Apache Hadoop can be useful in several sectors. Apache Hadoop is consistent, and an open-source software framework used to store data sets and process commodity hardware on a large scale.

Zazz helps both large and small organizations manage large datasets. We empower them to process, store, and analyze large amounts of data using Hadoop development solutions. Our developers have diverse expertise in providing Big Data solutions and specialize in providing integrated solutions for Hadoop development.

What exactly Hadoop stands for?

Hadoop stands for 'High Availability Distributed Object-Oriented Platform.' Apache Hadoop is a platform that provides the computing power in a distributed environment to store and process unstructured data and structured data.

Hadoop's two common sub-projects are MapReduce Hadoop and HDFS. Other Hadoop subprojects include Hive, Hbase, Sqoop, Flume, Zookeeper, and Mahout. Application Hadoop is commonly used in financial services, insurance, banking, retail, telecommunications, health care, life sciences, media, and entertainment.

Different types of Hadoop services are analytics, application software for Hadoop services, SQL layer, performance management software for machine learning, and Hadoop services.

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The universe is an ever-changing system of ideas and thoughts flowing every day into the database. Data management has become the primary source for meeting corporate expectations. The great thing is that there is a daily increase in the number of channels.

This requires that data be stored, analyzed, and processed to drive the process towards delivering desired results. Businesses expect to employ a professional android & iOS developer in USA or around the world to introduce and assist them in the process.

Zazz is thoroughly prepared and aligned with an in-depth knowledge of Hadoop development solutions to assist business organizations in the process of storing, analyzing, and processing collated information towards producing success.

Zazz focuses on factors that have a more significant effect on outcomes, thus our Seattle app developers simplify the Hadoop development process. We follow a simple process and make your organization clutter-free.

Get best Hadoop application development services


Hadoop clusters have a highly scalable storage platform. It can store and spread data sets over hundreds of inexpensive servers. This also gives the option of scaling the cluster by adding additional nodes. This enables companies to run applications on thousands of nodes, and handle thousands of terabytes of data.


Hadoop clusters have shown themselves to be a very cost-effective approach to extend data sets. This is designed to scale-out architecture that can use sometime later to store all of a company's data affordably. This saves costs and greatly enhances the storage capability.

More flexible

Hadoop allows companies to store and capture multiple types of data, including images, videos, documents, etc. It also makes them able to be handled and analyzed quickly. This flexibility allows companies to expand and adjust their operations in the data analysis.

Speed enhancement

Hadoop is HDFS and MapReduce based. HDFS stores data and MapReduce uses in parallel processing. The storage method is based on a system of distributed files that maps data stored on the cluster. MapReduce generally stores on the same servers, which enhances data processing faster.

Why choose Zazz?

For businesses to wade through their ever-expanding database, data management needs to. We help global companies to get desired results in the storage, analysis, and processing of these humongous data reserves.

With Hadoop solutions, we deliver a wide variety of data analytics focused on our clients' particular demands. Our experience in Hadoop will help you streamline a lot of processes and concentrate on giving a more significant impact.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When using Apache Hadoop, you obtain the benefit of the following:

High-speed processing

Using parallel distributed computing to get large-scale data storage and high productivity. It can handle thousands of servers seamlessly.

Improved use

Companies store more data today than ever before. Hadoop is used to its advantage by all businesses, including web, public, and startups.

Yes, Hadoop can smoothly run on current devices, making this very practical. This is one of the most comprehensive alternatives or approaches nowadays to manage big data used by such vital organizations as Yahoo!, Myspace, or Facebook. The structure's accomplishments designed an important requirement for professionals dedicated to modifying and establishing various elements.

To achieve optimum performance, we help organizations balance workloads with long-term storage and processing in Hadoop. Our Hadoop solutions allow businesses to gain better data insights and achieve scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Our professional and accomplished Hadoop experts help companies strategize, design, implement, integrate, and evaluate custom Hadoop solutions.