Facebook Attacks Apple: Tug Of War Between Two Giants

by Zazz December 21, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 3 minutes

Fb Inc has launched a public attack against tech giant Apple Inc with a series of full-page newspaper ads. In the ads, Fb accuses Apple of jeopardizing the livelihoods of small businesses with changes to its phone application. These modifications center on data collection and targeted advertising, with Apple’s impending iOS 14 update slated to hinder Fb’s ability to collect and promote customer data. 

Facebook Attacks Apple

The ads have been featured in prestigious newspapers such as the New York Examples, Wall Road Journal, and Washington Post. The headline boldly reads, “We stand as much as Apple stands in every single place for small businesses.”

Real Deal:

Facebook concerned about Apple‘s new policy on iOS privacy labels and its effect on the targeted advertising market, which forms the social media giant’s key source of revenue. 

To this impact, it has taken full-page newspaper advertising in the US to condemn Apple’s move to “limit businesses” in its ability to attract consumers efficiently. While arguing that Facebook stands up for small businesses, it has often used a pitch for some of its electronic ads. Influential papers such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, among others, ran through the full-page advertising.

Although stopping targeted advertising would also affect big companies. Facebook said that the change would be genuinely problematic for small businesses.

Apple substantiated the criticism and bold statements from Facebook and claimed that the update would not stop users from being monitored if they want to do so. The only thing changing is that before Apple would allow them to track and control their online activity, users would have to grant permission to Facebook or other apps expressly.

While Facebook proclaimed that it stood up for small businesses, Cupertino mentioned in its reply that it stood up for its users, which it said was a trivial issue. The iPhone manufacturer noted that when their data collected and exchanged with other applications and websites, users must be aware of it, and the option should stay in their hands.

Some Previous Backlash:

As seen by many mobile app development company & other organizations, Facebook is repeatedly under Apple’s fire for gathering large quantities of user knowledge. In this respect, Cupertino launched a software update earlier this year, iOS 14, which aims to prevent Facebook from monitoring user movements outside of Facebook-owned applications, i.e., without their permission, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. 

However, while Facebook worried about how this will affect its targeted advertising division. The social media giant is still moving against Apple and gathering vast amounts of info. In addition to the details that users provide to Facebook when signing up for their goods, making posts, sharing image locations or metadata, or using in-app cameras, Facebook also gathers data about users’ networks and interactions. It includes the individuals, websites, hashtags, accounts, and groups to which users connect and the people with which users communicate.

From The Apple’s Side:

Apple’s ‘App Tracking Transparency’ functionality in iOS 14 is at the core of the matter, which prevents companies such as Facebook from acquiring targeting data. It would require them to report it and request permission for clients to opt-in.

Apple has recently taken a strong stance in support of iOS app development company who use their devices. This comes as Facebook argues that without personalized ads, small businesses could see a steep decline in their sales by over 60% for every dollar spent. The social media giant frames Apple’s privacy policies as being detrimental to the interests of these businesses. This controversial move has been seen as harmful to the interests of every iOS app development company.

Tim Cook’s Tweet: 

In November, Apple fought back, alleging Facebook of exhibiting a “disregard for user privacy.” The company defended its ad tracking improvements, referring to recent remarks by two of its top managers.

Apple recently said the move made its head of privacy, Jane Horvath, “because we share your concerns about users tracking without their consent and the bundling and reselling of information by advertising networks and data brokers.”

Concluding Note:

The offer has become straightforward: either you pay to have a service free with your data or pay extra for the same. Although it blatantly accuses Facebook, Apple is doing precisely because Apple is against the free internet. It offers users an option: whether or not you want a free service monitored online. Perhaps this Facebook and Apple war will be a guiding light for Web 3.0.

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