iBeacon: Developed by Apple, iBeacon offers an exemplary and forward-thinking approach to exploring locations. It consists mainly of advertisements or small data packets. These are transmitted at frequent intervals by BLE-enabled devices over radio waves. According to the standards, iBeacon requires an optimal transmission frequency of 100 ms.

However, it is possible to stream more frequently, but it consumes more battery. However, it enables faster discovery by devices, including smartphones. A standard BLE maintains a transmission range of up to 100 ms, making the beacons perfect for proximity and indoor location marketing.

Therefore, with our iBeacon mobile app development services, businesses and the retail industry can look forward to cutting edge and niche applications. These will add value to the operation and improve competition all the way in operability and functionality.

What is iBeacon?

Beacon is a piece of Bluetooth hardware. Its size may vary based on battery capacity and range, but it is generally small. Basically, iBeacon (BLE device) transmits low energy signals with Bluetooth 5.0 protocol. It has a signal sending range Effectively around 50 meters.

Smartphones / Smart OS and Beacons is the best example of dual technology combined to provide unique BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) solutions or iBeacon applications. IOS developers create in such a way they can receive low-energy signals and trigger actions accordingly.

How Does iBeacon Work?

It is a technology that uses a low energy Bluetooth connection to communicate with nearby devices. This is a location detection app that connects to beacons in the store while detecting enabled smartphones to send push notifications.

According to dedicated UI developers in USA, IBeacon technology is induced with a low cost, low consumption, and energy Bluetooth device. It uses low frequency to transmit weak signals consisting mainly of advertisements or small data packets, transmitted at regular intervals by Beacons via radio waves to other Bluetooth enabled devices.

iBeacon - Why is it a Big Deal?

With an iBeacon network, any brand, retailer, application, or platform will understand exactly where a customer is in the brick and mortar environment. This provides the opportunity to deliver highly contextual, hyper-local, and meaningful messages and advertisements to customers on their smartphones.

The typical scenario looks like this. A person carrying a smartphone walks into a shop. Apps installed on a person’s smartphone listen to iBeacons. When an application listens to an iBeacon, it communicates the relevant data to its server, which then triggers an action. This could be something as simple as a [Welcome to Target] push message, and it could include other things like targeted ads, special offers, and helpful reminders.

Other potential apps consist of shopper analytics, deployment outside of retail, airports, concert halls, etc. The potential is unlimited.

This technology should bring about a paradigm shift in the way brands connect with people. iBeacon provides a digital extension to the physical world. We are excited to see where iBeacon technology is going in the years to come.

Distinctive Variation in Application Development With iBeacon

We have expert iBeacon app developers with core expertise and a perfect app strategy for developing mobile apps like healthcare apps, payment solutions, travel apps, and proximity-based shopping apps. Retailers are the most frequent iBeacon users who send a message when their customer enters the store. And sometimes, along with coupons, it adds even more to the customer experience.

iBeacon can be an excellent solution for location-based shows and events to communicate point-to-point information and sales promotion. Also, in public transport, airport, restaurants, and museums, beacons can enhance the experience through interactivity and communication.

Harness the Skills of iBeacon App Development With Us

We are leading app developers in USA, Toronto, and worldwide. We believe in combining the latest technologies with an enhanced user experience to offer customized solutions for iBeacon application development. Our competent team of well-trained iBeacon application developers possesses in-depth knowledge and understanding of Low Energy Bluetooth.

Our goal is to develop, personalize, and deliver highly targeted and proximity-based content to meet business requirements. Our goal is to be your trusted iBeacon application development company. Contact us to hire our iBeacon experts to create your own efficient application.

Frequently Asked Questions About iBeacon App

The maximum distance that the iBeacons can reach is 70 meters. However, there are limitations due to physical objects, natural events, external disturbances, and signal interruption. The range is adjustable in 7 various levels.

iBeacons, with the help of BLE technology, detects the customer's location, either near the store or within a proximity range. Then, send messages to their mobile devices about store information, offers, and more.

iBeacon can activate applications to work even if they are not currently running on any iOS device. Ibeacons work only for iOS devices and not for Android.

The main problems developers encounter are external interference and radio signals. But luckily, the iOS SDK manages and removes such complexities and more.