Zazz’s High-End IoT App Development Services

Embrace the digital change with our top-notch IoT app development services in the USA. At Zazz, we build smart network solutions harnessing the power and potential of the Internet of Things to accelerate business growth and streamline various operations. We provide bespoke IoT development services that guarantee productivity and ease of doing business. We are the market leader in the IoT world due to our unique approach and a better understanding of the latest technology. Our team of top developers build one-of-a-kind IoT applications that use machine learning technologies and combine sensor data with predictive analytics to deliver impressive results that comply with the industry standards.

If you are planning to step into the brilliant world of IoT and leverage its power to add value to your business, you have come to the right place. We are not just a mobile app development company offering IoT services; we are the trusted digital partners empowering businesses with end-to-end IoT solutions while smoothly integrating them to their existing enterprise architecture. You can count on our IoT app development company in the USA for unparalleled services.

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connects your people, products, and processes to enable intelligent industrial operations using advanced data analytics for profitable business outcomes. It involves using smart machines and real-time analytics to enhance manufacturing and industrial processes and drive business decisions faster and more accurately.

Consumer IoT

Consumer IoT

The Consumer Internet of Things (CIoT) refers to IoT in the context of consumer applications. It is related to the connected devices designed for the consumer market, for example, smartphones, wearables, smart home appliances, and more. CIoT can help businesses understand how products are being used and get actionable insights to improve the consumer experience.

Healthcare IoT

Healthcare IoT

Healthcare IoT activates a diversity of ways to manage patients' health more effectively. It helps automate patient care workflow, remotely monitor ongoing conditions, and gather data, thus allowing treatment of diseases that were not previously possible. With IoT, you can create virtual hospitals in which outpatient and long-term care can be delivered remotely.

Our IoT App Development Skills

Hardware Prototyping and Designing

The development of a robust and high-performance IoT application requires a significant amount of time and money. That’s why it is essential to ensure whether the app’s features are aligned with what you need. Our team builds a prototype before commencing the full-scale development process to check that the technical requirements match your expectations, identify the loopholes and understand what is needed to be done to make this app a success. The app development process is divided into four tasks.

  • Identifying Requirements

  • PCB Layouts and Designs

  • Custom Enclosure Design

  • PCB Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, and Thermal Analysis

iot hardware prototyping and design
embedded iot software development

Embedded Software Development

Embedded software or firmware is the brain of a device. It plays a vital role in IoT application development because embedded systems join together to form the Internet of Things enabling data exchange between previously unconnected devices. Our team has hands-on experience developing embedded software by implementing different network protocols, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and RFID. We offer embedded systems of various complexities depending on your requirement. Our developers are skilled in-

  • DSP and Microcontroller Programming

  • Motor Control Applications, UAV, and Smart Home

  • CloudBridge Development

  • BSPs for Real-Time and Embedded Operating Systems

  • AOSP Development and Support

IoT Dashboards

IoT dashboard is an essential part of an IoT software as it helps visualize, display, and organize data captured and transmitted by network-connected devices. We create real-time, impactful IoT dashboards suited for your application for better and easy handling of data. Filled with graphs, charts, maps, and tables, the dashboard works as a meeting point for all the connected devices to remotely monitor assets and operational processes without much effort. With our IoT dashboard solutions, you get access to-

  • Web-Based HMIs

  • Predictive and Advanced Maintenance System

  • Real-Time Sensor Data Visualization

  • Top IoT Platforms, like Google, AWS, Azure, and Fogwing

  • Effective Admin Dashboards

IoT dashboards
iot mobile apps for connected devices

Mobile Apps for Connected Devices

We specialize in designing native and cross-platform mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. After all, we are also a reliable Android and iOS app development company. Our team is well-versed with various mobile app development frameworks, like Flutter, React Native and Xamarin. We have successfully delivered various dynamic mobile apps for the retail, insurance, education, and travel & tourism sector. When you entrust us with your mobile app development project, you can rest assured that we will deliver quality results and develop an app loaded with features through an agile-based approach to save time and costs. We are the experts at designing-

  • Interactive Applications for Wearables

  • Secured Contactless Payment Solutions

  • Image Recognition Applications

Zazz - The IoT App Development Company You Can Trust

Enhance your business’ efficiency by streamlining processes using the power of IoT technology

Wi-Fi- Enabled Product

provisioning icon iot development company


cloud connectivity framework icon

Cloud Connectivity Framework

iot support for discovery protocol icon

Support for Discovery Protocol

support for mesh network icon

Support for Mesh Network

Bluetooth Enabled Product

pairing support icon

Pairing Support

support for the mesh network icon

Support for the Mesh Network

End-toEnd IoT App Development Services in the USA

We are a powerhouse, developing all sorts of IoT solutions under one roof.

Customized IoT Apps for Your Business

- Bespoke, bug-free, easy to integrate IoT applications offering a personalized experience to your target customers

- Intelligent devices to access corporate data from a single source

Media Player for
3D Display

- ESP32 based system

- Incredible support to stereoscopic 3D videos

- Specified communication protocols implemented in ESP32: Modbus, RTU, SFTP

Data Logging Temperature Control Systems

- Raspberry Pi-Based System

- Designed as Linux Service

- Home Automation Systems

Locks Using Bluetooth Technology

- BLE Enabled Devices

- Based on NRF5283 Device

GSM Based Remote Monitoring and Control

- SIM800 Based System with STM32F Microcontroller

- Managed through SMS and REST Protocols

Custom IoT Solutions Powering Your Business


Digital Health and

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) can unlock the potential of digital health. This technology can streamline various clinical processes and revolutionize healthcare. Our experienced IoT developers specialize in developing customer-friendly, tailor-made wearables that monitor patients’ health conditions in real-time from any location and share the data with family, caregivers, and medical professionals, thus helping make sound clinical decisions. For patients and clinicians, the integration of IoT apps in connected devices plays a vital role in tracking and preventing chronic illnesses and optimizing clinical workflow management while improving patient care.


Industrial Equipment and IIoT

IoT plays a pivotal role in boosting productivity, minimizing asset downtime, improving preventive maintenance, and reducing repair costs in the industrial sector. It is transforming traditional, linear supply chains into dynamic, interconnected systems. With the help of an IoT application, you can put networked sensors and intelligent devices to use on the manufacturing floor and make factories more efficient. Trust our IoT app development company to digitize your shop floors and manage your day-to-day operations with ease. By harnessing IoT, you can increase productivity and uptime, improve product quality, improve warehouse management, and create end-to-end operational visibility.


IoT Security

Comprehensive security management is essential to ensure the security and privacy of IoT devices. Our powerful team of developers leaves no stone unturned in keeping your IoT systems safe by creating security tools that protect the devices from threats and breaches. Our security solutions help mitigate cybersecurity risks by enforcing mandatory password changes, notifying users about outdated software, applying strict access control policy for APIs, and using IoT data encryption. Investing in security systems not only prevents your IoT devices from becoming a source of attacks but also keeps your valuable resources and assets safe from unauthorized users.

Our IoT Application Development Process

Here’s how our IoT app development company turns your IoT ideas into reality

Planning & Research Planning & Research


We determine your needs and choose the best course of action to give desired results.



We select an IoT platform and create a prototype for software testing.

Development Development


We rigorously test the app to determine it is fast, bug-free, and compatible.

Maintenance & Support Maintenance & Support


We continue to help you fix bug issues actively and maintain the application in the future.

What Sets Us Apart

Being a premier IoT app development company in the USA, we specialize in building tailor-made IoT products and integrating the same with your existing systems. We provide businesses with a strategy to utilize and explore the Internet of Things to compete well in their relevant market.

Value for Money

Highly Skilled IoT Developers

With years of industry experience and exposure to multiple projects, our team has gained a plethora of knowledge on IoT app development. The experts at Zazz are highly skilled in programming, networking, and machine learning.


Data Security

Our vigilant team uses the latest data security practices, compliance, and regulations to keep your confidential information safe. We use data encryption and multiple layers of security to ensure breaches on your network are rapidly identified and resolved.

Technical Support (24x7)

24/7 Technical Support

Our technical support team is available 24x7 so that all your IoT app-related problems are promptly addressed and solved. When you choose our IoT app development services, you can rest assured that we will help you anytime, anywhere.


State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

We have the best IoT developers who bring their vast knowledge and rich experience to the table. Our in-depth understanding of IoT, the latest tools, and systematic processes help us develop and deliver your project while maintaining the highest quality standard.

Experienced Developers

Quick Turnaround

Fast delivery of robust and high-quality software is one of our key focus areas. At Zazz, we aim at exceeding your expectations without losing out on quality. We understand how valuable your time is. That’s why always ensure on-time delivery of apps.

Excellent Track Record

Quality Assurance

We follow quality-oriented work processes and pay close attention to user experience, ensuring 100% quality standards and client satisfaction. We are open to listening and adapting to deliver innovative app development solutions that are the epitome of perfection.

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Zazz is a leading mobile app development company in the USA. We offer a wide range of software development services, including Android app development and iOS app development.

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Dedicated Team

Experienced Team


Dynamic IoT Solutions

We are the most sought-after IoT app development company in the USA. We have revolutionized the IoT sector by delivering amazing digital products, platforms, and top-notch IoT-based services. Trust us to build an IoT ecosystem for your business that connects peoples, machines, and processes for efficient business operations. An IoT integrated system will turn data into actionable insights and empower your organization with automated tasks and real-time data. With the help of an IoT app development partner, you can reap many benefits. Now is the time to connect smart devices and make informed decisions with this disruptive technology. Discuss your project with us, and we will help you achieve your business goals with our IoT app development services in the USA.

Absolute Support


Complete Technical Competency

Qualified Developers

What Our Clients Say

Game-Changer for My Business

“I view my partnership with Zazz as a game-changer for my business. It has been a really great experience working with a competent team of developers. We had a tight timeline to launch our app and we wanted a lot of features to be integrated. They worked with us to fully understand our needs, the entire onboarding process was smooth and the end product exceeded my expectations. I would recommend them for their sophisticated IoT app development services.”

  • user
  • Elizabeth Shelley

Personalized Attention and Quality Work

“They have a good understanding of IoT and they know the latest tools and technologies at the back of their hands. We are fortunate to have found them. They have been amazing partners in supporting us and helping us find exactly what we needed. The framework that they built for app marketing was excellent and well-researched. Working with them comes with the benefit of getting a big team with personalized attention. Anyone with an opportunity should work with them.”

  • user
  • Ryan Anderson

Unparalleled Skills and Knowledge

“The best thing about Zazz is that they’re very good at explaining the whys, especially to a non-technical person like me. The experience was fantastic from start to finish and they were always so supportive of what we needed. We were looking for someone to offer the complete IoT package and we found them. Their IoT skills and knowledge are unparalleled. Looking forward to having a long-lasting relationship with them.”

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  • Richard Beck

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Zazz always keeps pace with innovative technologies. This makes us the best mobile application solution providers.

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Zazz Provides Bespoke IoT App development services that guarantees productivity and ease of doing business.

The IoT (Internet of Things) is a technology that is becoming very popular today. Zazz has become a market leader in the technological world due to a unique approach towards technologies like IoT. In recent years, the IoT has been expanding as connectivity has been improving thanks to smart devices, wireless communication, intelligent sensors, cloud-based computing systems, and much more. Zazz, IoT app development company can create wonders for you and your company by designing tailor-made IoT solutions. You must Hire best android app developer of Zazz to maximize your reach.

The IoT has gained ground with the help of thriving mobile technology, and we can now see the number of IoT applications on the market increasing. Zazz is the number one choice for many companies due to our abundant resources, and command over IoT hardware and Platforms. We deliver exceptional user experience by making it a breeze to control your IoT devices. Get to know us more and hire best UX developer in the world.

IoT is all about connectivity, but excellence can be achieved only by displaying and using the data from IoT devices to perfection. We develop high tech IoT development software products, digital User Interface solutions, platforms, and integrate them with perfectly crafted mobile apps. Zazz is a go-to company when it comes to enhancing growth opportunities by developing extraordinary, IoT based management systems.

We are an IoT app development company having expertise in Bespoke IoT products and its integration with your existing systems. We provide businesses with a strategy to utilize and explore the Internet of Things to compete well in their relevant market. This feat is achieved by working with hundreds of companies and by researching every industry to its core.

Are you thinking of stepping into the brilliant world of IoT? Get partnered with Zazz; we guarantee the best results in record time. We are the leading IoT development service provider having our regional footprint all over Latin America. We have become a renowned name in the United States, thanks to our designers in Florida and Texas while our app developers in San Francisco are reshaping the world of IoT. Our offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Texas, have set new records of successful collaborations.

Cost Effective Yet Quality IoT Development Services

Zazz has Brought Revolution to the IoT Sector by Delivering Amazing Products, Platforms and World Class IoT Based Services.

We are a powerhouse, developing all sorts of IoT solutions under one roof. We have recruited the world's best IoT developers and talent and have adopted the best development method to give you an edge over your competitors. Transform your business digitally and use smart devices and smart IoT development services to achieve new heights. We provide top-notch services from Alaska to Miami. Our San Francisco and Seattle app developers are famous for tackling clients with different and innovative ideas. We provide IoT services all over the globe with the help of our efficient and other cities teams. We have been accredited as the best company with maximum resources and professional skills in the USA.

  • IoT integration with AI
  • IoT application development services
  • IoT platform from Scratch
  • IoT based software solutions
  • Home and Office IoT Solutions
  • IoT enabled Healthcare Systems
  • Voice-enabled IoT Monitoring and Security Systems
  • IoT Data Analyzing and Cloud Services
  • IoT Maintenance & Support

Our IoT services help the company use innovative, low-cost, high-level-of-connection technology in daily industry processes. The main axes of our solutions include data collection, analysis, and storage; mobile devices, and custom prototypes. Our team will provide you with innovative solutions, which will decrease costs, increase operational efficiency, collect data of interest, and improve service levels to your customers. If you want to make profits without risks, hire Best app developer , as Zazz always guarantees results and provides a cost-effective roadmap.

We Are More Than A Digital Agency

With know-how in cutting-edge technologies, visionary curiosity, and stylish creativity, we tackle every challenge.

We find the best digital solutions for our partners and don't settle for less. Our drive is to explore the unknown, to find the answers in new challenges and visions. We offer our partners a full service in the complete development process and accompany them from the idea to the publication of the apps and web services with advice, design, and development.

Zazz is Key to Digital Transformation

Zazz has got the world's best IoT developers and is providing companies with the tools to counter the new world scenario.

The Internet of Things is, at the moment, one of the most critical business sectors of the Digital Economy, a pivotal piece to promote digital transformation. And one of the fundamental pillars for Smart Cities to become a reality in the future more right now.

The growth of business and the IoT development solutions will be constant in the coming years and one of the great stimulators of the economy worldwide. We are talking about both the development of their applications and a new business environment in which companies will have to put their connected objects in communication to interconnect them and, in this way, be able to access the millions of data they supply.

After the coronavirus pandemic, we are developing state of the art IoT solutions for healthcare and other companies to tackle economic depression. Our IoT development solutions are exceptional in every way and provide our clients with an unmatched edge over their competitors. Zazz is the only company in the United States with hundreds of successful IoT projects and IoT mobile apps. We believe in technology and future proof your business with brilliant digital transformation.

Our Unique Development Process

Building Internet of Things applications starts with the thing itself: the hardware, and then moves on to the software and infrastructure that channels communication, organization, and process. At Zazz, we build IoT applications on top of a ready-made platform that provides ingest operations (reception and organization of data flow) and logical operations (data management and processing capabilities, an API to allow communication between the platform and the built applications. about her). Building IoT applications on these platforms will enable you to complete development in a fraction of the time it would take to create an IoT platform from Scratch.

Because we start with a pre-built backend, we can focus on front-end functionality and data performance, optimizing your application to fit the core market and helping you capitalize on the gold mine of data available in each device. Our IoT developers bring your ideas to life, faster and better than any other IoT development company. In terms of functionality and applications, the possibilities are endless. Together we can develop and test a wide range of applications, including:

  • Automotive, transport and logistics
  • Smart energy and security
  • Industrial and business automation
  • Consumer and other M2M
  • Digital home

Our Award-winning Craft

We use an interdisciplinary team of project managers, app, and server developers to develop your customized IoT digital solution. Our expertise in state-of-the-art IoT application development technologies helps us to use the best possible in your app project. Short development cycles, regular sprint reviews, and Scrum-certified project management ensure that we can react flexibly to short-term changes.

Enticing IoT UX / UI Designs

The first impression counts! Every project depends on the perfect user experience. Our UX / UI team and IoT developers take care of the implementation of the ideal look and feel for your IoT mobile application - regardless of the industry. We match design and usability to the needs of the users. We use it to create a user experience that impresses and motivates your target group. Our apps are suitable for every platform and provide an outstanding user experience. That is the reason; our clients hire iOS Developer and Android to power their IoT projects.

Testing & Analytics Capabilities

We do not leave anything to chance! During the conception phase, we define relevant KPIs, which we monitor continuously and automatically after the release. Subsequent updates enable us to optimize the usage behaviour of the IoT applications and contribute to long-term app success. Automated testing on real smartphones guarantees the implementation of fast release cycles without having to compromise on quality.

Meaningful Collaborations and Partnerships

We trust companies specialized in fields such as sensors, hardware manufacturers, data exploitation, etc. to jointly tackle complex projects in which it is necessary to combine several disciplines. We have the collaboration of specialized engineering, expert companies in data processing and analysis (Big Data), suppliers of industrial equipment, and project development companies, among others. As a result of these collaborations, we have been able to tackle the challenges of industrial companies in information technology and operation.

Exceptional Industrial Applications

Under the name Internet of Things, many applications have a place, some of them already existed under other names. The current IoT boom is due to the availability of low-cost pluggable devices and the ubiquity of the internet. Apart from applications for health, wearables, smart cities, we are a champion in below mentioned Industry-oriented applications:

Automated Production Center

Within the growing sophistication of robotic production centres, there are a multitude of controls and measurements to ensure the efficiency and quality of the entire process. In this sense, IIoT is part of the Industry 4.0 concept.


Remote access to view and record the critical parameters of a machine is handy for companies. Whether for simple monitoring or to predict operating anomalies, keeping track of specific parameters such as temperature, vibrations, or consumption is of great help.

Our Secret of Success lies in Our Commitment to Clients.

Our IoT engineering and design department is always in touch with advancements in technology to satisfy our multinational clientele's demands.

Our holistic approach will help you expand your company in the production of advanced and creative IoT development services and solutions. We use personalized IoT tools to accelerate workflow and comfort. Our IoT solutions are energy-intensive and reasonably stable to cover sensitive data.

As a professional IoT development company, Zazz builds all kinds of solutions for you. Moreover, we connect those programs to your existing software. These connections allow you to see more relationships between figures and other data. It enables you to adapt your business strategy even better to the possibilities by having splendid IoT application development services.

Some of the many goals you achieve with us are:

  • Grip on costs
  • Better efficiency
  • Serve customer faster
  • More production
  • Identify growth opportunities
  • Smarter warehouse management and just-in-time deliveries

Try Zazz Exceptional Professionalism

Our applications delight millions of users and also storm the app charts in the Apple App Store & Google Play Store. That makes us proud.

Zazz's IoT application development is designed to deliver the best possible products, while at the same time reducing production time and growth cost as much as possible. Our multidisciplinary team of software engineers works tirelessly to deliver unbeatable end-user benefits and reduce time to market so you can maximize your earning potential.

As an IoT app development company, we offer you a wide range of digital solutions, paired with a deep understanding of modern and scalable technologies. We are your partner for sophisticated app development. With a focus on innovative user experience, we develop future-proof, digital products for your company and your customers.

Our approach is well received. Not only in the USA but internationally! Well-known international customers trust our expertise as a perfect IoT app development company. The Zazz team has a history of award-winning apps.

Do you want to know more about how our Internet of Things development company can help bring your project to life? Feel free to describe your IoT challenge by sending us a request through our contact form or by sending us an email directly.

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