What is The Role of Blockchain in Business Transformation?

by Zazz June 12, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 4 minutes

Blockchain is one of the most critical technologies that are driving the digital transformation of organizations today. Also known as distributed ledger technology, it is a reliable tool for the management, validation, and storage of information, which generates efficiency by automating processes in operations.

With blockchain, faster and safer transactions can be made, automating operations and reducing costs with distributed registration technology. Potential opportunities are visible in a wide range of markets, providing features and benefits that have generated considerable interest in various industries, including the financial sector. Companies are seeking app developers to create innovative blockchain solutions for the management of processes.

What is Blockchain?

It is a database that lives on the internet, which is decentralized (without the need for intermediaries), and records can be written and consulted digitally. In a company, for example, these databases can include those responsible for production lines to record the information corresponding to their areas. Furthermore, they can coordinate any transaction between the firm and its workers.

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In the transactional field, this technology works through cryptocurrencies, which allow the exchange of goods and services. An example of these digital currencies is Bitcoin, which has a market valued at over $ 180 billion. It is necessary to accept them as payment for goods and services through some blockchain platform or buy them directly from exchange houses with a bank account.

We know that blockchain is enabling business transformation and not only opens a new business model that changes the economic market, but it also allows improving the efficiency and optimization of companies. The dynamics of consumption changes, and technologies such as the blockchain provide the necessary digital trust between users and companies. In the coming years, the sectors that will undergo the most changes thanks to the use of blockchain in business are the healthcare, banking, insurance, legal, logistics, and agrotech sectors, among others. A blockchain development company, Zazz, highlights the benefits of using blockchain in the business world:

Blockchain is Enabling Business Transformation

Quick and Effective Steps:

The absence of intermediaries and the availability of available information allow the simplicity of any management. It helps companies to act immediately on any unforeseen event.

Real-time Monitoring:

It is possible to follow the course of a transaction and maintain control of the information at all times. It assumes that the capacity and reaction time to any change is immediate. As a Blockchain Developer, we have created many real-time monitoring systems using blockchain and IoT.

Security and Trust:

Blockchain technology uses a network of encoders and algorithms that prevent the modification of any data without all the parties involved in a transaction. In this way, the information is verified at all times and guarantees its security in blockchain in business.

Low-cost Technology:

This service allows the cost savings of intermediaries and can automate processes. Therefore, it makes it easier for companies to focus on improving the customer experience and operating efficiency. Its cost-effectiveness has maximized its reach and even startups are admitting that blockchain is enabling business transformation.

Universal System:

It is a key to blockchain business transformation as it provides maximum output. Technology enables business relationships to be established with any potential customer in the world, thanks to the possibility of linking electronic devices’ processes and transactions through technological infrastructures.

Blockchain technology (or blockchain) increasingly sounds like a profitable model for the business world. The transparency and security that Blockchain in Business Transformation raises allow forming digital databases with records on transactions, titles, certifications, or other files without the need of any intermediary. Globally, several high-caliber companies have given the go-ahead to this platform, giving them higher speed and security in the management and monitoring processes of their products. Even Forbes magazine included eleven blockchain companies in its latest edition of the 50 best financial technology firms globally, due to blockchain business transformation.

How Safe Is It?

The primary mechanism of blockchain technology is that it has a decentralized database; that is, it is not stored on a single server. It is distributed among the different nodes (users) that make up a network.

It allows each user of the platform to validate the information before it is stored, by automatically registering the exact date and time of any movement without the possibility of it being altered or modified. In this way, if any of the nodes were at risk of being hacked, the rest of the servers that are on the same network would cancel the action using blockchain in business.

Besides, users decide what to share on the platform, which is why he becomes the sole owner of his information. Therefore, it is essential not to forget the access password to a respective virtual wallet since if it were lost, there would be no way to recover it, and the information would be shielded in a cloud without access.

Goodbye To The Banks?

Despite the decentralization model proposed by the use of blockchain, in which there are no intermediaries such as banking institutions, this platform is only an alternative for global finance. Our experts say that this type of technology is not intended to replace banks but instead seeks to become a new tool to have access to more efficient services and faster processes. We know that blockchain business transformation is helping banks and other financial institutions.

Even the blockchain could resort to banking organizations and credit unions that promote the use of cryptocurrencies at a global level. In this way, withdrawing cryptocurrencies converted into cash from an ATM would be an increasingly real possibility.

A Model Tested by Large Companies

Some brands such as Microsoft, Porsche, Walmart, and FedEx have allied with different blockchain firms to optimize their supply chains, transactions, documents, automation methods, among other aspects.

In the case of Porsche, the German automaker partnered with blockchain company XAIN to develop automation testing at the doors of their vehicles. Also, it will seek to share information about routes, accidents, and other aspects of interest to its users through blockchain.

For its part, Microsoft created the CoCo Framework software, which seeks to support businesses of various sizes to take advantage of blockchain technology and thus increase their financial benefits. The American company Walmart will also bet on the use of this platform to monitor the security of its products in supply chains and will get help from Blockchain in Business Transformation.

We are the leading blockchain development company in the United States, having a talented team and a fantastic portfolio. We have catered multinationals and startups and have equal expertise to handle any size of the company. If you want to transform your business using blockchain digitally, talk to us now!

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