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Zazz is the trusted Hadoop app development company offering scalable solutions to businesses. We leverage the power of this open-source software framework to develop data processing applications that efficiently store and process large datasets. Our developers have diverse expertise in providing big data solutions that help businesses make decisions faster and attain greater agility.

The Modules of Hadoop

Hadoop is an open-source framework from Apache. It is a popular framework based on the Java programming language for storing, processing, and analyzing data in huge volumes. It has many modules that carry out specific tasks. The developers at our Hadoop app development agency are adept in these modules.

Hadoop Common

The Hadoop Common module is the base of the framework. It contains the Java Archive (JAR) files and scripts needed to start Hadoop. It is an essential module responsible for basic processes. It features a set of common utilities and libraries used by other modules of Hadoop.

hadoop common utilities and libraries
Hadoop Yet Another Resource Negotiator module

Hadoop YARN

Hadoop YARN or Yet Another Resource Negotiator module is responsible for job scheduling and managing the cluster. It performs a variety of tasks, like ensuring the clusters are working properly. It allows various data processing engines to run and process data stored in HDFS.

Hadoop Map Reduce

This module is responsible for writing applications that can process big data in parallel on multiple nodes. It splits the input dataset into small chunks that are processed separately. Hadoop Map Reduce processes data in three stages - map, shuffle, and reduce.

hadoop distributed file system
Hadoop Distributed File System

Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is the most important module. It is designed to store large data sets running on commodity hardware by breaking the files into blocks. This module makes applications available for parallel processing.

Our Hadoop App Development Services

With our end-to-end Hadoop app development services, we help businesses get insights from big data and take their organization to the next level. We offer data storage solutions for our clients around the world. We have handled several projects and delivered scalable solutions with guaranteed results.

Our Hadoop App Development Services

With our end-to-end Hadoop app development services, we help businesses get insights from big data and take their organization to the next level. We offer data storage solutions for our clients around the world. We have handled several projects and delivered scalable solutions with guaranteed results.

hadoop custom solution


Zazz is the most trusted name for custom Hadoop app development services in the USA. Our tailor-made solutions are designed to increase scalability, improve storage, and optimize your workload.

hadoop deployment

Hadoop Migration

Leverage the power of Hadoop by transforming your existing framework and platform into a versatile solution with ease. Our app developers in Seattle ensure that the process will be safe and hassle-free.

data mining with hadoop

Data Analysis and Visualization

Zazz is your best bet for data analysis and visualization services. We are experts in creating comprehensive solutions to give real-time visualization using metrics, custom dashboards, and scorecards.

hadoop implementation

Hadoop Implementation

We have the experience of developing a wide range of data models and implementing them into Hadoop frameworks that help businesses in collecting, storing, and analyzing massive datasets with ease.

Hadoop Design and Architecture

Hadoop Design and

Our team specializes in designing highly scalable Hadoop architecture that seamlessly integrates with other systems. We use our rich experience and cutting-edge technology to deliver the best results.

hadoop integration

Hadoop Integration

Implement and manage the security model of your business with our Hadoop integration services. Our integration solutions accelerate the ingestion of big data files and enable high-speed file transfer.

big data development

Big Data Solutions

We help our clients transform and enhance their business with our big data solutions that enable them to make data-driven decisions and get valuable real-time insights for increased business opportunities.

hadoop configuration

Hadoop Maintenance

Increase the functionality of your Hadoop applications with our maintenance services. From updating the system to resolving critical issues, we ensure your Hadoop architecture is up-to-date.

Hadoop Consulting Services

Hadoop Consulting Services

At our Hadoop app development company in the USA, we help all types of businesses handle large amounts of data and meet their computing needs with our dynamic and scalable big data solutions.

hadoop data testing

Hadoop Testing

At Zazz, we offer meticulous testing of Hadoop applications so that you get a flawless app that functions efficiently with less maintenance and delivers exceptional results to add value to your business.

business app development

Business Analytics

With our Hadoop app development services in the USA, you can get a centralized way of data processing and help your organization operate more efficiently. It will be useful in getting actionable insights about your company.

hadoop development solution

Hadoop Development

At Zazz, we have a talented team of developers specializing in Hadoop development. We aim to deliver top-quality Hadoop applications that offer scalable, reliable, and effective solutions to our clients.

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Our Technology

At our Hadoop app development agency, we offer the best-in-class solutions to our clients using powerful tools and the latest technology. We build scalable and high-performance Hadoop solutions that make it cost-effective to work the big data.

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Technology Stack

At our Hadoop app development agency, we offer the best-in-class solutions to our clients using powerful tools and the latest technology. We build scalable and high-performance Hadoop solutions that make it cost-effective to work the big data.

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of Using Hadoop


Hadoop provides a highly scalable storage platform with the possibility of scaling the cluster.


Hadoop is a cost-effective framework as it doesn’t require expensive hardware or high-end processors for handling big data.


Hadoop can deal with a variety of databases, including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured, with ease.


Thanks to the Distributed File System, a large amount of data can be processed in a parallel way, increasing Hadoop’s speed.


With Hadoop, data availability is never hampered as data is replicated on various DataNodes, in case any system crashes.

Easy to Use

Hadoop is an easy-to-use framework that handles how the data is stored and processed in a distributed manner.

High Performing

In Hadoop, data is processed in a parallel manner on all blocks, which ensures higher performance than Legacy systems.

Schema Independent

This open-source framework can store different formats of data and can work on both schema and schema-less data.

Low Latency

Distributed storage and parallel processing help in processing data without delay, thus ensuring low latency.
hadoop key benifits

Minimum Network Traffic

Since data is distributed in small chunks and processed in parallel, it leads to low traffic in the Hadoop cluster.

Why Choose Zazz’s Hadoop App Development Services in the USA

When you choose to work with our We are the most trusted Hadoop app development company in the USA. We have a powerful team of talented developers dedicated to delivering top-notch services to our clients worldwide.

Experienced Hadoop Developers

Experienced Hadoop Developers

At Zazz, our team of Hadoop developers has the industry-specific experience and the knowledge of creating dynamic solutions that help our clients manage their big data with ease.

End-to-End Solutions

End-to-End Solutions

When you trust our Hadoop app development agency, rest assured that we will offer comprehensive digital solutions that drive exceptional results and accelerate business growth.

Innovative Thinking

Innovative Thinking

When it comes to creating out-of-the-box solutions, Zazz is the winner. Our innovative thinking, dedication, and attention to detail help us build high-performance Hadoop applications.

Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology

We follow an agile methodology that promotes continuous interaction of development and testing throughout the app development cycle while ensuring the delivery of top-quality solutions.

Result-Driven Approach

Result-Driven Approach

At Zazz, we strive to make things happen fast and effectively. Our priority is to save time and effort while adhering to deadlines without losing out on the quality of the digital product.

Transparent Processes

Transparent Processes

Effective communication and transparency are essential to gain our clients’ trust. That’s why we share every detail of the project with our clients to ensure everyone is on the same page.

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Asked Questions

Why do I need Hadoop for my business?+

Hadoop is an effective solution for businesses facing challenges in dealing with big data. Businesses need Hadoop for the storage and security of data while analyzing and discovering algorithms to create strategies.

When is Hadoop useful for an application?+

Hadoop is useful for all applications that deal with massive sets of data. Various Hadoop applications include risk management, content management, fraud detection and prevention, and stream processing.

Can Hadoop be integrated with analytics tools?+

Hadoop can be integrated with many analytics tools, like Python for analytics and visualization, Mahout for machine learning, and Spark for real-time processing.

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Rewarding Hadoop App Development Services

Zazz has built a strong reputation as the most sought-after Hadoop App Development company in the USA. Our team specializes in creating tailor-made solutions for businesses around the world. Be it Hadoop consulting services or custom Hadoop app development; our end-to-end solutions will never disappoint you. We are also a reliable destination for a wide range of mobile app development services. Our Android and iOS developers in the USA are experts in creating robust applications for all types of devices.

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Complete Technical Competency

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Highly Recommended

Zazz has a remarkable team that caters to a wide range of Hadoop app development services. They provide great support and guidance that helped our business reach new heights. They are highly recommended for all types of app development.

  • Chris Jefferson

Fantastic Services

Our experience of working with Zazz was fantastic. They were so supportive and understanding of our needs. They delivered a flawless application within the scheduled date. I am glad I chose them for my Hadoop app development project.

  • Dave Patt

Best Solutions for Hadoop

Zazz has an excellent team of experienced developers that know the ins and outs of Hadoop. They offered tailored solutions, and we got amazing results that helped us manage our data effectively.

  • Mark Jones
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