MEAN stack development is a framework in which four components are used to build web applications. These elements are MongoDB, Express, Angular JS, Node.js. MongoDB is an open-source database that is based on NoSQL. Express is a JavaScript-based application that helps to create dynamic websites. AngularJS is a client-side framework, and front-end development can be done using this program. Node JS is a web development program that helps to develop cross-platform apps. The JavaScript module and the libraries in this framework help to create apps quickly.

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If there is any better and more efficient contemporary technology today for building next-generation and web applications, it's MEAN Stack. At Zazz, a leading MEAN Stack development company in the USA, we are a team of highly trained and veteran MEAN and MERN Stack developers.

We have proven experience in developing highly interactive and dynamic websites and web applications using MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js. So whether you are looking to develop a single page application based on AngularJS or need lightning-fast APIs that harness the power of Node.js and Express.js, our talented MEAN stack, React Native, and Javascript developers can deliver everything efficiently.

What is MEAN Stack & How Is It Beneficial For Your Small Business?

MEAN Stack is essentially a software package that can help developers create hybrid applications that are incredibly efficient in the shortest time possible. MEAN is an acronym for the four software used to build your website or app, together they create a powerhouse of platforms that some of Zazz's best React Native and Angular developers use to build the fastest and most stylish apps and websites on the market.

The four platforms together help create an environment that has efficiently designed front-end and back-end, seamlessly synchronized, and stored in a database that significantly enhances the functionality of your website or application. And all of that done in a fraction of lines of code that typical developers would have to write.

We Are Your MEAN Stack Development Service Providers

The MEAN stack has gained tremendous traction in recent days due to its rapid and dynamic application development. Zazz is a leading MEAN stack app development agency, and we provide cutting edge solutions to our clients based on their demands and needs. Our extensive research and comprehensive development process have led us to develop and implement robust, dynamic and resilient solutions.

MEAN is a JavaScript-based open-source technology stack used by our developers for a fast and cost-effective development process. The MEAN stack allows React Native developers to build applications using only one programming language, which is JavaScript in this case. This enables simple, cost-effective and extravagant application solutions. With the help of the MEAN stack, developers can also create efficient MVPs and many more scalable software developments.

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As one an eminent MEAN Stack company in the USA, we have an innovative team of developers who master MEAN Stack development. Our developers are well versed in all programming languages, databases, and frameworks and develop applications that meet consumer needs. We have a customer-centric approach. Therefore we thoroughly analyze project requirements at the beginning of the project.

We offer full-service MEAN Stack development, which means we diligently research, plan, design and develop your application with an impressive user interface and user experience. We make sure your project vision is turned into reality by delivering exceptional applications that will help your business generate good revenue. Now don't wait, contact us to start your project today.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have dedicated project management tools, such as Skype, Jira, Slack, Trello, and many more. We are open to adopting the choice of our clients, what they prefer.

A MEAN stack developer is an expert. The IT industry is rushing to adopt this JavaScript-based application programmer. In today's scenario, professionals are in high demand due to their ability to build robust websites as well as dynamic apps. It costs around $ 20 to $ 25 to hire a MEAN stack developer.

The MEAN stack is in great demand today. It is easy to develop; One language, JavaScript, is sufficient for all programming purposes and involves less human resources, but results in high productivity. Startups and other small-scale businesses are moving towards it.

All you have to do is get in touch and send us your request. Our expert will contact you to learn more about your requirements and offer the best developer.