Top 10 iOS App Development Companies in Chicago

by Zazz July 6, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 5 minutes

The Apple ecosystem is a terminology widely used by all of us who are users to demonstrate that on almost all occasions, it is worth spending a little more on a bitten apple device. We have already discussed on previous occasions why Apple is a unique and different company, and the main reason is synchronization and operation if you have several of its devices.

Today we are going to try to explain what those benefits of using an Apple ecosystem are. Some advantages are mainly based on the interaction that every one of the devices has and that you do not get with another company since there is no other company with a fantastic range.

Google, the company with the world’s most widely used mobile operating system, barely has a presence on desktop systems. It is just the opposite of Microsoft, which no longer has a policy for mobile devices. Apple has two robust systems to which we must add many more products because it is widely accepted.

The Advantages of the Apple Ecosystem

Having an Apple ecosystem can be having two devices, an iPhone and an Apple Watch, for example, or having up to five adding an iPad, a MacBook and an Apple TV. Most of the app developers in Chicago choose iOS over Android because of their ecosystem. The more you have, the more sense everything we are going to tell you will make because of its ecosystem.

The vast majority of users have an Android smartphone and a Windows computer. But no matter how hard they try, they will never have these advantages because of Apple’s edge.

Synchronization between devices

All Apple devices have the same applications installed, and all of them are synchronized with your iCloud account. This means that its timing is perfect and goes completely unnoticed by you.

iCloud desktop

Apple includes the possibility of accessing the desktop and documents folder of your Mac from any of your other devices. This means that you can download any file and just leaving it on the desktop will be accessible to you from anywhere.

This is something that in professional environments will substantially improve productivity, you no longer need to send files by mail, upload them to the cloud or copy them to a USB memory, you just have to leave them on the desktop.


The Handoff function is one of those that falls within what Apple calls Continuity. It is one of those characteristics that improve the multitasking and integration of devices. With Handoff, you can start working on one device, switch to another and continue where you left off.

It works very directly, if you are consulting an app on the iPhone, for example, on your Mac or on your iPad, you can continue that task by simply clicking on the icon of this app. Handoff is compatible with Safari, Mail, Notes and many other Apple apps, but with some other developers such as Things 3 or Fantastical 2.

Universal clipboard

A function that once you get used to it, you cannot stop using and you will miss much when you do not have it. Again, everything works without you noticing, copy a text or an image on your iPhone, iPad or Mac, and you can paste it on another device. Comfortable and very fast.

Do you want to insert an image that you have on your iPhone into a Word document that you are editing on your Mac? Just copy it to your iPhone and hit Paste on your Mac. It will seem like magic.

All the points mentioned above prove why iOS development is so necessary. In today’s world, no company can grasp the opportunities of the mobile digital world while ignoring the iOS platform. It is the reason that most of companies opt for iOS development before Android.

Here we present the list of best iOS companies in Chicago. This compilation will surely help you make an informed decision.

Top 10 iOS App Development Companies in Chicago


It is one of the largest and leading iOS development company in Chicago, thanks to their fantastic team members. They have employed the world’s best talent and ensure that every business gets a unique product. Zazz uses the latest frameworks and top quality development methods to provide outstanding UX and UI of mobile apps. They also have a QA testing mechanism, and indeed, we have never seen any glitches in their apps.


AppStudio is the global leader in mobile app development and other sophisticated technologies. The company has adopted an agile development process and deals in Hybrid and native iOS mobile apps. They use the latest technologies like Flutter and React Native to produce quality products that help businesses achieve new heights. They give the credit of their success to the top iOS developers in Chicago.


Simpalm has been in the industry since the inception of smartphones. The company has proved its worth over the years by delivering quality apps. Their main strength is to produce extraordinary apps for iPads.


Devscale is another company with good command over the latest frameworks and libraries. The company is still young and looking for a breakthrough. However, we see a strong commitment in them and hope that they soon will contribute to the mobile digital scenario.


Cultivate is a reputed company having sound designers and prowess in the UI of iOS mobile apps. They are expensive but try to provide value for money by delivering mobile apps in record times. They are among the top 10 iOS company in Chicago because their passion is appreciable.

Red Foundry

Red Foundry has mixed reviews from the clients. If they overcome their communication skills, they could easily manage themselves into the top three iOS development agencies. The company offers all premium iOS services and it is the reason they are in the list of best iOS company in Chicago.

Foxbox Digital

Foxbox digital has worked with international brands on smaller-scale projects. The company is a go-to company for Mac development; however, they are improving much in iOS development. The company has ample team members to tackle SMEs.


Rightpoint has contributed much to the European mobile app market, and they are looking to register a positive image in Chicago. The company is looking for talented developers across the world and will initiate services with a bang in USA.

Chelsea Apps

Chelsea Apps is a newcomer in the mobile development field and is looking for projects. The company has a strong portfolio in web development and wants to use that experience in iOS development services. Their innovative strategy has made them in the list of best iOS company in Chicago.

Table XI

Table XI is a reputed name in the software development services. The company uses contemporary libraries and languages to develop iOS apps for Apple devices. They have also initiated developing apps for Apple Smart Watch.

Are you looking for iOS mobile apps development? You should contact us and talk to our experts without any obligation for professional advice.

How did you find this blog post? Do visit our website frequently as this list continuously evolves. The mobile apps market is very competitive, and agencies always come and go. So we recommend that you still get the latest information.

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