Top 10 AI Developers USA

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Artificial Intelligence is stomping and has the ability to introduce fundamental changes in almost all industries. Cities can become smarter, it will be customary to scan your face for security and even leisure reasons, and even medical assistance will change completely. The development of apps having AI is the new trend. If you want to hire a company, here are the top 10 AI developers in the USA who are making rounds on the internet.



     Zazz is a team of creative designers and developers building great digital products in Seattle and San Francisco. Our collective experience in the technology industry includes mobile app development, IOT application development, blockchain development with a design first approach to product development.

  • AppStudio

     Appstudio is a full service Mobile App Design & Development Company offering services in Native iOS Development (Swift 3.0), Native Android Development (Java), React Native Development & Unity Game Development. They have collaborated with Fortune 500 companies, Startups and Mid Sized firms across a spectrum of industries, ranging from Health Care & Finance to On-Demand Services, to create Mobile apps that are actively being used by Millions of users across the globe.

  • Botodata

     Botodata is a machine learning, data science, AI and software development company. We design, develop and deploy machine algorithms made specifically for you. We're inspired by the capability of ML and AI to transform any business, and we're happy to be involved.

  • Skim Technologies

     Skim is a London Based, award-winning Machine Learning, NLP and Data Science consultancy. Working with you to bring Artificial Intelligence and Automation to life in your business. Our PhD Data Scientists and patented intelligent web scraper the Skim Engine, work together with you to accelerate the development of your products and innovation.

  • Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

     Our services are designed to take your business to the next level, reducing the gap between you and the heights of success you wish to achieve. Empowered by 12+ years of experience in the field of IT, CIS has the right expertise to help you with all your technology needs. We have consistently delivered optimal solutions for our wide-ranging global client base. Leverage our rich experience for your unique IT requirements.

  • XenonStack

     A Product Engineering and Technology Services company provides Digital enterprise services and solutions with DevOps , Big Data Engineering , Data Analytics , Cloud Migration ,Machine learning and Data Science Xenonstack provides Cloud Consulting , Cloud Migration with AWS ,Google Cloud and Azure Cloud Competency

  • IDAP

     We are a Ukrainian full-service software development company. We build native applications for the iOS, Android, and Web from square one. IDAP began guiding companies into mobile in 2012 and has successfully developed 200+ projects even since. We work with startups, established businesses and well-known brands in spheres of retail sales, finances, healthcare, entertainment, traveling and transportation services.

  • Netguru

     Netguru builds digital products that let people do things differently. As a company, we deliver digital products for top startups, Fortune500 companies, and well-known brands to help them solve real problems through software and product design. Our clients have changed the way people do banking, listen to music, learn languages and rent bikes. Their products have been featured in TechCrunch, Business Insider and Product Hunt.

  • Miquido


    Miquido is an AI software design and development company that excels at building AI-powered apps and web services. We've delivered 110+ solutions for music&video streaming, m-commerce, FinTech or healthcare, with 90% of projects coming from referrals.


Artificial Intelligence (hereinafter, AI) is defined as the technological development that gives machines the ability to learn from their environment and without external help, thereby expanding their services.

The term originated in 1956, when computer scientist John McCarthy presented his preliminary studies on intelligent machines during the Dartmouth Conference. AI works by combining large amounts of data with fast processing and intelligent algorithms, allowing the software to automatically learn from patterns in the data.

Its importance lies in the fact that it not only benefits large companies. For companies that are smaller or are starting to grow, the way in which Artificial Intelligence solves everyday business problems with its customers is better, smarter, more efficient and critical than previous instruments, which today are considered problematic and tomorrow they will have the category of being directly obsolete.

Everything may sound too futuristic, but since the media began talking about smartphones or tablets until the landscape of all SMEs’ offices changed completely, integrating these elements as part of their natural ecosystem, it is safe it was a short time.

Now that you only hear about the impact of Artificial Intelligence in the business world, to what extent can your emergency change an SME in the medium term? No small business should be left behind.

The AI Apps that Businesses’ should have

Times change, the pace of the world accelerates to leaps and bounds, and consequently, it is urgent that entrepreneurs get ahead of events. To not get lost in this mare magnum, here are some of the apps that will be key in the future of SMEs.

Improve Customer Service with Chatbots

Customer behavior has changed significantly in recent years, largely thanks to the technological revolution. 30% of Internet transactions now come from mobile devices. Although smartphone owners spend 85% of their time on various applications, only five of them capture their attention entirely.

This is where chatbots emerge as a solution to improve customer support. They are small Artificial Intelligence programs that communicate with users emulating a human assistant.

Its potential is immense and extends well beyond the domain of electronic commerce. The Royal Dutch Airlines has created a Facebook bot to help travelers’ process billing documents and send notifications about flight status.

Security Apps

Achieving that technology can identify pernicious behaviors that endanger the user is nothing new, as evidenced by the existence of antivirus for thirty years.

However, thanks to (or because of) technological evolution, viruses are increasingly elaborate, which does not make it easier to have them on the radar. And, nowadays, viruses are more and better: smarter, faster and more effective. AI allows technology to locate potential hazards according to previous specific patterns and behaviors, improving their experience and perfecting detection tools.

Now the computer services of a company not only know when they face a virus, but they can also know how it will attack them in a statistically detailed way.

Face Recognition Apps

Facial recognition technology is becoming increasingly fashionable. The new smartphones already use it to unlock the screen or send animations by chat; in the United States, churches turn to it to monitor the attendance of their faithful; and in Britain merchants use it to detect habitual thieves.

In addition, this year the Welsh police have applied it to arrest a suspect on the outskirts of a football stadium, while in China they already use it to contribute to the comfort of guided tourist visits.

From now on, SMEs will be able to count on this resource to identify their workers, saving large costs in security systems that will become obsolete over the years.

Predictive Marketing Apps

Predictive marketing is based on immediately identifying patterns of potential new customers to offer them a more specific and personal shopping experience.

The detection of these behavior guides makes it easier for AI to enter the sale of products through robotic automated discussions with the consumer.

Thus, it is concluded that new technologies have drastically changed traditional marketing. Now the marketing works in a more concrete and adapted to the client. The future is moving towards an increasingly aggressive level in terms of proximity to the buyer, whose needs will be read as a map by the AI.

In summary, SMEs should stop observing the advances of Artificial Intelligence as a future curiosity and start treating them as a challenge of the present. This depends on their survival in an increasingly hyper connected world, where not only companies that belong to the strictly technological sector can benefit from the bold use of these applications.

Artificial Intelligence puts within reach of all SMEs, regardless of the sector, an ostensible increase in their productivity. The coming years will be those that determine which companies have taken advantage of the moment or not.

Top 10 AI Developers USA
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Top 10 AI Developers USA
Artificial Intelligence is stomping and has the ability to introduce fundamental changes in almost all industries. Cities can become smarter, it will be customary to scan your face for security and even leisure reasons, and even medical assistance will change completely. The development of apps having AI is the new trend.
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Zazz is a team of creative designers and software engineers, building innovative digital products in North America. Zazz has collaborated with Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley unicorns, to create solutions being used by millions of users across the globe.

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