Ecommerce App Features Your Business Needs in 2022

by Zazz October 26, 2022 Time to Read Blog: 4 minutes

As an owner of a business, implementing eCommerce features and features that help you streamline your business processes is vital.

To ensure that your eCommerce application is equipped to offer payment terms to customers, it’s of utmost importance to integrate a credit limit setting feature. As showcased by the extensive statistics mentioned earlier, the eCommerce landscape is continually evolving, thus emphasizing the need for adaptive & innovative strategies to remain relevant in the market. 

Ecommerce App Features

We have meticulously identified & narrowed down our eCommerce feature options to align with the top market trends for the next few years. Our approach is aimed at providing unparalleled solutions that enhance user experience, foster growth, & boost profitability for eCommerce businesses.

We have meticulously identified & narrowed down our eCommerce feature options to align with the top market trends for the next few years. Our approach is aimed at providing unparalleled solutions that enhance user experience, foster growth, & boost profitability for eCommerce businesses.Here is the list of the top eCommerce app features for any startup or enterprise, which every software development agency includes:

Audio Experience

In recent times, many established apps have been incorporating audio experiences to enhance their applications. For example, the popular dating app Hinge has recently added an audio feature. It allows users to upload an audio clip of 30 seconds on their profiles.

The well-known music app Spotify also offers the feature to make in-app podcasts available to users on different packages. The best android app development company believe this type of audio content that includes features for eCommerce will be hugely popular within retail apps.

Livestream Shopping

Post-pandemic is one of the features that has revolutionised the world of online purchasing live streaming. Live streaming was first launched by social media giants like Instagram and YouTube. On live streams, companies display their product on different profiles and pin directly to their items on the screen.


The market is increasingly demanding a Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) feature to be available, similar to Afterpay as an alternative purchase alternative. This feature allows customers to buy something and pay it off in several installments. BNPL transactions are expected to grow by more than $400 billion through 2026. It is believed that consumers and consumers tend to pay massive installments through BNPL instead of credit cards.

Apple, one of the largest technology giants, has paved the way for BNPL eCommerce with its feature, Apple Pay. This innovation has taken the digital market by storm and is continuously gaining momentum. For businesses looking to stay at the forefront of innovation, partnering with a top iOS app development company is the way forward.

This feature lets users split the purchase cost into four equal payments without or with no interest. In addition, the e-commerce mobile app development company uses the pay later feature to include advanced eCommerce features on their list. 

CTV ads

CTV, referred to as Connected TV advertising, is one of the latest trends in the eCommerce sector that is altering the marketing landscape for companies. With Google’s decision to devalue third-party cookies and an Apple iOS 14.5 update, eCommerce businesses are looking for new channels to connect with their intended audience while adhering to privacy-related protocols. CTV advertisements are the latest performance channel.

Social media integration

Integrating social media is the most effective and popular eCommerce feature in the world of retail technology. Integrating social media into your app for business will assist users in login in, registering and sharing information about your products.

One of the exceptional features in the world of mobile e-commerce, designed by the leading ecommerce mobile app development company, enables users to effortlessly share discount coupons or promotions on their varied social media accounts with great ease & convenience.

 Additionally, they can share achievements they have not yet unlocked on the app. This will help to promote your company and help you to generate more sales.

Great user experience

There’s no shortage of easy-to-use and user-friendly applications available on the market; that’s why no one would hesitate to leave the app if the experience doesn’t meet their needs. As a result, you’ll see the importance of UI UX in your apps and the retention of your users.

Users who download your app will find the whole experience different and superior to all other competitive apps. In essence, anyone who spends time or money on your app will find your app to be worth the investment.

Feedback and rating

A standard function of eCommerce applications is the feedback and rating feature. It is often believed that having feedback or report options only benefits users. Any feedback you receive on your app could use as a reference to enhance the application. Remember that the app’s purpose is users’ satisfaction and must be developed as thoroughly as possible.


An app for mobile e-commerce must be designed to provide an engaging and distinctive experience that makes shopping online more simple and seamless. In addition, however, it must include elements that boost sales and increase revenues for your company. So, it is always recommended to use the best social media app development company USA.


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