Is React Native Really The future of Mobile App Development in 2022?

by Zazz January 12, 2021 Time to Read Blog: 4 minutes

React is capable of generating native applications for iOS and Android programmed with JavaScript. The goal of React is to build interfaces that react dynamically when a change occurs thanks to the framework. It should be noted that the development is not 100% cross-platform since not all the code works for iOS and Android. Although a large part does as with other options such as Xamarin.

Mobile App Development

How to create an app with React?

What is react native app development? React in native is not a WebView that uses the Safari engine to render the application. It is an engine that executes JavaScript in a service that translates our code in real-time to native components.

Installing the basics

  1. First of all, using the terminal and the “cd” command, we position ourselves in the folder where we will save our project. Being positioned, write the following code in the terminal: $ react-native init “appname”. This code installs React files and folders.
  2. Once it finishes installing, we must make sure that everything ran correctly and that the installation was successful, we will make sure that we run the application.
  3. Being inside the project folder, using the terminal, we will type the following code to view the application: $ react-native run-ios. This may take several minutes because you are installing and compiling all files and folders to install by default.

Creating the API Request

We want to call the API as soon as our app starts working, so we will execute the call in the React component Did Mount method.

Styling It

We already have everything we need to create react app. The last thing we have left is to add the styles.

Factors important while hiring a React Development Company

Solid work experience

Ask a development agency whether they have the right amount of work experience in handling react based mobile apps. It’s not important if they just worked with small companies or startups, the key is to find relevant work experience.

Do I need to hire another company for design and launch?

Ask your development company, can they handle your project from scratch? Significantly, you always opt for a one-window operation. If your react developer just provides the programming of the app and asks you to find another company for launch, it could be messy. Professional development agencies always handle projects from beginning to the final launch. Zazz even gives Support and maintenance services.

Communication Skills

Another important factor while hiring a react native developer is to have a look at their communication skills. You have provided them with all the documentation and conveyed your whole idea but are they grasping it? There should be no language barrier and misunderstandings. It’s crucial for the react mobile app to be executed smoothly without any hindrances like the communication gap.

Development Process

Another key factor is to check their development process. Ask them in the beginning how they will create a react app? Furthermore, enquire about the timelines. It’s very important because it’s the development process that eventually provides success.

QA and Testing

We believe that a faulty app in the market affects the client’s reputation and brand image. Quality assurance and testing, therefore, is of immense importance. Check-in advance whether your react app developer has the contemporary testing knowledge, expertise, and resources.

Special Features

Don’t just give your idea and meet them on the final day. Ask them about their opinion! Special features are most important in the success of mobile apps. Most professional developers have a years-long experience like Zazz. You should ask them about implementing some of the novel or special features in your react hybrid app to make it unique or trendy.

Why is Zazz the best in Business & Why Hire Zazz for Premium React Development?

Faster Development Process

Zazz has created a unique and innovative development process that provides us with speed and quality. Compared to others, we develop native apps 35% faster without compromising over quality. There is no doubt that we are the best React Native App Developer with outstanding agile methodology.

All technologies under one roof

Zazz is the powerhouse developing working on almost all types of technologies. We have separate teams to cater to different technologies and they collaborate to achieve efficiency and productivity. While working with us, you will never have to leave to find another developer. We believe in customer satisfaction and always prioritize it.

Rich Resources

We make available all the technological stack for our clients. Our developers have a command over all of the contemporary languages, tools, and libraries. The reason we have achieved this success is because of our approach towards engaging the latest tools to develop trendy apps. Zazz delivers React-based mobile apps with supreme quality and eye-catchy design. There is no other Seattle App Developer with such a large amount of resources and technological expertise.

World’s best designers

Our stylists and designers are one of the best in the world and we have recruited them after carefully analyzing their strengths. We guarantee an astounding design, a flawless layout, and smooth navigations with our mobile apps.

Integrity at stake

Zazz is no ordinary company just starting the business. We have been in this digital business for many years now. We understand that our integrity is always at stake and we do everything to successfully launch a project to be in your good books. Client satisfaction is our end goal, we don’t work for one project but always see an opportunity to create a relationship. Together we can achieve new milestones, Contact us now!

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