Why is Flutter A Compatible Choice for Enterprise App Development?

by Melissa Clarkson March 24, 2023 Time to Read Blog: 7 minutes

Looking to build your next big mobile app with cross-platform compatibility? Flutter is an unmistakable choice indeed. But what makes it a feasible framework solution for making large-scale applications?

Let’s understand the significance of Flutter app development with a daily life analogy in which everyone gets to choose what they like. 

Enterprise App Development

Consider it like a Korean hotpot or a buffet system with a plethora of options for people of varying taste preferences. From seasoning and salad options to carbs, they get to eat what they like. A central arrangement serves a multitude of people at a time.

Flutter is like that customized buffet system or a hotpot where choices are unlimited. An app can be built with cross-platform compatibility and tailored scalability, given the wide spectrum of widgets available in the software tool kit of Flutter.

It is one of the best frameworks for enterprise and large-scale application development. In this post, we will explore why Flutter is the foremost choice for enterprise apps across the globe.

Moreover, we will go through the popular apps built on this framework that give Flutter a competitive advantage over other alternatives.

Flutter App Development – Rise in Popularity Since 2017

Before we head towards the benefits of Flutter for the development of cross-platform and enterprise apps, let’s catch a quick view of Flutter and its origin.

The concept of Flutter was brought into the picture in 2015. However, it took Google two years to structure a functioning framework. Despite its launch in 2017, Google was not content with the framework and released its first stable version in 2018.

Flutter 1.17.0 was released along with Dart SDK 2.8 in 2020 which made this framework suitable for iOS app development with a 50% boost in its performance. Some network tracking development tools were also introduced during this time.

From 2020 to 2023, Google has come up with more than 4 versions of this framework, each of them more powerful and feature-rich than the previous ones. At present, it has a framework architecture that contains Dart SDK, Development Tools, and design-specific widgets.

Benefits of Flutter for Cross-Platform App Development

Single Codebase

1. Single Codebase

Cross-platform app development has garnered quite a lot of attention from developers and growing enterprises. Even the biggest mobile app development agencies in the USA and overseas believe that cross-platform development is the most cost-efficient way for increasing outreach.

For cross-platform app development, Flutter is the first choice due to its single codebase. Global brands like eBay have already used it to bring their products faster in the market because it allows the development of native-like interfaces using a single code.

Custome Widgets

2. Custom Widgets

Top app developers in the USA prefer Flutter app development due to its custom widgets because it comes with so many benefits for platform customization. Using this merit of the framework, mobile app development companies create visually phenomenal mobile apps that can be accessed on a desktop or tablet effortlessly.

Extensive Libraries

3. Extensive Libraries

Supported by Google, Flutter is an open-source framework itself. But what makes it the right cross-platform development framework is the vast library. Every time a UI change is prompted on the application, it alleviates the loading process to provide a smooth app experience.

Efficient Testing

4. Efficient Testing

Hot reload is a prominent feature of Flutter that not only simplifies rapid development but also helps product engineers with an efficient quality assurance process. When you want to modify a specific feature of the app, your IT team can do so in real time while testing its functionality at the same time.

Native Rendering

5. Native Rendering

Flutter is the best choice for enterprise app development because it emphasizes a native appeal in an application. From wearable to tablets and desktops, a digital product can be tailored to various settings with the help of Flutter. In addition, it discards the possibility of performance bugs that often result due to the interpretation process.

Design Customization

6. Design Customization

When we talk about cross-platform app development, design customization comes as a given aspect of the development cycle. Flutter has many benefits for app development but the ability to share UI code with the app interface makes it a rather unique aspect of digital product planning. Design customization does have its complexities, but top Flutter app developers can make it work with the help of its widgets and libraries.

Unbeatable Performance

7. Unbeatable Performance

Single code development and faster deployment may raise doubts like performance bugs and functionality issues. Integrestly, Flutter app development projects are far away from these apprehensions. Moreover, Google has an immensely broad community of Flutter experts to provide technical alliances on potential development complexities. 

Most Popular Apps Built on Flutter Framework

Google Assistant

1. Google Assistant

Many products of Google are developed using Flutter but Google Assistant is the most used and well-renowned example of why Flutter has so many benefits for enterprise and large-scale app development. In addition to Google Assistant, Google Ads is also the end product of Flutter which helps many people around the world make a living.


2. Groupon

Groupon is an apt example of why Flutter app development is the right way to proceed when you have a multi-faceted mobile app to work on. This Flutter-based application not only manages the load of 50 million worldwide users but also keeps the merchant side and customer side equally functional.

Phillips hue

3. Phillips Hue

Phillips Hue, as we all know, is a smart home lighting system. It allows users to control the intensity and brightness of lights in a room using their smartphones. The concept is not only intriguing but also super convenient, given the customized layout of the app.

eBay Motors

4. eBay Motors

eBay is one of the most recognized retail brands in the world. But most people do not know that its own dedicated platform for selling and buying cars for brought to the market in a very limited time. The team itself only had a year and this is why they went with Flutter app development solutions to finish the product faster.

The New York Times

5. The New York Times

When Google enabled Flutter to customize apps for web apps and desktops, The New York Times decided to change its own application interface using this framework. Apart from this, the media giant chose the Flutter framework to build the KENKEN app for limitless accessibility.

SpaceX Go

6. SpaceX Go

Those who like to learn about spaceships and their launch history can download SpaceX. Aside from upcoming launch plans and previous records, you can find out all the ships, rockets, and capsules built by SpaceX.

Beer Me Up

7. Beer Me Up

Flutter is the go-to framework for new innovations and this app is a perfect example of it. Beer Me Up is a mobile app that lets people keep a track of their beer consumption and explore information on worldwide beer brands and so much more.

Platypus Crypto

8. Platypus Crypto

Platypus Crypto is a mobile app where people can track cryptocurrency resources while viewing real-time charts and trade percentages for numerous crypto options. Users can use the app in dark mode and eliminate the charts they don’t need.


9. Hookle

Hookle is used by influencers and businesses to manage multiple social media accounts at the same time. Since it involves the assessment of image and text contents to adjust it for various social media platforms, the app was built as a scalable interface that can run seamlessly on tablets, Androids, and iOS.


10. NuBank

Even the fintech domain is utilizing the benefits of Flutter app development. NuBank is a vivid example of it. It is a mobile-first fintech startup that has initially counted on native apps. To make the platform more scalable, NuBank chose Flutter while building a digital savings account for its users.

Why Zazz for Flutter App Development Services in the USA?

Some of your favorite applications that you have known and used are built on Flutter. It is known for its rapid development process that covers compatibility testing, efficiency, functional consistency, and cost-effectiveness. Enterprises looking to curate automated internal systems and device-oriented applications can rely on Flutter app development.

You just need to partner with a Flutter app development company that has created apps and software for a wide variety of devices. Moreover, this framework requires rendering for native interfaces followed by a comprehensive testing process. Even though there are widgets in this framework that fasten the development of cross-platform apps, Flutter projects can be efficiently accomplished by a trained and professional team.

If you are in search of a Flutter app development agency in the USA, Zazz is a one-stop service provider you can contact. As a thriving team of talented developers and product engineers, we have come a long way with our cross-platform expertise and set the mark for excellence.

To learn more about our Flutter app development services, contact us today!


Explore the cutting-edge world of app development with Melissa Clarkson and her blogs on the latest trends and industry updates to fuel your tech journey.

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