nitty-gritty details of the properties along with some exceptional add-on features like video walkthroughs and virtual tours with the help of AR/VR technology, real-time messaging for smooth interactions, mortgage calculators, etc., to improve the buying and selling experience.

Q2. How have real estate applications revolutionized the industry digitally?

Real estate applications have completely transformed the industry digitally in many ways.

Here’s how real estate apps have transformed the industry. 

  • Curbing the cost by cutting off the requirement of an agent or a broker;
  • No need to hop or travel from one place to another in search of property;
  • Infusion of Artificial Intelligence for smarter property display;
  • Virtual tours and video walkthroughs using virtual reality technology;
  • Use of augmented reality for managing the interior of the building;

Q3. How much will it cost to develop a real estate application? 

Several factors determine the cost of your real estate application development project, like the app idea and the features.

  • The idea and complexity of your project;
  • Single platform or cross-platform app development;
  • Total number of screens or pages;
  • Wireframing and Prototype creation;
  • Infusion of AR and VR technology within your app;
  • Access to your device’s features;
  • Customization levels;
  • Developer’s charge;
  • Support and Maintenance.

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