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Zazz is regarded as one of the pioneers of frontend development in the region. We have designed and developed visually captivating frontends that promote ease of use with the help of intuitiveness and simplicity.


Our development team creates a frontend that is well-designed, attractive, and offers smooth navigation while being customized to be aesthetically correct for your custom mobile or web application. Being the reputed UI/UX app development company we are, Zazz takes pride in devising progressive digital solutions that are infused with next-generation technology and trends that influence the software development market.

What Makes Us the Leading Frontend Web Development Company in the USA

Strong Frontend Expertise


We have established ourselves at the forefront of the industry with our vast knowledge, technical skill, and years of experience in crafting outstanding frontend for businesses scattered across all kinds of industries and sectors.



A team of creative and talented individuals is responsible for developing eye-catching user interfaces, animations, themes, and layouts. They vivify boring old design elements and enliven even the simplest of ideas with their prowess.

Platform optimization

Platform Optimization

Our frontend development process involves an extensive platform optimization stage where a team of experts ensures that the designed frontend and the target platform are compatible to extract every bit of performance.

Frontend testing

Stringent Testing

Our testers run a string of rigorous tests to work out any kinks. They are very stringent in this process and check every aspect of the frontend including performance, images, automated accessibility, color combination, syntax, and more.

Progressive web apps


Zazz delivers progressive applications that are made by a team of experts who implement cutting-edge technology and work with advanced methodologies like Agile. Our business solutions are capable of tackling all sorts of business challenges and resolve issues by delivering effective results.

AMP development

AMP Development

A dedicated team relies on Google AMP to develop a frontend that is faster, reliable, and SEO-friendly. This allows us to produce a frontend that is instrumental in reducing bounce rates and keeping the users engaged for longer.

Premium Code Quality

Superior Code

Here at Zazz, we take special precautions to ensure that the code written by our developers is of the highest standard. A well-written, code is more optimized and therefore results in a frontend that is better in every single way.

Planned development process

Development Strategy

A tactfully devised development strategy is employed to wring out every ounce of performance. We keep the performance high and the development costs down by improving our output and smoothening our development process.

Experienced team


Our experience is the sole reason for our excellence in what we do and how we do it. A team of experienced individuals who are capable of critical thinking and coming up with radical ideas is what makes us the renowned app development company we are.

Formidable Solutions, Made by Experts

Our domain expertise enables us to craft impeccable business solutions including:

migration and porting
testing and performance
responsive conversion
Ui-ux development
seo performance development
customize js-based
maintenance and support

A Streamlined Process: Our Formula for Success

Here at Zazz, we have implemented an efficient and streamlined frontend implementation process to deliver amazing results every step of the way.

Dominating Globally and Locally

Zazz is an enterprise app development company that has earned the loyalty and trust of hundreds of technology partners, customers, and industry leaders. We have achieved this feat with our high standards, skills, and technical proficiency. As the leading frontend development agency, we strive to deliver the very best to our clients and nothing less. We take out the time to understand your business needs so that we can provide you with the digital solution that works best. Our development process utilizes the latest technology, market metrics, and trends to come up with revolutionary ideas that are dynamic and scalable.

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Amazing Company

They gave me a very well-designed application that works well and functions without any issues. The user interface is perfect. All the screens are simple yet elegant, exactly the way I wanted.

  • Jack

Professional Team

The Zazz development team is very skillful and professional. They handle software development requirements very diligently and delivered a fantastic mobile application at the end.

  • Lisa


I’m quite happy with how the app’s layout and design turned out to be. My customers are very happy when they are using it. The development was quick and they did a good job.

  • Jane

Nominated in 2018, 2019, 2020
as the best agency of the year.

Zazz always keeps pace with innovative technologies. This makes us the best mobile application solution providers.

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