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by Zazz April 3, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 4 minutes

Mobile Digital Transformation is revolutionizing the operation of companies. Having a company APP is a new way of working and interacting with customers. And today everyone carries a smartphone in their pocket at all hours. The main functionality of these smartphones (apart from phone calls) is to run a large number of applications that serve almost every imaginable purpose. You know Zazz is one of the best mobile app development companies in Italy.

Companies around the world have begun to migrate their marketing actions from the world off to the online world. This means that they have almost completely abandoned the physical world (hand out leaflets, print ads, or hang advertising billboards) to begin their immersion in the world of mobile devices. This is what we call Mobile Digital Transformation.

There are still companies that think that your business does not need a mobile APP to sell products. That customers are loyal to the brand, to the company. However, the latest surveys reveal that this is not the case. That customers increasingly prefer to interact directly and quickly through their smartphone. The most agile and effective way is in a native mobile application.

An APP gives more value to customers

The business has to do with reciprocity. You offer a product and the customer offers attention and interest. Trust your business to buy or hire it. It is a bidirectional process.

To promote sales opportunities, customers must be more involved in the business. You have to encourage interaction with the company.

Only then can you promote more sales. In addition, it is very important to offer the customer a shopping experience. A value that they cannot find elsewhere or in the competition. That is the key to business success like Amazon. User Experience Ease in purchasing processes. Accessibility (always available from mobile)

In this sense, applications open to business a range of options to foster and care for customer loyalty and loyalty. For example with loyalty programs:

The more customers interact with your company and product, the more points they will accumulate, which in turn can be used for great deals on products they already know they want.

Starbucks uses its APP for your benefit by offering rewards exclusively to app subscribers, which motivates customers to buy coffee. They are even more advanced by allowing their users to pay directly from the application, accelerating the entire transaction process.

Build a stronger brand

One of the most important things a mobile business APP offers to your business will be to take care and work on communication between the brand and the consumer or customer. In this way, it is not only about sending offers, but also about working on their interest, their trust, or thus raising awareness among customers or brands.

It’s that simple. The more the audience trusts you, the more likely they are to hear your offers and even commit to your brand. With an application, the company can show its users why they should trust the brand. Of course, taking care of the messages and how to interact with the client.

If only the company APP is used to fill users with SPAM notifications, in the end the effect will be the opposite, they will end up uninstalling the application and all the work will fall into an empty bag. It is as important to have a business application as knowing how to use it strategically. You have to know the customer, the users and provide them with the right information. Well-used mobile business applications will allow you to educate your audience.

That is why many companies in all major sectors are developing strategies for mobile applications.

The Engagement: Connect better with Customers

Customer service is a department that has evolved radically to become the cornerstone of the success of large companies. We return to the Amazon example. Who has not managed to solve a problem with your SAT? Therefore, it is no longer just about face-to-face communication between vendors and customers. This is the first step in customer loyalty.

Since 2.6 billion people now have mobile devices at their fingertips at all times, the real change of game in customer service is now the company APP. And it is that precisely thanks to that presence through the smartphone the same face will always be presented to the client.

We talk about an interface designed specifically to offer the best service experience. Solve doubts, serve potential customers and convince them of the purchase with a great service. This is how consumer loyalty is achieved today and this is how you will differentiate yourself from the competition. This is only possible if you have a mobile business application.

Put into practice, this means that if a person wants to access information at odd hours, get to know your business, the products or services you offer etc., you will only have to download the company’s mobile application and access. And if you want to hire a service or buy a product you can do it at any time and without the need to be waiting for business hours.

As I mentioned before, accessibility will allow you to sell up to 20% more. Being able to access and buy or hire at any time expands the margin of sales opportunities. This is also customer service. The APP are the best answer to increase the degree of customer satisfaction in all areas.

Enhance the benefits

It is a fact that as customer satisfaction increases, sales do too. In fact, 70 percent of shopping experiences are influenced by the way customers feel they are being treated.

This should already be in itself a reason to consider entering fully into the Mobile Digital Transformation. The fact of having a mobile application for business. Having satisfied consumers will increase demand and therefore sales.

Having a mobile application for business makes the user experience and contact with customers better. Above having an adapted website, the company APP allows interactions that a website does not achieve. Not even an email marketing strategy. Data from this past Christmas reflect that more than 41% of campaign sales came from mobile devices. Twice as the previous year. But it is a trend that will continue to grow. Users prefer the smartphone more and more over the computer. They have more accessibility, they always have it on top and consult it anywhere.

In short, the digital era first brought a conversion of companies to the digital world. That stage ended a few years ago with the implementation of new web page designs more focused on the user, experience, positioning and adaptation to mobile devices. However, we now live an era that goes beyond, the mobile digital transformation, focused directly on smartphones and tablets. A consumer who uses the phone more than the computer to buy and hire.


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