React Native For Innovative Mobile Apps For Next-Gen Connected Cars

by Zazz December 30, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 4 minutes

By 2025, the automotive and connected car market expects to hit a whopping $166 billion, creating substantial potential profits for OEMs and Tier 1 vendors. With everything from telematics to preventive maintenance to crash avoidance and enhanced entertainment systems, secure connectivity for linked cars will help.

React Native For Innovative Mobile Apps

This growing trend in infotainment and vehicle tracking based on smartphones is made possible by innovations that help build smart mobile apps. One such mobile application development technology that has gained tremendous popularity since its launch in 2015 is the React Native System.

In this review, in the background of automotive mobile apps, we will experience React Native app development possibilities. But first, let us consider what the development of React Native is and how it varies from the development of conventional native apps.

React Native: A Smart Idea For App Development:

React Native is a Facebook-produced open-source mobile application platform. You can build a mobile app with the support of React Native and run it on Android, iOS, Windows, etc. For the creation of applications, the React Native App Development company uses the Javascript code library. There is no other device out there that can take you as much time and offers such quality.

Top Reasons To Choose React Native For Apps:

  • Faster development with less cost incurred
  • Reusable codes for both Android and iOS
  • Unique UI & UX maximizes user experience
  • Live update feature to change the code in real-time
  • Quick updates and easy maintenance
  • Bridges the gap between Native & hybrid
  • Less memory consumption with 3rd party plug-ins

React Native For IoT Device App Development:

Facilitates Overall Writing Process:

The React library uses JSX, a JavaScript utility that can make it easier to compose segments. To build components, when writing on the react, there are a few rules you have to follow to ensure that the source is relaxed and clean.

Increase Productivity:

After the mobile app development agency uses React Web Design For IoT, one of the best examples of improving efficiency is Walmart. While the brand has numerous branches and subsidiaries that retain its online presence, many of the components remain the same.

Faster Rendering:

For IoT ventures, the Visual DOM will do wonders as it shows progressions in the record object’s model. Also, this model helps to recognize certain primary DOM operations that increase the client’s experience and eventually contribute to “higher execution of the application.”

Stable Code:

And if any changes occur, React JS follows a descending stream of information that preserves the framework. The developer/designer then expects to make improvements to the state and continue to make changes. Such frameworks ensure that IoT ventures limit the data that provides robust code and consistent execution.

Compositional Structure:

React follows a composition model implicitly since how it designs. The composition structure provided for IoT by React could streamline the process of application building.

Rich & Open ToolSet:

React ensures that the best framework for front-end development is available. Since the reactJS library is entirely free and operative, it is the best choice. It offers a rich tool collection, and on several occasions, they all come in very convenient.

React Native Mobile App Development in the Automobile Industry:

There are several mobile application development frameworks that help create a perfect app for owners, which will be useful for consumers. It is understood that one such app is React Native. Particularly for automotive mobile apps, React Native app development industries are expanding at a higher pace.

React Native app development is also common in the automotive industry. Data can retrieve from online/third-party locations through IoT driven mobile apps built using the React Native framework. Also, on the mobile device itself, these applications can also fetch data from built-in sensors.


  • It is possible to collect and view vehicle position, weather data, Bluetooth module information, WiFi data, accelerometer and gyroscope data, etc., on the dashboard for driver assistance.
  • Mobile applications can be used in electric cars for functions such as car lock/unlock, charging routine, charging status monitoring, portable charging, temperature sensors (such as AC control), etc.
  • Monitoring driver behavior and related analytics is another significant use case for React Native mobile apps in the automotive industry.
  • To provide the driver with useful insights, automotive mobile apps can also collect car maintenance data.
  • It is also possible to offload music/media player software and other infotainment functions from the car dashboard to smartphone apps.
  • To integrate security features such as SVN (Stolen Vehicle Notification) into the vehicle, React Native apps may also be used.

Stolen Vehicle Notifications:

If a driver detects that their vehicle has been stolen, SVN notification from the mobile application can be activated. The connected vehicle can be regulated via the app. If the stolen vehicle is in drive mode, the vehicle’s speed is not faster than the predefined value.

Until the SVN is disconnected, it cannot be unlocked if the car is in parked mode. A single mobile app built using the React Native framework can be part of the connected car’s telematics system to monitor, diagnose, and manage the vehicle efficiently.

Future Of App Development:

Only luxury or revolutionary vehicle designs have tapped into the power of IoT mobile applications. It is only a matter of time when such apps for a wider variety of automobiles implements.

The React Native framework for the development of IoT mobile apps is developing at a fast pace. Likely, the platform’s shortcomings will soon mitigate by the introduction of new components. And using the benefits of this technology for the production of automotive applications would then be a game-changer for companies in the industry.

Zazz is a dominant player among React Native app development companies, and we make the framework an inherent part of our app development project, right from idea generation to management.

Let’s discuss as our competent team of react-native developers provides in-depth expertise to create the best fits for intelligent mobile applications to drive your business competently.

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