Benefits of Developing a PWA Using React Native in 2022

by Zazz January 13, 2021 Time to Read Blog: 4 minutes

Defining web application

Web applications are a type of software that is coded in a language supported by web browsers. There is no need to install a web app on your mobile phone, it’s like in the cloud. Its execution is carried out by the browser on the internet or intranet.

React Native in 2022

In 2021, we are seeing a huge trend of web apps developed using React Native and other technologies. Web applications are the amazing cost-effective tools for certain businesses that never need complex mobile apps. These are easy to create and very quick in the development phase. Now as you have understood what is web application, let’s talk about progressive web apps.

What are Progressive web applications?

Progressive web applications are halfway between web apps and native apps. They are web pages, but through the use of Service Workers and other technologies, they behave more like normal applications than web applications. They don’t need to live in a browser but a user can install them on their mobile phones or other devices.

A progressive application consists of four parts; the manifest, the service workers, the icon, and the server.

App manifesto

The manifest of a PWA application is a JSON file in which all of its Meta information is specified. It is where the theme color, name, background color, icon, and those details are indicated.

Service Worker

This is perhaps the most important component. They are programmatic elements that offer solutions to exchange information between network, browser cache and server. Besides, they also record information to be loaded when there is a connection, allowing the app to be run without the internet.


The icon helps identify your PWA app from others. Always hire a web Designer that guarantees eye-catchy and captivating design.


Browsers will never run a PWA that is hosted on an HTPP like many websites today. It provides security to PWA and the browser job is to implement it smoothly without any hindrance.

What will we need to program a progressive web application?

It will be necessary to comply with a couple of important requirements that we will have to carry out in programming. These are as follows:

  • API key: the data from our PWA app will come directly from this API, so you must get a key from it.
  • Programming knowledge: You must at least understand web programming and the most essential of HTML5, CSS, and Javascript languages. React Native App Development must have the expertise over the existing tech stacks.

How to Hire a PWA developer?

Developer tools

Building a nice, interactive and fresh front-end is not easy, but there are three fundamental tools for it: HTML, CSS, and JS. Every web developer should know and feel very comfortable with these languages. Getting these three elements to interact seamlessly is an art that requires experience and practice.

Request a parameter to measure the work done

If your area is not programming you should find a way to measure the person’s work to know how you will take control when you are carrying out the project. In other words, you should ask what the work will consist of and how you will be able to measure progress.

Experience matters

Hiring a senior web programmer is not the same as hiring a junior. Evaluate the pros and cons of things like cost versus experience. This will depend on the type of project it is. Always ask about the portfolio and the work already done by the developer. This will give you an insight regarding the talent and abilities of a development company.

Engage a conversation

Never hire a web app development agency without asking a couple of questions. Engage a healthy conversation, tell them about your plans and market scenario. Ask them about the timelines, development process, and most importantly the benefits of having a web app over others. Your developer must know what is a progressive web app and how it elevates your brand.

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Clear communication

Try to always stay in communication with the web developer you hire. The person who works with you must have ease of communication and be open to listening to you. Talk to him about each of your concerns as the project unfolds.

How Zazz has achieved huge success with Progressive Web App Development

Complete Customization

Zazz offers complete customization not only in PWA development but also in selecting various features and even team members. We are flexible and always open for suggestions and changes even at the 11th hour. We develop complete tailor-made solutions keeping in mind your needs, and business plan.

Outstanding UI/UX

Today’s apps get popular with their design language. Zazz always prioritizes customer satisfaction by implementing amazing user experience and design layouts. Zazz develops progressive web app iOS, Android, and all other platforms with the same skills and approach.

Accomplished developers

Zazz has got the world’s best developers who have major accomplishments under our banner. We occasionally do talent hunts and our strategy has got us some of the best minds in the world.

Creativity and Innovation

Permanent success is only achieved through creativity and innovation. Zazz has a separate team that always works on innovative ideas. Our research has granted us a unique development process and creating mobile apps in record time. These strategies have made us the best App development company.

Most Cost-Effective Solutions

We value the money and strategize the whole roadmap according to your budget. We not only give priority to cost-effectiveness but also make sure that our apps are supreme by every aspect.

One-Window and Best Technologies

While working with Zazz, you have complete peace of mind. If you want to create several digital solutions, there is no need to go anywhere else. You can always talk to us! We assure you that we can integrate your existing and future projects with any technology you desire.

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