3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring An SEO Agency For Your Online Business

by Zazz November 25, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 4 minutes

Searching for a reputable SEO agency can prove to be a challenging task that often takes a substantial amount of effort and time. However, the decision to engage the services of the right one can significantly impact the growth & success of your business. 

Nevertheless, making the mistake of settling for low-quality SEO service providers could result in dire consequences for your online presence & assets, which experts describe as unlimited. The market presents multiple options when it comes to SEO agencies, but selecting the right one can be a tough task for those who lack experience in inbound marketing.

SEO Agency For Your Online Business

If you are seeking a high-quality search engine optimization service, it is critical to ask potential SEO agencies questions that will allow you to evaluate their expertise. Such an approach enables you to separate the high-performing SEO service providers from those that do not meet industry standards. Whether you are investing in SEO for the first time or seeking to replace your current SEO provider, asking the right questions is critical to achieving optimal results.

3 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Specialist

Before hiring an SEO expert, here are the 3 most important questions you should ask. It would be helpful, however, if you asked these questions beforehand to avoid that worst-case scenario.

Question 1: What Are Your Plans To Improve Our Ranking in SERPs?

There is no doubt that this is the most frequently asked question to any SEO company.

 If you invest in SEO marketing or a digital marketing agency, you want to see tangible results, and a good SEO agency should be open to explaining their methods.

Top-notch SEO companies boast a structured workflow and can clearly communicate their services to clients in layman’s terms. Any company that withholds information & masks their methods under a cloak of technical language should raise a red flag. Likewise, a company that declares their process as beyond comprehension is likely disguising a lack of transparency and expertise. Trustworthy SEO companies lay out the details with confidence, effectively guiding their clients towards strategy and success.

Good SEO agencies should tell you the following:

SEO / website audit – An SEO audit is vital for identifying any faults with your website that may be hindering your search rankings. Your agency will investigate broken links, sluggish load times, & web content that isn’t optimized for mobile devices. These issues can drastically impact your visibility online.

Keyword research – Achieving top rankings for your website requires more than just randomly selecting keywords. You need to focus on the most relevant terms & topics that align with your specific business objectives. That’s where quality SEO expertise help. Trustworthy SEO companies will conduct extensive research & provide a customized keyword list that attracts the right visitors to your site. Investing in targeted keyword optimization sets you up for long-term success in reaching your ideal audience.

On-page optimization – Boosting the performance of your website requires more than just creating content & hoping for the best. On-page optimization is the key to achieving a high ranking on search engine results pages. By conducting a comprehensive technical SEO audit, your SEO company can identify any issues that need fixing so that your website runs smoothly. Plus, they’ll implement a strategy to enhance & optimize your site’s pages & give you a competitive edge online.

Link building – Building backlinks is vital for your website’s success on Google search results & it hinges on producing compelling content. For this, expert SEO firms invest in creating original high-quality content accompanied by effective link building techniques. However, it would be best if you were wary of any agency that offers a vast number of low-cost links- these links may harm you more than they help. Choose wisely!

Here at Zazz, our SEO services cover a complete SEO audit and keyword research process. We perform extensive on-page optimization as well as off-page SEO, content strategy, and link building to improve your search rankings. Our local SEO strategies will also help you rank higher in local search engine results.

Question 2: Would You Be Able to Fit That Strategy Into Our Business Niche?

Effective SEO strategies are never universal solutions – every business requires a unique approach that caters to their industry, business model, & goals. A local business aiming to attract customers from a few postal codes would require a distinct approach compared to a multinational company eager to expand across a global market. Although industry-specific knowledge is beneficial, SEO agencies must showcase their ability to adapt general practices to your niche. Ensure that the company can describe the specific processes they will implement to match their techniques to your business.

By doing so, your SEO partner will optimize your website to meet the  needs of your brand & provide desired results. Collaborating with an experienced SEO partner who understands your business’s unique needs will foster long-term success.

Question 3: Why Must We Look Over the Other SEO Service Providers?

Prior to collaborating with an SEO agency, it is vital to pose significant inquiries. However, the answers are not always straightforward & can require assessment. A proficient SEO firm might provide a comprehensive strategy targeting both on-page and off-page factors, resulting in a gradual, steady improvement in website ranking. Be wary of a budget-friendly SEO agency boasting a high quantity of backlinks as a quick fix, as quantity does not necessarily equate to quality & it could cost long-term success.

Then you know what to do. First thing, good SEO cannot be cheap, lots of backlinks don’t matter (quality matters), results are faster, how fast? When inquiring about their SEO experience, you must request an in-depth analysis of their achievements, including accomplished projects, client satisfaction levels, & references. Also, hear about their strategies implemented, the methodology behind them & the results obtained. Exceptional communication abilities are also a plus that one must consider.

Time to Wrap Up 

An SEO marketing strategy can make or break your digital marketing campaign.

 While a successful SEO campaign can double your traffic and sales, a bad campaign cannot increase your site’s ranking. Fraudulent SEO practices can result in manual penalties that small businesses cannot afford.

However, ask these questions before you hire an SEO agency. When you find an efficient agency that can answer these questions and you feel like you can trust it. Therefore, you will finally be able to find your perfect search partner.
Ready to start moving up the rankings? Find out what’s holding you back by contacting our SEO Experts.!

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