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Our Dot Net Development Services

Zazz delivers custom Dot Net web development services that propel enterprises towards substantial growth and operational efficiency. Our professional team uses the full spectrum of .NET capabilities, from ASP.NET MVC to secure WCF services and scalable Azure cloud integration.

With the integration of entity frameworks for robust database interactions and deployment of advanced .NET Core apps, we provide solutions that support complex business logic and high data integrity. Our commitment to work with the latest technology and flexible methodologies guarantees our clients receive resilient, updated, and impactful software solutions.

Custom .NET Application Development

Custom .NET
Application Development

Zazz, a premier Dot Net development company, crafts custom .NET apps to fulfill the specific business needs of our clients. With top technologies namely .NET Core and ASP.NET, we deliver efficient as well as scalable and secure solutions.

Our team can optimize system architecture and refine business operations via advanced programming techniques and robust development practices.

Enterprise .NET Solutions

.NET Solutions

Being the best Dot Net development company, we are pros in enterprise-level .NET solutions and provide full services that integrate easily with large-scale business environments. Our solutions boost operational efficiency with Microsoft SQL Server and Azure services.

We architect solutions that ease enterprise agility, improve data processing capabilities, and support substantial user bases with no compromise on performance or security.

ASP.NET Web Development


Zazz is a distinguished Dot Net web development company that creates dynamic and responsive web apps using ASP.NET. These applications are designed to meet modern web standards with better navigation and optimized page loading times.

Our development approach assures rich functionality and accessibility that makes websites more engaging for users and easier to manage for administrators.

WCF Services Development

WCF Services

Our .Net development services include expert Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) development and enable secure SOAP-based services. We implement communication solutions that allow apps to exchange data and operate easily across distributed environments.

The WCF services we develop are highly customizable and compatible with different client requirements and provide top security features to protect data integrity.

.NET Migration Services

.NET Migration

We offer top-quality specialized development services to streamline and ease the migration process of existing apps to the .NET framework. This service is quite crucial for businesses that are looking to upgrade their systems with minimal disruption.

Our skilled team works for a smooth transition and provides thorough testing and validation to confirm that all functionalities perform optimally on the new platform.

Azure Development Services

Azure Development

Use Microsoft Azure’s powerful cloud capabilities with our Azure development services. We utilize Azure’s top features such as Azure Active Directory, Azure SQL Database, and Azure Functions to boost business agility and reduce costs.

Our Azure solutions offer better security, and high scalability that helps businesses to innovate and grow without the limitations of traditional IT infrastructure.

.NET Desktop and Mobile Applications

.NET Desktop and
Mobile Applications

Zazz develops desktop and mobile apps with .NET, Xamarin, and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and delivers cross-platform compatibility and high-performance solutions. Our applications are made to offer optimal user experience in all devices and platforms.

We create intuitive interfaces and smooth interactions so that applications are functional and also aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.

IoT Solutions in .NET

IoT Solutions
in .NET

Our IoT solutions utilize the .NET framework to develop interconnected devices. With the integration of sensors, devices, & cloud services, we create powerful and scalable IoT ecosystems with real-time data processing and analysis functionalities.

These systems empower businesses with new insights and improve decision-making processes and efficiency via smart and connected solutions.

Microservices Architecture


Implementation of microservices architecture is a key area of our .Net software development services. This approach improves scalability and speeds up deployment cycles along with the capability to easily update discrete components.

Our microservices are designed for high availability and fault tolerance and provide businesses with an efficient and resilient infrastructure.

Our Recent Work

Zazz Expertise in .NET Technologies

Partner with Zazz, a distinguished leader in .NET technologies, and gain access to our complete suite of Dot Net development services. We specialize in scalable and integrated .NET solutions and assist in the enhancement of your enterprise's operational efficiencies and technology deployment strategies. Our expertise extends to a number of frameworks and platforms for peak performance and sustainability.

Our .NET experts use technical knowledge and industry experience to develop and deploy sophisticated .NET applications. We put a strong emphasis on clean code practices, advanced security measures, and innovative integration techniques.

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How Zazz Delivers
Premier .NET Development Services

As a leading .Net application development company, our proficiency in top-tier .NET development services is rooted in a strategic, client-focused approach. We start with a thorough understanding of your needs and make a strategy plan. Our team uses the modern tech stack that includes the latest versions of C#, .NET Core, and Azure DevOps.
Being a distinguished Dot Net app development company, collaboration is at the core of our operations. We work in close cooperation with our clients in our development lifecycle. Our agile methodologies boost our flexibility and responsiveness and assist us to adapt quickly to changes with no effect on quality or timeline.

Industry-Driven .NET

As a reliable Dot Net application development company, we give the best .NET solutions for different industries. Our industry experience enables us to understand the challenges and requirements of each sector namely healthcare, finance, retail and manufacturing. We utilize this industry-specific knowledge to design technically advanced .NET apps that are also strategically aligned with industry standards.
Our sector-specific approach involves the use of the latest .NET technologies to develop applications that improve customer interactions. Be it integration with existing enterprise systems or development from the ground up, our solutions are made to meet the complex demands of your industry and help you achieve sustainable growth.

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Dot Net Development Tools
That We Have Mastered

  • Visual Studio Framework Visual Studio

  • ReSharper Framework ReSharper

  • NCrunch Framework NCrunch

  • LINQPad Framework LINQPad

  • .NET Reflector Framework .NET Reflector

  • NuGet Framework NuGet

  • Git Framework Git

  • TeamCity Framework TeamCity

  • Jenkins Framework Jenkins

  • Octopus Deploy Framework Octopus Deploy

  • NDepend Framework NDepend

  • SonarQube Framework SonarQube

  • Appveyor Framework Appveyor

  • Rider Framework Rider

  • Fiddler Framework Fiddler

  • Postman Framework Postman

  • SQL Server Framework SQL Server

  • Xamarin Framework Xamarin

  • Azure DevOps Framework Azure DevOps

  • Entity Framework Framework Entity Framework

FAQs on
Dot Net Development

Q1. What is the typical cost for a .NET development project?


Costs differ widely based on the project's scope, complexity, and specific features required. After a detailed analysis of your requirements and needs, we provide an estimated quote that assures transparent pricing and maximum value for your investment. This approach helps us serve projects of all sizes with clear financial expectations.

Q2. How much time is needed to complete a .NET development project?


The duration of a .NET development project can be from a few weeks for simpler apps to several months for complex systems and solutions. Our process emphasizes timely delivery and we uphold the highest standards of quality and functionality.

Q3. Which industries benefit from your services as a Dot Net application development company?


Being a versatile application development company, we serve sectors namely finance, healthcare, retail, education, etc. Our solutions counter the challenges of each industry and guarantee compliance, operational efficiency, and technological excellence.

Q4. Do you provide comprehensive .NET development services?


Yes, we provide full-scale .NET development services for all phases from initial design and system architecture to implementation, testing, deployment, and support. This end-to-end service model helps in a simplee development process and delivers a product that perfectly fulfills your strategic goals.

Q5. What distinguishes your .Net web development company from others?


Our Dot Net web development company differentiates itself by adopting the latest technologies and utilizing advanced development methodologies along with a strong focus on client satisfaction. Our web solutions are fully-scalable, secure, and robust—ready to support your business's growth and digital strategy.

Q6. Is ongoing support available for .NET applications you develop?


We provide extensive post-launch support and maintenance so that your .NET apps operate flawlessly and stay technologically advanced. Our support services are customizable to fit your operational needs and include proactive updates, security enhancements, and performance optimizations.

Q7. How do you guarantee the security of your .NET developments?


Security is a focal point in our development process. We employ stringent security measures with best practice coding standards, periodic security audits, and compliance checks to fortify your applications against potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Q8. Can you integrate new .NET solutions with existing business systems?


Our expertise includes smoothly integrating new .NET solutions with your existing business systems for better functionality and operations. Our team is proficient enough with both modern and legacy systems that enable effective and efficient integration and supports your business continuity and innovation objectives.

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