How To Hire A Mobile App Maintenance Developer?

by Zazz May 7, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 4 minutes

What has to be clear once the mobile application is published, is that the development work does not only end with the publication of that first version. In reality, it goes much further, it is constant work. A mobile application necessarily needs maintenance because without it, sooner or later, the application will be out of date. Either in terms of design, functionality, or simply due to malfunction.

Why do you need maintenance services for a mobile app?

The mobile applications are in continuous evolution, and are treated as very active developments. They require changes to be tailored to the needs demanded by the market, users, technology, and especially new devices. The importance of hiring good mobile app maintenance lies in all these factors:

  • When developing a mobile application, the version of the Android or IOS operating system may change and include new functionalities, security measures, or improvements in navigation and use.
  • The continuous updates of the operating systems of the mobile devices make it necessary to continuously adapt the applications to them.
  • The release of new devices to the market means that without proper app maintenance the application may stop running on some of these devices.
  • On the other hand, the user does not value the applications that are not suitable for the new versions of the operating systems.
  • As there is an infinite number of devices, especially in the case of Android, it is necessary to carry out a follow-up to avoid bugs through a testing exercise.

Obviously, within the maintenance process, the renewal, improvement, and modification of the mobile application are included. Every time we want to add new functionality, change or delete something, we simply have to do an update. For this reason, when we launch to create an APP, we must anticipate that we will need adaptations to new mobile models.

How to Select Best App Maintenance Agency?

Communication skills

When hiring a maintenance agency, always pay attention to their communication skills. If they are good App Developers for Mobile Application but lack proper communication skills, it’s not a win-win situation. There are chances that you will not grasp the situation properly and will end up in misery and failures. Companies like Zazz have proper project managers who are there to convey every stage and comprehend the client’s requirements.

Experience & Portfolio

Ask a company about their experience of maintaining mobile apps and check their portfolio. If feasible, contact their clients and ask them regarding the culture and professionalism of the company. It’s the age of technology and internet, you can easily check both things by using Google or browsing review websites like the clutch.


Mobile apps are like any other digital solutions. There are chances of out of the blue bugs and issues that need to be resolved immediately. Hire an iOS developer and others providing maintenance services that are available 24/7 and even on weekends. You never want your app to be left alone and users complaining and eventually uninstalling the app.

Cost-effectiveness & Quality

Never hire a company that is offering cheap maintenance services but compromising over the quality. Always find a balance between budget and quality of services. It is a fact that mobile apps are great in return on investments and generating huge profits. There is no need for having faulty maintenance on a low budget.

Dedicated Team

Support and maintenance are art and some experts have the experience to tackle this challenge. Never hire a company that only offers development services and ask their mobile App Developer to find the time and maintain your app. The key is to ask them whether they have a dedicated team working on the maintenance of apps or not.

Why Zazz is the Best and Leading provider of App Maintenance Services

At Zazz, we propose a comprehensive maintenance service with different complementary activities. Our support services allow the customer to have an evolution of the app under a defined, efficient mobile strategy and with clear objectives. Moreover, as the best iOS App Developer, we offer standard passive-corrective maintenance.

We apply the World’s best strategy

On the one hand, we propose a framework to respond to the tasks of maintaining apps passively. Such as content updates, versions, executable generation, bug resolution with integrated QA. As well as the management of accounts and certificates. For all this, SLA’s and response times are defined, which include notification mechanisms for incidents, custody of the source code, and update tasks. In this way, we respond to constant updates from different operating systems and to potential bugs that may arise.

On the other hand, we also propose a framework that allows the client to define a mobile strategy and the consequent evolution of applications. Zazz has hired the world’s best maintenance experts and we integrate them with the whole development team. Our focus is to provide our clients with a competitive edge and ease of doing business. All the challenges and unexpected scenarios are tackled by us and our clients remain untroubled.

Guaranteed Success

Our maintenance of mobile applications constitutes a guarantee of good work since it will allow the APP to evolve according to the user’s requirements. We ensure that the process flows without neglecting functionality and security. If you have a mobile application and understand that its maintenance is necessary for your users to continue with it. And, above all, to cover the needs for which it was created, contact us and always keep it up to date.

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