What Is React Native Deep Linking For Mobile Apps?

by Zazz April 22, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 3 minutes

What is deep linking?

A deep link is a specific link aimed at referring to a specific page or product, instead of redirecting only to the application’s home page. The simplest example of a deep link would be a link to a specific Facebook profile, instead of just redirecting to the home page.

Before deep linking, users were redirected to web pages that were not meant for smartphones. React Native is probably the most suitable option when it comes to deep linking.

How does it work?

In simple words, deep linking enhances the user experience. You can click on a webpage link and it smoothly opens that particular page for you. Similarly, with deep links for mobile apps, you can click on a link within an app or a website and it will transfer you to your desired page. This transaction happens without any delay or steps.

Whether it is shared/sent via SMS, email, or even through an ad, the deep link redirects the user to specific content. There are currently 3 types of deep linking in mobile apps:

  1. Standard deeplink: Most used form of deeplink. This deep link works only if the user has the application installed on his mobile.
  2. Deferred deep link: The deferred deep link returns the user to the installation page of the application on the store.
  3. Contextual deeplink: These are the more personalized links with more personalized links.

Advantages of deep linking

It is legitimate to wonder about the concrete advantages of using deep-linking. We have therefore listed this in a few points:

  1.     Deep links are not just for websites or apps. You can use deep links for email marketing as well as for mobile notifications.
  2.     iOS app developers are well aware that deeplinks would increase the conversion rate by 40%
  3.     Greatly improve the user experience by avoiding unnecessary detours and clicks, saving time and comfort.
  4.     Imagine you have seen a jewelry item on an eCommerce store and want your father to purchase it for you. Just share the react Native deep link with your father and the exact jewelry page will be opened on the mobile app of your father.
  5.     The data collected by contextual deep links allows us to perfect the user experience. Mobile app developers in Seattle are already exploring new opportunities with this type.
  6.     Improves the retention rate by re-targeting users who already have the application but are no longer using it.
  7.     It allows you to more precisely trace the return on investment (ROI) of your campaigns by accessing the data collected by contextual deep links.

What apps and content get most out of deep links?

There are a variety of scenarios and mobile apps that can take help from react native deep linking. You need to be creative as there are plenty of opportunities like:

  1.     In a retail app, you can target specific products and take a user directly to them to purchase.
  2.     In news websites or apps, you can direct a user to a trendy story or breaking news.
  3.     Travel apps can redirect users to their promotional stuff like discounted tickets and hotel bookings.
  4.     Marketers can send push notifications for promotions or app update details. With this, they can improve user retention.
  5.     Banking apps can use react native deep links for directing users to new credit card options or installment plans.

 Zazz, Benefiting companies with deep links

Zazz has been using deep links since its inception. Our developers are well versed with the react-navigation library and React Native CLI for deep linking. We can help you out with your existing mobile app by creating react-native deep links. Moreover, we can create a fresh mobile app with amazing features and deep linking capacity. Contact us for further information.


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